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Science covers many different areas, but as many science students will know, there will come a day when you may need to buy cheap system theory textbooks to help with your studies. If that day has come for you, rest assured we can help out. You can also rent used system theory textbooks on all aspects of this subject. You can buy such titles as Linear Systems and Signals and Signals, Systems and Transforms to name just two. You'll find dozens of other possibilities here too, so you can search our convenient marketplace and see how many titles could help you along the way to learning everything about system theory. You'll see we rent books as well as selling them, but we also offer a buyback service, so if you find you no longer need a particular book and you don't want to keep it, why not sell back to us? We'll pay you for the privilege!

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Systems, Management and Change A Graphic Guide by Carter, Martin, Mayblin, Mu... ISBN: 9780063182721 List Price: $9.50
User's Guide to Multidimensional Scaling With Special Reference to the Mds by Coxon, A. P. M. ISBN: 9780435822514 List Price: $30.00
Systems Analysis and Design by Shelly, Gary B., Cashman, T... ISBN: 9780877096320
Microcomputer Systems Theory and Service: MC-6000 by Brooks, Charles J., Whittin... ISBN: 9781884268977 List Price: $59.95
Project Management for Information Systems by Cadle, James, Yeates, Donald ISBN: 9780273685807 List Price: $77.55
Theory of Linear Systems by Research and Education Asso... ISBN: 9780878915392 List Price: $10.60
Contemporary Sys.anal.-champion-csbk. by Gore, Marvin, Stubbe, John W. ISBN: 9780697213952 List Price: $31.88
360. Signals+systems by Kamen, Edward W. ISBN: 9780023616815 List Price: $84.00
Linear Systems (cloth) by O'Flynn, Michael F., Moriar... ISBN: 9780060449254 List Price: $47.81
Operations Management by Starr, Martin K. ISBN: 9780877094715 List Price: $68.50
Principles of Signals+systems-w/3disk by Taylor, Fred J. ISBN: 9780079111715 List Price: $68.00
System's Analysis, Methodologies and Tools by Unknown ISBN: 9780536607119 List Price: $76.00
Signal+linear System Analysis by Carlson, Gordon ISBN: 9780395515389 List Price: $71.16
System+signal Analysis >int'l Ed< by Chen, Chi-Tsong ISBN: 9780030977091 List Price: $66.25
Linear Discrete Systems by Strum ISBN: 9780139073953 List Price: $12.00
Linear Systems and Digital Signal Processing by Young, Thomas V. ISBN: 9780135373668 List Price: $76.00
Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems Proceedings by Fuhrmann, P. A. ISBN: 9780387131689 List Price: $71.50
Plane Answers to Complex Questions The Theory of Linear Models by Christensen, R. ISBN: 9780387964874 List Price: $49.95
Functional Modeling of Systems by Baylin, E. N. ISBN: 9782881247316 List Price: $214.00
Fuzzy Measures and Integrals Theory and Applications by Grabisch, Michel, Murofushi... ISBN: 9783790812589 List Price: $189.00
Global and Large Scale System Models Proceedings by Lazarevic, B. ISBN: 9780387096377 List Price: $17.00
Introduction to System Science by Sandquist, Gary M. ISBN: 9780134986920 List Price: $59.00
Introduction to Fuzzy Control by Driankov, Dimiter, Hellendo... ISBN: 9780387563626 List Price: $63.95
Guide to Understanding Identification and Authentication in Trusted Systems by Unknown ISBN: 9780788122231 List Price: $20.00
Key Texts in Multidimensional Scaling by Davies, P. M., Coxon, A. P. ISBN: 9780435822538 List Price: $25.00
Theory and Application of the Z-Transform Method by Jury, Eliahu I. ISBN: 9780882751221 List Price: $35.50
Computer-Based Management of Complex Systems by Milling, P. M., Zahn, E. O. ISBN: 9780387514475 List Price: $109.00
Dimensions and Entropies in Chaotic Systems by Mayer-Kress, G. ISBN: 9780387162546 List Price: $95.00
Multiobjective Analysis with Engineering and Business Applications by Goicocchea, Ambrose, Hansen... ISBN: 9780471064015
Continuous and Discrete Linear Systems by Neff, Herbert P., Jr. ISBN: 9780894645419 List Price: $62.50
Analyzing Social Science Data by de Vaus, David ISBN: 9780761959373 List Price: $169.00
Analysis and Optimization of Systems, Part 2 by Bensoussan, E., Lions, Jacq... ISBN: 9780387135526 List Price: $53.40
Analysis and Optimization of Systems Proceedings of the 9th International Conference Antibes... by Benoussan, Alain, Lions, Ja... ISBN: 9780387526300 List Price: $141.00
Information Systems and Data Analysis: Prospects, Foundations, Applications (Studies in Clas... by Bock, Hans Hermann, Lenski,... ISBN: 9780387580579 List Price: $120.00
Fuzzy Systems Toolbox for Use with MATLAB : Academic Edition, IBM PC by Beale, Mark, Demuth, Howard ISBN: 9780534945336 List Price: $270.95
System Identifcation through Simulated Evolution by Fogel, David B. ISBN: 9780536579430 List Price: $78.00
Linear Control System Analysis and Design - John Joachim D'Azzo by D'Azzo, John J., Houpis, Co... ISBN: 9780070161832 List Price: $49.24
Elementary and Secondary Flow Chart by Unknown ISBN: 9780201922806
Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems - Charles M. Close - Hardcover by Close, Charles M., Frederic... ISBN: 9780395250402 List Price: $69.16
Developmental Systems: At the Crossroads of System Theory, Computer Science and Genetic Engi... by Wegrzyn, S., Gille, J. C., ... ISBN: 9780387973401 List Price: $69.95
Signals and Systems: Continuous and Discrete by Ziemer, Rodger E., Jr., Tra... ISBN: 9780024316301
Contemporary Systems Analysis and Design by Clarke, Raymond T., Prins, ... ISBN: 9780534042332 List Price: $32.95
Systems Development: A Practical Approach by Amadio, William ISBN: 9780394392325 List Price: $24.00
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