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Science covers many different areas, but as many science students will know, there will come a day when you may need to buy cheap system theory textbooks to help with your studies. If that day has come for you, rest assured we can help out. You can also rent used system theory textbooks on all aspects of this subject. You can buy such titles as Linear Systems and Signals and Signals, Systems and Transforms to name just two. You'll find dozens of other possibilities here too, so you can search our convenient marketplace and see how many titles could help you along the way to learning everything about system theory. You'll see we rent books as well as selling them, but we also offer a buyback service, so if you find you no longer need a particular book and you don't want to keep it, why not sell back to us? We'll pay you for the privilege!

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Solar Power Plants: Fundamentals, Technology, Systems, Economics by Carl Jochen Winter, R. L. S... ISBN: 9780387188973 List Price: $155.00
Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization - C. Vinti - Hardcover by Vinti, C. ISBN: 9780387139036 List Price: $37.95
Systems Development - Alan L. Eliason - Hardcover by Eliason, Alan L. ISBN: 9780673390387 List Price: $37.33
Requirements Engineering: Frameworks for Understanding by Wieringa, Roel ISBN: 9780471958840 List Price: $80.00
Introduction to Dynamic System Analysis by Beachley, Norman H., Harris... ISBN: 9780060405571 List Price: $34.68
Essentials of Flowcharting by Boillot, Michel H., Gleason... ISBN: 9780697004208
Applied General Systems Theory - John P. van Gigch - Hardcover - 2d ed by van Gigch, John P. ISBN: 9780060467760 List Price: $42.00
LSPCA, Inc. A Systems Analysis Case Study And Workbook To Accompany Contemporary Systems Ana... by John Stubbe, Marvin Gore ISBN: 9780697077134 List Price: $19.20
Analysis of Linear Systems by Cheng, D. G. ISBN: 9780201010206 List Price: $92.00
Elements of Systems Analysis by Gore, Marvin, Stubbe, John W. ISBN: 9780697012616 List Price: $15.08
Basics of Nonlinearities in Mathematical Sciences by Kumar Sinha, Dilip ISBN: 9781843317029 List Price: $69.95
System Architecture Approach to the Brain From Neurons to Consciousness by Coward, L. Andrew ISBN: 9781594544330 List Price: $85.00
Decision Making about Decision Making: Metamodels and Metasystems, Vol. 6 by van Gigch, John P. ISBN: 9780856262005 List Price: $252.00
General System Theory: Essential Concepts and Applications, Vol. 10 by Rapoport, A. ISBN: 9780856261725 List Price: $211.00
Study Notes in System Dynamics - Michael R. Goodman - Paperback by Goodman, Michael R. ISBN: 9781563271625 List Price: $25.00
Advances In Self-Organizing Systems by Barnett, George A., Houston... ISBN: 9781572735583 List Price: $24.95
Advances In Self-Organizing Systems by Barnett, George A., Houston... ISBN: 9781572735576 List Price: $49.50
Paradigm of Self-Organization II (Studies in Cybernetics) by G. Dalenoort ISBN: 9782881249761 List Price: $44.95
Introduction to System Analysis by Glisson, T. H. ISBN: 9780070233911
Circuit and System Theory by Lago, G. V., Benningfield, ... ISBN: 9780471049272 List Price: $67.95
Production Systems: Planning, Analysis and Control by Riggs, James L. ISBN: 9780471847939
Analysis and Design of Dynamic Systems by Cochin, Ira ISBN: 9780700225316 List Price: $58.50
Analysis of Dynamic Psychological Systems: Basic Approaches to General Systems, Dynamic Syst... by Levine, R. L., Fitzgerald, ... ISBN: 9780306437458 List Price: $60.00
Circuits and Signals: An Introduction to Linear and Interface Circuits by Thomas, Roland E., Rosa, Al... ISBN: 9780471895602 List Price: $62.50
Software Engineering with Systems Analysis and Design by Steward, Donald V. ISBN: 9780534075064 List Price: $62.95
Systems Analysis and Design: A Case Study Approach - Robert J. Thierauf by Thierauf, Robert J. ISBN: 9780675202299 List Price: $66.00
Linear Systems Analysis by Johnson, Johnny R., Johnson... ISBN: 9780898743524 List Price: $40.50
Systems Analysis in Public Policy: A Critique - Ida R. Hoos by Hoos, Ida R. ISBN: 9780520049536 List Price: $47.50
Introduction to Fuzzy Systems by Chen, Guanrong, Pham, Trung... ISBN: 9781584885313 List Price: $93.95
Flowcharting and Basic - Perry Edwards - Paperback by Edwards, Perry, Broadwell, ... ISBN: 9780155276611 List Price: $11.00
Cinitnous Location of Transportation Networks by Mosler, Karl C. ISBN: 9780387172972 List Price: $49.95
Elements of Systems Analysis by Gore, Marvin, Stubbe, John W. ISBN: 9780697007384 List Price: $55.82
Robust Estimation and Failure Detection: A Concise Treatment by Mangoubi, R. S. ISBN: 9783540762515 List Price: $119.00
Systems Analysis and Design by Whitten, Jeffrey L., Bentle... ISBN: 9780256074949 List Price: $21.50
Model Based Fuzzy Control Fuzzy Gain Schedulers and Sliding Mode Fuzzy Controllers by Palm, Rainer, Driankov, Dim... ISBN: 9783540614715 List Price: $74.95
Modeling and Analysis of Linear Physical Systems by Lindsay, J. F., Ramachandra... ISBN: 9780929704197 List Price: $69.95
Sociology and the New Systems Theory Toward a Theoretical Synthesis by Bailey, Kenneth D. ISBN: 9780791417430 List Price: $30.50
Soft Computing and Its Application by Aliev, R. A., Aliev, R. R. ISBN: 9789810247003 List Price: $99.00
Some Methods in the Mathematical Analysis of Systems and Their Control by Lions, Jacques-Louis ISBN: 9780677602004 List Price: $539.00
Spatio-Temporal Patterns in Nonequilibrium Complex Systems NATO Advanced Research Workshop by Cladis, P. E., Palffy-Muhor... ISBN: 9780201409840 List Price: $61.00
Probabilistic Analysis of Belief Functions by Kramosil, Ivan ISBN: 9780306467028 List Price: $179.00
Strategy and Uncertainty A Practical Guide to Systems Thinking by Clementson, T. ISBN: 9782881246548 List Price: $179.00
Structured Flowcharting for Beginners by Unknown ISBN: 9780808750741 List Price: $15.80
Structured System Analysis A New Technique by Medina, Barbara F. ISBN: 9780677055701 List Price: $194.00
Structured Systems Analysis Tool and Technique by Gane, Chris, Sarson, Trish ISBN: 9780930196004 List Price: $22.50
Subspace Identification for Linear Systems Theory-Implementation-Applications by Van Overschee, Peter ISBN: 9780792397175 List Price: $127.00
Systems Analysis and Design A Structured Approach by Davis, William S. ISBN: 9780201102710 List Price: $33.50
Systems Science Addressing Global Issues by Stowell, F. A., West, D., H... ISBN: 9780306445224 List Price: $174.00
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