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Science covers many different areas, but as many science students will know, there will come a day when you may need to buy cheap system theory textbooks to help with your studies. If that day has come for you, rest assured we can help out. You can also rent used system theory textbooks on all aspects of this subject. You can buy such titles as Linear Systems and Signals and Signals, Systems and Transforms to name just two. You'll find dozens of other possibilities here too, so you can search our convenient marketplace and see how many titles could help you along the way to learning everything about system theory. You'll see we rent books as well as selling them, but we also offer a buyback service, so if you find you no longer need a particular book and you don't want to keep it, why not sell back to us? We'll pay you for the privilege!

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Distributed Fuzzy Control of Multivariable Systems by Gegov, Alexander ISBN: 9780792338512 List Price: $160.00
Essays in Tektology by A. Bogdanov ISBN: 9780914105060 List Price: $16.95
Analysis of Controlled Dynamical Systems Proceedings of a Conference Held in Lyon, France, J... by Bonnard, B., Gauthier, J. P... ISBN: 9780817635763 List Price: $228.00
Chaos, Fractals, and Noise Stochastic Aspects of Dynamics by Marsden, Jerrold E., Sirovi... ISBN: 9780387940496 List Price: $134.00
Systems Anal.+design Methods-text by Whitten, Jeffrey L., Bentle... ISBN: 9780256199062 List Price: $93.44
Biomedical Systems Analysis Via Compartmental Concept by Brown, R. F. ISBN: 9780856264337 List Price: $336.00
Forms of Meaning Modeling Systems Theory and Semiotic Analysis by Sebeok, Thomas A., Danesi, ... ISBN: 9783110167511 List Price: $142.00
Causal Reasoning A Systems Approach by Francis, John Charles ISBN: 9782881248542 List Price: $72.95
Application Cases in Systems Analysis & Design by Kevin Dittman ISBN: 9780256257120
Systems Analysis and Design Methods by Whitten, Jeffrey L., Bentle... ISBN: 9780256074932 List Price: $67.95
Fuzzy Logic State of the Art by Lowen, R. ISBN: 9780792323242 List Price: $399.00
Algebra IV: Infinite Groups, Linear Groups by Kostrikin, Alexei I., Shafa... ISBN: 9783540533726 List Price: $139.00
Disequilibrium and Self-Organization by Kilmister, C. W. ISBN: 9789027723000 List Price: $139.00
Concepts in Systems and Signals by Sherrick, John D. ISBN: 9780131782716 List Price: $131.00
Computer Explorations in Signals and Systems Using Matlab by Buck, John R., Daniel, Mich... ISBN: 9780130421555 List Price: $37.00
Linear Systems Theory: A Structural Decomposition Approach (Control Engineering) by Ben M. Chen, Zongli Lin, Ya... ISBN: 9780817637798 List Price: $99.00
Signals and Systems Analysis Using Transform Methods and Matlab by Roberts, M. J. ISBN: 9780072499421 List Price: $132.50
Design Principles for the Immune System and Other Distributed Autonomous System by Cohen, Irun, Segel, Lee A. ISBN: 9780195136999 List Price: $84.50
Conditional Monte Carlo Gradient Estimation and Optimization Applications by Fu, Michael, Hu, Jian-Qiang ISBN: 9780792398738 List Price: $265.00
On Self-Organization: An Interdisciplinary Search for a Unifying Principle by Mishra, R. K., Maass, D, Zw... ISBN: 9780387564852 List Price: $74.95
Multivariable Feedback: A Quasi-Classical Approach (Lecture Notes in Control and Information... by Hung, Y. S., MacFarlane, A. G. ISBN: 9780387119021 List Price: $22.95
Compensatory Genetic Fuzzy Neural Networks and Their Applications by Zhang, Yanqing, Kandel, Abr... ISBN: 9789810233495 List Price: $69.00
Systems Analysis, Design and Development by Edwards, Perry ISBN: 9780030001420
Architecture of Systems Problem Solving - George J. Klir - Hardcover by Klir, G. J. ISBN: 9780306418679 List Price: $130.00
Rethink Systems Analysis by Weinberg, Gerald M. ISBN: 9780673390776 List Price: $26.95
Systems Analysis and Design by Jeffery, D. Ross, Lawrence,... ISBN: 9780138802615 List Price: $57.00
Systems and Control by Zak, Stanislaw H. ISBN: 9780195150117 List Price: $144.00
Signals and Systems Demystified by McMahon, David ISBN: 9780071475785 List Price: $19.95
Facets of Systems Science by Klir, George J. ISBN: 9780306466236 List Price: $329.00
Essentials of Systems Analysis and Design by Valacich, Joseph S., Hoffer... ISBN: 9780130183736 List Price: $105.33
Signals and Systems Primer with MATLAB by Poularikas Alexander D Staff ISBN: 9780849372674 List Price: $99.95
Shape and Structure, from Engineering to Nature by Bejan, Adrian ISBN: 9780521790499 List Price: $180.00
Systems Analysis and Design by McLeod ISBN: 9780030766862 List Price: $33.50
Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory Textbook, Intermediate Version, Cat by Benson, Harold J., Gunstrea... ISBN: 9780072476637 List Price: $112.90
Fuzzy Control of Industrial Systems Theory and Applications by Shaw, Ian S. ISBN: 9780792382492 List Price: $169.00
Concepts in Systems and Signals by Sherrick, John D. ISBN: 9780130841155 List Price: $115.00
Network From Biology to Theory by Feng, Jianfeng, Jost, J├╝rge... ISBN: 9781846284854 List Price: $109.00
Lax-phillips Scattering And Conservative Linear Systems A Cuntz-algebra Multidimensional Set... by Ball, Joseph A., Vinnikov, ... ISBN: 9780821837689 List Price: $59.00
Topographic Effects in Stratified Flows by Baines, Peter G., Batchelor... ISBN: 9780521629232 List Price: $74.00
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