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Science has helped the world go round, as we try to understand how things come about and where we are headed. The process of knowing has been full of surprises that have included Benjamin Franklin testing the guiles of lightening, Einstein discovering relativity, Moseley defining the atomic number, Salk brewing up the first polio vaccine, and Hubble's research that revealed the universe continues to expand. All of these findings and more can be found within the numerous Science textbooks in our online store. The science of saving money can be yours when you buy used textbooks and have them shipped directly to your home. Just imagine how amazed Einstein would be today if he were to experience the power of the Internet. He'd probably decide to buy lots of cheap college textbooks to catch up on all that has happened over the years. To find the right Science textbooks for your classes, we invite you to search by book title, author and/or ISBN number. Make sure that you look closely at your course syllabus to assure that the edition you have chosen is the correct one. You'll be thrilled when your college textbooks are delivered in perfect condition, ready to fill your mind with scientific wisdom!

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Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology by American Geological Institu... ISBN: 9780321689573
Genetics by Pierce, Benjamin ISBN: 9781429232500 List Price: $158.95
Physics by Cutnell, John D., Johnson, ... ISBN: 9780470223550 List Price: $208.95
Biochemistry: The Molecular Basis of Life by McKee, Gertrude, McKee, James ISBN: 9780199730841 List Price: $149.00
Organic Chemistry by Brown, William H., Foote, C... ISBN: 9780840054982 List Price: $244.95
Environmental Science: A Global Concern by Cunningham, William P., Cun... ISBN: 9780073383217 List Price: $159.38
Foundations in Microbiology: Basic Principles by Talaro, Kathleen P., Chess,... ISBN: 9780077342807
College Physics (text Component) by Wilson, Jerry D., Buffa, An... ISBN: 9780321601834 List Price: $199.33
Chemistry Matter and Change by Buthelezi, Thandi, Dingrand... ISBN: 9780078746376 List Price: $91.96
Solid State Physics by Ashcroft, Neil W., Mermin, ... ISBN: 9780030839931 List Price: $244.95
Fundamentals of Human Physiology by Sherwood, Lauralee ISBN: 9780840062253 List Price: $190.95
Macroscale and Microscale Organic Experiments by Williamson, Kenneth L., Mas... ISBN: 9780538733335 List Price: $196.95
Fundamentals of Physical Geography by Petersen, James, Sack, Doro... ISBN: 9780538734639 List Price: $112.95
Human Biology: Concepts and Current Issues by Johnson, Michael D. ISBN: 9780321701671
Human Anatomy with MasteringA&P (7th Edition) by Frederic H. Martini, Michae... ISBN: 9780321687944 List Price: $216.87
Biology by Solomon, Eldra, Berg, Linda... ISBN: 9780538741255
Visual Anatomy & Physiology with MasteringA&P by Martini, Frederic H., Ober,... ISBN: 9780321769374 List Price: $225.33
Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics by Munson, Bruce R., Young, Do... ISBN: 9780470926536 List Price: $116.95
Statistical Mechanics by McQuarrie, Donald A. ISBN: 9781891389153 List Price: $99.00
General, Organic & Biochemistry by Denniston, Katherine J., To... ISBN: 9780077354800 List Price: $175.94
Diversity Amid Globalization: World Regions, Environment, Development (5th Edition) by Lester Rowntree, Martin Lew... ISBN: 9780321714480 List Price: $157.80
General Chemistry: The Essential Concepts by Chang, Raymond, Overby, Jason ISBN: 9780077354718 List Price: $39.38
Introduction to Quantitative Genetics by Falconer, Douglas S., Macka... ISBN: 9780582243026 List Price: $123.20
Essentials of The Living World by Johnson, George B., Losos, ... ISBN: 9780077280079 List Price: $125.35
Human Biology by Starr, Cecie, McMillan, Bev... ISBN: 9780840061669 List Price: $174.95
Foundations of Earth Science (6th Edition) by Lutgens, Frederick K., Tarb... ISBN: 9780321663023 List Price: $132.80
Physics of Atoms and Molecules by Bransden, B. H., Joachain, ... ISBN: 9780582356924 List Price: $160.60
Introduction to Hydrology by Viessman, Warren, Lewis, Ga... ISBN: 9780673993373 List Price: $164.00
Advanced Quantum Mechanics by Sakurai, J. J. ISBN: 9780201067101 List Price: $149.40
General Chemistry by Ebbing, Darrell D., Gammon,... ISBN: 9780618857487 List Price: $260.95
Fields and Waves in Communication Electronics by Simon Ramo, John R. Whinner... ISBN: 9780471585510
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