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Aspectroscopia Infrarroja by Rubio, Jesus M. ISBN: 9780827014190 List Price: $3.50
Absorption Spectrometry by Lothian, G. F. ISBN: 9780844801292 List Price: $14.50
Colloquium Preprints by Colloquium Spectroscopicum ... ISBN: 9780844806761 List Price: $29.00
Emission Spectrochemical Analysis by Torok, Tibor ISBN: 9780844810591 List Price: $72.50
Spectrochemical Analysis of Pure Substances by Zil'Bershtein, K. I. ISBN: 9780844810478 List Price: $54.50
Mass Spectrometer by Majer, J. R., Berry, M. ISBN: 9780844811710 List Price: $18.00
Mass Spectroscopy by Duckworth, H. E. ISBN: 9780521048552
Molecular Constants from Microwave Spectroscopy by Starck, B. ISBN: 9780387038964 List Price: $363.95
Moessbauer Spectroscopy II : The Exotic Side of the Methods by Gonser, U. ISBN: 9780387105192 List Price: $49.95
Ion Cyclotron Resonance Spectrometry by Hartmann, H., Wanczek, K. P. ISBN: 9780387087603 List Price: $21.00
NMR Spectroscopy of Annulenes by Boschke, F. ISBN: 9780387052991 List Price: $55.50
Molecular Constants Subvolume B Linear Triatomic Molecules by Guelachvili, G., Rao, K. N. ISBN: 9780387560595 List Price: $2,703.00
Laser Spectroscopy of Solids by Yen, W. M., Selzer, P. M. ISBN: 9780387167091 List Price: $64.95
Ellipsometric Tables of the SISIO2 System for Mercury and HENe Laser Spectral Lines by Gergely, Gyorge ISBN: 9789630577779 List Price: $35.00
Proceedings of the International Symposium on Inbeam Nuclear Spectroscopy by Dombradi, Z. S., Fenyes, T. ISBN: 9789630539937
Recent Trends in Raman Spectroscopy by Banerjee, S. B., Jha, S. S. ISBN: 9789971507947 List Price: $40.00
Polarization in Spectral Lines by Landi Degl'Innocenti, M., L... ISBN: 9789401740296 List Price: $339.00
Ir And Raman Spectroscopy by Larkin, Peter J. ISBN: 9780763731502 List Price: $109.95
Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy of Molecules by Burgudjiev ISBN: 9780134541259 List Price: $97.95
Standard Florescence Spectra : An Ellis Horwood Book by Miller, J. N. ISBN: 9780138416362 List Price: $138.95
Electronic Spectra Oxygen-Based by Langer, Klaus ISBN: 9780521375658
Fundamentals of Dispersive Optical Spectrometer Systems by Neumann, Wilfried ISBN: 9780819498243
Symposium on Spectroscopy by American Society for Testin... ISBN: 9780598276001 List Price: $77.90
Infrared Band Handbook : Volume 1 4240-999 Cm-1 / Volume 2 999-29 Cm-1 by Szymanski, Herman A. ISBN: 9781468460711 List Price: $99.00
Spectral Theory and Wave Processes by Birman, M. Sh ISBN: 9781468489286 List Price: $99.00
Laser Spectroscopy V : Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference Jasper Park Lodge, ... by McKellar, A. R. W., Oka, T.... ISBN: 9783662153802 List Price: $99.00
Tables of Spectral Lines of Neutral and Ionized Atoms by Striganov, A. R., Sventitsk... ISBN: 9781475766127 List Price: $99.00
Advances in X-Ray Analysis : Volume 20 by McMurdie, Howard ISBN: 9781461399834 List Price: $99.00
High-Resolution Laser Spectroscopy by Shimoda, K. ISBN: 9783662312490 List Price: $99.00
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