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Science covers many different areas, but as many science students will know, there will come a day when you may need to buy cheap system theory textbooks to help with your studies. If that day has come for you, rest assured we can help out. You can also rent used system theory textbooks on all aspects of this subject. You can buy such titles as Linear Systems and Signals and Signals, Systems and Transforms to name just two. You'll find dozens of other possibilities here too, so you can search our convenient marketplace and see how many titles could help you along the way to learning everything about system theory. You'll see we rent books as well as selling them, but we also offer a buyback service, so if you find you no longer need a particular book and you don't want to keep it, why not sell back to us? We'll pay you for the privilege!

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Signals & Systems by Oppenheim, Alan V., Willsky... ISBN: 9780138147570 List Price: $173.00
Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems by Close, Charles M., Frederic... ISBN: 9780471394426 List Price: $179.95
Systems Engineering and Analysis (5th Edition) by Blanchard, Benjamin S., Fab... ISBN: 9780132217354 List Price: $175.00
Power Systems Analysis by Bergen, Arthur R., Vittal, ... ISBN: 9780136919902 List Price: $167.00
Signals, Systems, and Transforms (4th Edition) by Charles L. Phillips, John P... ISBN: 9780131989238 List Price: $207.00
Nonlinear Systems by Khalil, Hassan K. ISBN: 9780130673893 List Price: $164.00
Introduction to Dynamic Systems by Luenberger, David G. ISBN: 9780471025948 List Price: $186.95
Object-oriented Analysis And Design With The Unified Process by Jackson, Robert B., Burd, S... ISBN: 9780619216436 List Price: $167.95
Linear Systems by Kailath, Thomas ISBN: 9780135369616 List Price: $120.00
Systems and Control by Zak, Stanislaw H. ISBN: 9780195150117 List Price: $144.00
Linear Systems Theory by Hespanha, Joao P. ISBN: 9780691140216 List Price: $59.95
Signal and Linear System Analysis by Carlson, Gordon E. ISBN: 9780471124658 List Price: $172.95
Mathematical Models of Economic Dynamics with Discrete Innovations by Zaslavski, Alexander J. ISBN: 9781594549212 List Price: $89.00
Introduction to Signals and Systems Analysis by Gopalan ISBN: 9780534466060 List Price: $162.95
Concepts in Systems and Signals by Sherrick, John D. ISBN: 9780130841155 List Price: $115.00
Signals and Systems Made Ridiculously Simple by Karu, Zoher Z. ISBN: 9780964375215 List Price: $36.00
Solutions Manual, Nonlinear Systems by Sastry, Shankar ISBN: 9780201514827
Signals, Systems, and Transforms by Jackson, Leland B. ISBN: 9780201095890 List Price: $141.00
Systems Engineering And Analysis by Blanchard, Benjamin S., Fab... ISBN: 9780131869776 List Price: $156.00
OM 2008 (with Review Cards and Student Website Blow-in Card) by Collier, David Alan, Evans,... ISBN: 9780324662559 List Price: $54.95
Concepts in Systems and Signals by Sherrick, John D. ISBN: 9780131782716 List Price: $131.00
Analysis and Optimization of Systems Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on A... by Bensoussan, A., Lions, Jacq... ISBN: 9780387104720 List Price: $66.00
Systems Anal.+design-project/casebook by Wu, Margaret S., Szilagyi ISBN: 9780314028945 List Price: $21.75
Successful Data Processing System Analysis by Gilbersleeve, Thomas R. ISBN: 9780138604950 List Price: $42.00
Essays in Tektology by Bogdanov, A., Gorelik, George ISBN: 9780914105060 List Price: $16.95
Architecture of Systems Problem Solving by Klir, George J., Elias, Doug ISBN: 9780306473579 List Price: $215.00
Systems Analysis and Design Methods by Whitten, Jeffrey L., Bentle... ISBN: 9780256074932 List Price: $67.95
Signal Processing+linear Systems by Lathi, Bhagwandas P. ISBN: 9780941413350 List Price: $101.00
Signals, Systems, and Transforms by Phillips, Charles L., Parr,... ISBN: 9780130412072 List Price: $135.00
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