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Science has helped the world go round, as we try to understand how things come about and where we are headed. The process of knowing has been full of surprises that have included Benjamin Franklin testing the guiles of lightening, Einstein discovering relativity, Moseley defining the atomic number, Salk brewing up the first polio vaccine, and Hubble's research that revealed the universe continues to expand. All of these findings and more can be found within the numerous Science textbooks in our online store. The science of saving money can be yours when you buy used textbooks and have them shipped directly to your home. Just imagine how amazed Einstein would be today if he were to experience the power of the Internet. He'd probably decide to buy lots of cheap college textbooks to catch up on all that has happened over the years. To find the right Science textbooks for your classes, we invite you to search by book title, author and/or ISBN number. Make sure that you look closely at your course syllabus to assure that the edition you have chosen is the correct one. You'll be thrilled when your college textbooks are delivered in perfect condition, ready to fill your mind with scientific wisdom!

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Fundamental Open Problems in Science at the End of the Millennium : Proceedings of Internati... by Gill, Tepper G., Liu, Kexi,... ISBN: 9781574850291 List Price: $130.00
Physics As Science : International Meeting on Empiricalli Correct Science Held in Cologne, G... by Galeczki, George, Marquardt... ISBN: 9781574850314 List Price: $75.00
Interactions, Strings and Isotopies in Higher Order Anisotropic Superspaces by Vacaru, Sergiu ISBN: 9781574850321 List Price: $85.00
New Advances in Absolute Relativistic Space and Time by Wilhelm, H. E., Wu, Shuoping ISBN: 9781574850406 List Price: $70.00
Dilepton Production by Hadrons : Monograph in Physics by Fazal-e-Aleem, Ali, Muhamma... ISBN: 9781574850109 List Price: $60.00
Methods in Mathematical Physics : Proceedings of the 12th International Hutsulian Workshop by Moskaliuk, Stepan S. ISBN: 9781574850277 List Price: $80.00
Pesticides in the Hydrologic System Series by Gilliom, Robert J. ISBN: 9781575040202 List Price: $199.95
From Cell to Planet by Kelly, Katherine, Cassin, P... ISBN: 9781576040041 List Price: $18.25
Plant Disease Management by Singh, R. S. ISBN: 9781578081585 List Price: $59.50
Silkworm Rearing by Veda, K. ISBN: 9781578080083 List Price: $59.00
Phloem Loading and Related Processes by Eschrich, W., Lorenzen, H. ISBN: 9783437303197 List Price: $56.00
Fachgespräche in Aufklärung und Revolution by Schlieben-Lange, Brigitte ISBN: 9783484220478
Amine Oxidases - Function and Dysfunction : Proceedings of the 5th International Amine Oxida... by Tipton, K. F., Youdim, M. B... ISBN: 9783211825211 List Price: $164.00
Unconventional Agents and Unclassified Viruses : Recent Advances in Biology and Epidemiology by Kaaden, O. R., Eichhorn, W.... ISBN: 9783211824801 List Price: $218.00
Energy Conservation in Industry by European Communities Energy... ISBN: 9783184190972 List Price: $30.00
Energy Conservation in Industry by European Communities Energy... ISBN: 9783184190965 List Price: $52.00
Energy Conservation in Industry by European Communities Energy... ISBN: 9783184190989 List Price: $42.00
Tropical Marine Life by Eichler, Dieter ISBN: 9783405141165
Handbuch der Virusforschung Bd. 3 : Ergaenzungsband by Doerr, Robert, Hallauer, C. ISBN: 9783211801444 List Price: $72.95
Advances in Dynamic Systems and Stability : Lectures Given at the Symposium in Atlanta, Geor... by Beskos, D. E., Ziegler, F. ISBN: 9783211823682 List Price: $189.00
Chemistry of Organic Natural Products by Asselineau, J., Kagan, J., ... ISBN: 9783211821886 List Price: $188.00
Particles on the Wall by Healthy World Press ISBN: 9780983337805 List Price: $25.00
Dead Up by Turpin, R. ISBN: 9780982174920 List Price: $15.00
Control Theory for Biologists : None by Sauro, Herbert ISBN: 9780982477328 List Price: $39.95
Interactive Physical Science by Maley, Mark, Pilatowski, Ron ISBN: 9780982951460 List Price: $59.95
Interactive Physical Science by Maley, Mark, Pilatowski, Ron ISBN: 9780982951484 List Price: $30.00
Interactive Physical Science : (Building) by Maley, Mark, Pilatowski, Ron ISBN: 9780982951477 List Price: $199.95
Human Anatomy and Physiology II Summary Text by Savoini, Ellen ISBN: 9780982984413 List Price: $20.00
Laboratory Notebook by Bio-Rad Laboratories ISBN: 9780983239628 List Price: $20.00
Biotechnology by Brown, J. Kirk ISBN: 9780983239611 List Price: $43.75
Experiments in Introductory Chemistry by Stephenson, Kirk ISBN: 9780983754619 List Price: $56.00
Calculations in Chemistry - Modules 1-16 by Dahm, Donald J., Nelson, Er... ISBN: 9780983709732
Los Chácobo y Las Palmeras by Paniagua Zambrana, Narel, B... ISBN: 9780984841509 List Price: $25.00
Bosque SI Tiene Valor : El Uso de Palmeras en Las Comunidades Campesinas e Indígenas de... by Paniagua Zambrana, Narel Y.... ISBN: 9780984841547 List Price: $25.00
Electric Force by Farley, Tony ISBN: 9780985508227 List Price: $14.99
Environment : Lecture Review Notes by Lapinski, Andrew ISBN: 9780985499105 List Price: $52.50
Mrs. Ellingson's Amazing Quantum Classroom : A Field Trip to Everywhere... and Everywhen! by Hernandez, Anthony, Hernand... ISBN: 9780985579302 List Price: $45.00
Veterinary Science : Preparatory Training for the Veterinary Assistant by Faries, Floron C., Jr., Ste... ISBN: 9780984911509 List Price: $85.00
Curriculum Guide : Veterinary Science: Preparatory Training for the Veterinary Assistant by Faries, Floron, Jr., Stette... ISBN: 9780984911516 List Price: $12.50
Teacher Key : Veterinary Science: Preparatory Training for the Veterinary Assistant by Faries, Floron, Jr., Stette... ISBN: 9780984911523 List Price: $12.50
Behold and See 6 Workbook by Johnson, RoseMary ISBN: 9780985164225
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