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Theories of Scientific Method by Nola, Robert, Sankey, Howard ISBN: 9780773533448 List Price: $95.00
Military Prime Contract Awards by Region and State : Fiscal Years 1990-1992 by Unknown ISBN: 9780788104121 List Price: $35.00
Single Case Experimental Designs: Strategies for Studying Behavior Change (Pergamon General ... by Barlow, David H., Hersen, M. ISBN: 9780205142729 List Price: $116.00
Biological Data Sets With Emphasis on Experimental Design by Unknown ISBN: 9780412043314 List Price: $39.95
Laplace Transforms Theory and Experiments by Bogart ISBN: 9780135234327 List Price: $55.60
Validity & Social Experimentation Donald Campbell's Legacy by Bickman, Leonard ISBN: 9780761911609 List Price: $114.00
Setting the Agenda for the American Archaeology The National Research Council Archaeological... by O'Brien, Michael J., Lyman,... ISBN: 9780817310844 List Price: $34.95
Research Design+statistical Analysis by Myers, Jerome L., Well, Arn... ISBN: 9780673464149 List Price: $59.50
Scientific Imagination: Case Studies - Gerald James Holton - Paperback by Holton, Gerald ISBN: 9780521292375 List Price: $25.95
Clinician's Guide to Research Design by Goldstein, Gerald ISBN: 9780882293400 List Price: $31.95
Introduction to Millikelvin Technology by Betts, David S., Goldman, A... ISBN: 9780521018173 List Price: $30.99
Science and Method by Poincaré, Henri, Maitland, ... ISBN: 9781885343390 List Price: $8.25
Novum Organum : 1902 P. F. Collier and Son Edition by Bacon, Francis, Devey, Jose... ISBN: 9781885343284 List Price: $12.25
National Patterns of R and D Resources (1992) by Jankowski, John E., Jr. ISBN: 9781568064833 List Price: $25.00
Science and Technology : Pocket Data Book (1993) by Unknown ISBN: 9781568066110 List Price: $20.00
Research and Development in Industry (1989) by Unknown ISBN: 9781568066882 List Price: $35.00
Analysis of Engineering Experiments by Leith, James ISBN: 9781593992002
Analysis of Engineering Experiments by Leith, James ISBN: 9781593992224
Scientific, Reasoning and Epistemic Attitudes by Harsing, Laszlo ISBN: 9789630530033
Scientific Method : Optimizing Applied Research Decisions by Ackoff, Russell L. ISBN: 9780471002970 List Price: $31.95
Design and Analysis of Experiments by Kempthorne, Oscar ISBN: 9780471468608 List Price: $7.25
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