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You are about to embark on the study of matter, a development of the 16th century during the Scientific Revolution. Many aren't aware that the word physics is derived from a Greek word that equates to nature - so when you say you're studying Physics, you can wisely share that it is a nature oriented science that explains the complexities of matter. If you are interested in things like energy, force, astronomy, mathematical models, parallel universes, particle accelerators and the speed of light, you'll find your Physics textbooks fascinating. We invite you to get a jump on your studies by ordering cheap college textbooks online! It's as easy as 1-2-3 to browse our extensive list of Physics textbooks including College Physics, Conceptual Physical Science, Experiments in Physical Chemistry and more. Once you calculate how much you will save by purchasing used textbooks online, you'll be thrilled to learn that you'll have some money left over for the high-tech gadget you've always wanted or the trip you've been waiting to take. Simply search for your college textbooks by title, author and/or ISBN number. Once you've found the right ones, take a few minutes to submit your order, and then sit back and relax knowing that your Physics textbooks are on their way to your dorm, apartment or home. No more standing in college bookstore lines! How's that for modern Physics?

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MasteringPhysics Student Access Kit for Physics by Walker, James S., Addison-W... ISBN: 9780321696274 List Price: $50.00
Real Time Physics Module 2 by Sokoloff, David R. ISBN: 9780470768914 List Price: $25.95
College Physics by Serway, Raymond A. ISBN: 9780030763779 List Price: $96.50
Physics by Walker, James S. ISBN: 9780131014169 List Price: $153.35
Mastering Physics Student Access Kit by Pearson/Prentice Hall Staff... ISBN: 9780805304961
College Physics, Vol. 1 by Serway, Raymond A., Faughn,... ISBN: 9780534492601 List Price: $86.95
Principles of Physics by Ohanian, Hans C. ISBN: 9780393963366
Principles of Physics: Answer to Problems Pamphlet by Ohanian, Hans C. ISBN: 9780393963946
Physics by Breithaupt, Jim ISBN: 9780748762439 List Price: $45.50
Technical College Physics by Wilson, Jerry D. ISBN: 9780030738982 List Price: $268.95
Collected Papers of Albert Einstein by Stachel, John, Beck, Anna, ... ISBN: 9780691085494 List Price: $50.00
Physics for the Utterly Confused by Oman, Robert, Oman, Daniel ISBN: 9780070482623 List Price: $16.95
Physics for Scientists and Engineers by Tipler, Paul A., Mosca, Gene ISBN: 9781429203012
Feynman Lectures on Physics/Commemorative Issue by Feynman, Richard Phillips, ... ISBN: 9780201510058 List Price: $50.63
Physics for Career Education by Ewen, Dale, Nelson, Ronald ... ISBN: 9780136928232 List Price: $69.00
Physics Calculus by Hecht, Eugene ISBN: 9780534373504 List Price: $87.95
Physics, Comp. by Ohanian, Hans C. ISBN: 9780393957464 List Price: $67.00
Practical Guide to Data Analysis for Physical Science Students by Lyons, Louis ISBN: 9780521414159 List Price: $89.00
Conceptual Physics by Hewitt, Paul G. ISBN: 9780316359757
Physics: Section Reviews by Holt, Rinehart and Winston ... ISBN: 9780030368264 List Price: $21.00
Particles+forces:at Heart of the Matter by Carrigan, Richard A., Jr., ... ISBN: 9780716720706 List Price: $15.95
Macromolecular Engineering Recent Advances by Mishra, Munmaya K., Nuyken,... ISBN: 9780306451126 List Price: $215.00
College Physics by Giambattista, Alan, Richard... ISBN: 9780070524972 List Price: $41.20
Physics With Infotrac A World View by Kirkpatrick, Larry D., Fran... ISBN: 9780534408244 List Price: $163.95
Feynman Lectures on Physics by Feynman, Richard Phillips, ... ISBN: 9780201021172 List Price: $44.00
Heat and Mass Transfer by White, Frank M. ISBN: 9780201170993 List Price: $135.00
Physics - Student Activity Workbook , Volume 1 -to Accompany Ohanian by Ohanian, Ellis, William, Ha... ISBN: 9780393929751 List Price: $31.25
Convective Heat and Mass Transfer by Kays, William M., Crawford,... ISBN: 9780070337213 List Price: $145.55
Heat and Mass Transfer/Book and 2 Disks by Mills, Anthony F. ISBN: 9780256114430 List Price: $138.13
Thermodynamics of Polymer Solutions by Kurata, Michio, Fujita, Hir... ISBN: 9783718600236 List Price: $449.00
Physics by Holt, Rinehart and Winston ... ISBN: 9780030390975 List Price: $110.60
Field Theory Concepts - Adolf J. Schwab - Hardcover - 1st ed.] by Schwab, A. J. ISBN: 9780387188935 List Price: $54.95
Fundamentals of Physics WileyPlus Learning Kit by Halliday, David, Resnick, R... ISBN: 9780470909751 List Price: $127.95
Physics for Scientists and Engineers + Modern Physics Version 5, Chapters 38-46 Version 5, C... by Serway, Raymond A., Jewett,... ISBN: 9780495385738 List Price: $48.95
Lectures on String Theory (Lecture Notes in Physics) by Lust, D., Theisen, S. ISBN: 9780387518824 List Price: $19.95
Polymers As Rheology Modifiers by Schultz, Donald N., Glass, ... ISBN: 9780841220096 List Price: $87.45
Quantum Tunneling of Magnetization-Qtm '94 by Gunther, Leon, Barbara, Ber... ISBN: 9780792337751 List Price: $349.00
Physics :classical+modern by Gettys, W. Edward, Keller, ... ISBN: 9780070234604 List Price: $102.25
Physics for Scientists And Engineers by Giancoli, Doug ISBN: 9780132273992 List Price: $46.67
Superstring Theory: Introduction, Vol. 2 - Michael B. Green - Hardcover by Green, Michael B., Schwarz,... ISBN: 9780521329996 List Price: $79.95
Modern Physics by Blatt, Frank J. ISBN: 9780070058774 List Price: $92.81
College Physics by Serway, Raymond A. ISBN: 9780030035791
College Physics - Doug Davis - Paperback by Davis, Doug ISBN: 9780030074882 List Price: $29.50
Themes in Contemporary Physics II : Essays in Honor of Julian Schwinger's 70th Birthday by Desen, S., Finkelstein, R. J. ISBN: 9789971509613 List Price: $54.00
Practice Problems With Solutions to Accompany College Physics by Serway, Raymond A. ISBN: 9780030224881 List Price: $21.95
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