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Understanding and Using Scientific Evidence How to Critically Evaluate Data by Gott, Richard, Duggan, Sandra ISBN: 9780761970842 List Price: $50.95
Heredity and Human Affairs - James J. Nagle - Hardcover by Nagle, James J. ISBN: 9780801636219 List Price: $18.95
Knowledge and Industrial Organization - A. E. Anderson - Hardcover by Anderson, A. E. ISBN: 9780387515298 List Price: $94.00
Science and Society: Some Perspectives by Pal, Yash, Jain, Ashok, Mah... ISBN: 9788121204583
Scientific Thought and Social Reality: Essays by Michael Polanyi by Polanyi, Michael, Schwartz,... ISBN: 9780823660056 List Price: $27.50
Fragile Power: Scientists and the State by Mukerji, Chandra ISBN: 9780691085388
Science and Society by Snedden, Robert, Gazlay, Suzy ISBN: 9780836880984 List Price: $14.05
Science - a Challenge to Philosophy?: A Challenge to Philosophy (Nordeuropaische Beitrage Au... by Finland Internordic Philoso... ISBN: 9780820477572 List Price: $62.95
Philosophy of Biology Today by Richards, Robert J. ISBN: 9780887069109 List Price: $44.50
Readings in the Philosophy of Science - Baruch A. A. Brody - Hardcover - 2nd ed by Brody, Baruch A., Grady, Ri... ISBN: 9780137610655 List Price: $58.00
Patterns of Discovery: An Enquiry into the Conceptual Foundations of Science by Hanson, Norwood R. ISBN: 9780521051972 List Price: $59.95
Connectivity Hypothesis Foundations of an Integral Science of Quantum, Cosmos, Life, and Con... by Laszlo, Ervin, Abraham, Ral... ISBN: 9780791457856 List Price: $49.50
Natural Laws in Scientific Practice by Lange, Marc ISBN: 9780195131482 List Price: $145.00
Radical Knowledge A Philosophical Inquiry into the Nature and Limits of Science by Munevar, Gonzalo, Feyeraben... ISBN: 9780915145164 List Price: $14.95
Science The Very Idea by Woolgar, Steve ISBN: 9780745800417 List Price: $22.50
Science and Polity in France: The Revolutionary and Napoleonic Years by Gillispie, Charles Coulston ISBN: 9780691115412 List Price: $85.00
Science and Subjectivity by Scheffler, Israel ISBN: 9780915145300 List Price: $9.95
Science and Selection Essays on Biological Evolution and the Philosophy of Science by Hull, David L., Richards, R... ISBN: 9780521643399 List Price: $99.00
Scrutinizing Science Empirical Studies of Scientific Change by Donovan, Arthur, Laudan, La... ISBN: 9789027726087 List Price: $239.00
Scientific Genius A Psychology of Science by Simonton, Dean Keith ISBN: 9780521352871 List Price: $73.99
Structure of Science by Nagel, Ernest ISBN: 9780915144716 List Price: $19.95
Visions of Sts Contextualizing Science, Technology, and Society Studies by Cutcliffe, Stephen H., Mitc... ISBN: 9780791448465 List Price: $29.95
Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science: Scientific Procedures by Tondl, Ladislav, Short, David ISBN: 9789027701473 List Price: $213.00
Reliable Knowledge by Ziman, John M. ISBN: 9780521220873 List Price: $39.95
Science, Social Theory and Public Knowledge by Alan Irwin, Mike Michael ISBN: 9780335209484 List Price: $120.00
Feminism+science by Keller, Evelyn F., Longino,... ISBN: 9780198751458 List Price: $65.00
Business of Alchemy by Smith, Pamela H. ISBN: 9780691056913 List Price: $27.95
Ecologies of Knowledge by Star, Susan Leigh ISBN: 9780791425657 List Price: $24.50
Science Without Myth by Sismondo, Sergio ISBN: 9780791427330 List Price: $15.50
Science,technology,+society by Webster, Andrew ISBN: 9780813517223 List Price: $36.00
Science+human Spirit by White, Fred D. ISBN: 9780534096663 List Price: $22.95
On Science by Ridley, B. K. ISBN: 9780415249799 List Price: $95.00
The Law of Causality and Its Limits (Vienna Circle Collection) by Philipp Frank ISBN: 9780792345510 List Price: $269.00
Philosophy of Science A Contemporary Introduction by Rosenberg, Alexander ISBN: 9780415152808 List Price: $104.95
From Paracelsus to Van Helmont Studies in Renaissance Medicine and Science by Pagel, Walter, Winder, Mari... ISBN: 9780860781837 List Price: $98.95
In and About the World Philosophical Studies of Science and Technology by Radder, Hans ISBN: 9780791430507 List Price: $29.95
Integrating Scientific Disciplines by Bechtel, William ISBN: 9789024732425 List Price: $290.00
Facts on File Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Society by Volti, Rudi ISBN: 9780816034611 List Price: $55.01
Facts on File Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Society by Volti, Rudi ISBN: 9780816031238 List Price: $247.50
Facts on File Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Society by Volti, Rudi ISBN: 9780816034598 List Price: $55.01
Technoscience: The Politics of Interventions by Asdal, Kristin, Brenna, Bri... ISBN: 9788274773004
Taking Sides by Easton, Thomas A. ISBN: 9780073515359 List Price: $38.31
Science and Technology in Modern European Life by de Syon, Guillaume ISBN: 9780313337680
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