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You are about to embark on the study of matter, a development of the 16th century during the Scientific Revolution. Many aren't aware that the word physics is derived from a Greek word that equates to nature - so when you say you're studying Physics, you can wisely share that it is a nature oriented science that explains the complexities of matter. If you are interested in things like energy, force, astronomy, mathematical models, parallel universes, particle accelerators and the speed of light, you'll find your Physics textbooks fascinating. We invite you to get a jump on your studies by ordering cheap college textbooks online! It's as easy as 1-2-3 to browse our extensive list of Physics textbooks including College Physics, Conceptual Physical Science, Experiments in Physical Chemistry and more. Once you calculate how much you will save by purchasing used textbooks online, you'll be thrilled to learn that you'll have some money left over for the high-tech gadget you've always wanted or the trip you've been waiting to take. Simply search for your college textbooks by title, author and/or ISBN number. Once you've found the right ones, take a few minutes to submit your order, and then sit back and relax knowing that your Physics textbooks are on their way to your dorm, apartment or home. No more standing in college bookstore lines! How's that for modern Physics?

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Einstein's Miraculous Year Five Papers That Changed the Face of Physics by Stachel, John, Einstein, Al... ISBN: 9780691122281 List Price: $24.95
Differential Geometry and Kinematics of Continua by Clayton, John D. ISBN: 9789814616034
Principles of Physics With Physicsnow and Infotrac by Serway, Raymond A., Jewett,... ISBN: 9780534492625 List Price: $142.95
Principles of Physics by Serway, Raymond (James Madi... ISBN: 9780030317361 List Price: $33.95
College Physics by Stanley, Robert W. ISBN: 9780156016629 List Price: $38.95
How and the Why An Essay on the Origins and Development of Physical Theory by Park, David Allen ISBN: 9780691025087 List Price: $49.95
Aristotle's Physics by Aristotle, Hope, Richard ISBN: 9780803250932 List Price: $25.00
Gases, Liquids and Solids And Other States of Matter by Tabor, David ISBN: 9780521406673 List Price: $61.00
Controlled Diffusion Processes by Krylov, N. V. ISBN: 9780387904610 List Price: $132.00
College Physics, Student Solutions Manual: Volume 1: Chapters 1-16, a Strategic Approach by Smith, Larry K., Simon, Mar... ISBN: 9780805306323 List Price: $37.80
Introductory Physics Building Understanding by Touger, Jerold, Liao, Sen-Ben ISBN: 9780471683094 List Price: $60.95
Basic Theoretical Physics A Concise Overview by Krey, Uwe, Owen, Anthony ISBN: 9783540368045 List Price: $89.95
Sears and Zemansky's University Physics Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Waves Acoustics Chapters ... by Young, Hugh, Freedman, Roge... ISBN: 9780201618358 List Price: $25.00
College Physics : Reasoning and Relationships by Giordano, Nicholas ISBN: 9780495557876
Einstein's Miraculous Year Five Papers That Changed the Face of Physics by Stachel, John J., Einstein,... ISBN: 9780691059389 List Price: $39.95
Modern Physics by Serway, Raymond A. ISBN: 9780030196829 List Price: $103.00
Conceptual Developments of 20th Century Field Theories by Cao, Tian Yu ISBN: 9780521634205 List Price: $84.00
Life Science Applications for Physics by Serway, Raymond A., Faughn,... ISBN: 9780030206627 List Price: $39.95
Physics of Sports by Armenti, Angelo, Jr. ISBN: 9780883189467 List Price: $49.95
Pocket Guide to Accompany College Physics by Serway, Raymond A. ISBN: 9780030107634 List Price: $14.50
Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers by Thornton, Stephen T. ISBN: 9780030749667 List Price: $99.00
Modern Physics by Trinklein ISBN: 9780030145179 List Price: $96.80
Physics by Beiser, Arthur ISBN: 9780201168686 List Price: $28.00
University Physics by Hudson, Alvin, Nelson, Rex ISBN: 9780030469794 List Price: $79.00
College Physics,v.1 by Serway, Raymond A., Faughn,... ISBN: 9780030225079 List Price: $41.00
Activphysics Online Workbook, Volume 1 by Van Heuvelen, Alan ISBN: 9780805390605 List Price: $61.40
Science Foundations: Physics - Bryan Milner - Paperback by Milner, Bryan, Martin, Jean ISBN: 9780521010306 List Price: $23.00
Fundamentals of Physics by Semat, Henry, Baumel, Philip ISBN: 9780030847479
Simulations for Solid State Physics : An Interactive Resource for Students and Teachers by Silsbee, Robert H., Draeger... ISBN: 9780521599115 List Price: $41.00
Holt Physics by Holt, Rinehart and Winston ... ISBN: 9780030518645 List Price: $12.13
Philosophy of Physics by Bunge, Mario ISBN: 9789027702531 List Price: $259.00
Philosophy of Physics by Torretti, Roberto, Guyer, P... ISBN: 9780521562591 List Price: $126.00
Physics in a Technological World by French, Anthony ISBN: 9780883185919 List Price: $54.95
Princeton Guide to Advanced Physics by Tribble, Alan C. ISBN: 9780691026626 List Price: $39.95
New Ideas in Tokamak Confinement by Rosenbluth, Marshall N. ISBN: 9781563961311 List Price: $166.00
On Growth and Form Fractal and Non-Fractal Patterns in Physics by Stanley, H. Eugene, Ostrowk... ISBN: 9789024732340 List Price: $202.00
Fundamentals of Solidification by Kurz, W., Fisher, D. J. ISBN: 9780878495221 List Price: $65.00
Functional Integrals in Quantum Field Theory and Statistical Physics by Popov, V. N., Niederle, J.,... ISBN: 9789027714718 List Price: $139.00
Physics for Scientists and Engineers by Serway, Raymond A. ISBN: 9780030584589 List Price: $25.00
Symmetry Perspective From Equilibrium to Chaos in Phase Space and Physical Space by Stewart, I., Golubitsky, M. ISBN: 9783764366094 List Price: $103.00
Facts on File Physics Handbook by Diagram Group ISBN: 9780816058808 List Price: $40.00
Physics - Joseph W. Kane - Hardcover - 2nd ed by Kane, Joseph W., Sternheim,... ISBN: 9780471083238
Cioffari's Coll.physics by Edmonds, Dean S., Jr. ISBN: 9780669285703 List Price: $59.56
Physics -v.2 by Hecht, Eugene ISBN: 9780534091316 List Price: $48.75
Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics by Serway, Raymond A. ISBN: 9780030048548 List Price: $71.50
Tutorials in Introductory Physics by McDermott, Lillian C. ISBN: 9780139546372 List Price: $10.00
Physics:f/sci.+engrs.,v.2-std.gde.+s.m. by Serway, Raymond A. ISBN: 9780030164873 List Price: $33.00
University Physics by Sears, Francis W., Zemansky... ISBN: 9780201066845 List Price: $28.00
Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science: Proceedings of the Colloquium for the Philosoph... by Colloquium for the Philosop... ISBN: 9789027703910 List Price: $283.00
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