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House Built on Sand Exposing Postmodernist Myths About Science by Koertge, Noretta ISBN: 9780195117257 List Price: $110.00
Kant and the Sciences by Watkins, Eric ISBN: 9780195133059 List Price: $100.00
Ecologies of Knowledge Work and Politics in Science and Technology by Star, Susan Leigh ISBN: 9780791425664 List Price: $34.95
Beyond the Science Wars The Missing Discourse About Science and Society by Segerstrale, Ullica ISBN: 9780791446171 List Price: $60.50
Opening Pandora's Box: A Sociological Analysis of Scientists' Discourse - G. Nigel Gilbert -... by Gilbert, G. N., Mulkay, Mic... ISBN: 9780521274302 List Price: $28.99
Science and Technology Studies (Critical Concepts in the Social Sciences) by Lynch, Michael ISBN: 9780415581820 List Price: $995.00
Scientific Genius+creativity by Gingerich, Owen ISBN: 9780716718581 List Price: $16.95
Understanding Technological Politics A Decision-Making Approach by Hamlett, Patrick W. ISBN: 9780139470943 List Price: $44.20
Envisioning A Sustainable Society Learning Our Way Out by Milbrath, Lester W. ISBN: 9780791401637 List Price: $31.95
Science and the Human Prospect - Ronald C. Pine - Paperback by Pine, Ronald C. ISBN: 9780534097561 List Price: $25.95
What Science Offers the Humanities: Integrating Body and Culture by Edward Slingerland ISBN: 9780521877701 List Price: $99.00
Reading the Book of Nature An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science by Kosso, Peter ISBN: 9780521416757 List Price: $116.00
Uk and European Science Policy The Role of Collaborative Research by Hughes, Kirsty, Christie, Ian ISBN: 9780853746515 List Price: $17.95
Essays in Memory of Imre Lakatos by Cohen, R. S., Feyerabend, P... ISBN: 9789027706546 List Price: $369.00
Social Issues in Science and Technology: An Encyclopedia by Newton, David E. ISBN: 9780874369205 List Price: $75.00
Philosophy of Science by Papineau, David ISBN: 9780198751649 List Price: $55.00
Philosophy of Biology Today by Richards, Robert J. ISBN: 9780887069116 List Price: $29.95
Beyond the Atom by Laurikainen, Kalervo V. ISBN: 9780387194561 List Price: $44.00
Devil in the Details Asymptotic Reasoning in Explanation, Reduction, and Emergence by Batterman, Robert W. ISBN: 9780195146479 List Price: $75.00
At the Nexus Science Policy by Soden, Dennis L. ISBN: 9781560723028 List Price: $95.00
Mind Science and History by International Philosophy Ye... ISBN: 9780873950527 List Price: $49.50
Yorick's World Science and the Knowing Subject by Caws, Peter ISBN: 9780520079199 List Price: $60.00
Between Experience and Metaphysics: Philosophical Problems of the Evolution of Science by Amsterdamski, Stefan, Micha... ISBN: 9789027705808 List Price: $79.95
Science by Woolgar, Steve ISBN: 9780745800424
Science Education for Citizenship Teaching Socio-Scientific Issues by Ratcliffe, Mary, Grace, Marcus ISBN: 9780335210855 List Price: $24.95
Visions of Sts Counterpoints in Science, Technology, and Society Studies by Cutcliffe, Stephen H., Mitc... ISBN: 9780791448458 List Price: $54.50
Dispositions by Tuomela, Raimo ISBN: 9789027708106 List Price: $299.00
Open Fields Science in Cultural Encounter by Beer, Gillian ISBN: 9780198186359 List Price: $65.00
Lost Talent Women in the Sciences by Hanson, Sandra L. ISBN: 9781566394468 List Price: $41.50
Philosophy of Science (Fundamentals of Philosophy) by Alexander Bird ISBN: 9780773517721 List Price: $95.00
Feminism, Science, and the Philosophy of Science by Nelson, Lynn H., Nelson, Jack ISBN: 9780792341628 List Price: $149.00
Hegel and Newtonianism by Petry, Michael J. ISBN: 9780792322023 List Price: $566.00
Environment and Science Social Impact and Interaction by Young, Christian ISBN: 9781576079638 List Price: $75.00
Controversial Science From Content to Contention by Brante, Thomas, Fuller, Ste... ISBN: 9780791414736 List Price: $26.50
Creating Value With Science and Technology by Geisler, Eliezer ISBN: 9781567204056 List Price: $105.00
Bergson and Modern Thought Towards a Unified Science by Papanicolaou, Andrew C., Gu... ISBN: 9783718603800 List Price: $172.00
Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science by American Association for th... ISBN: 9789027703903 List Price: $330.00
Heredity, Evolution, and Society by Lerner, I. Michael, Libby, ... ISBN: 9780716705765 List Price: $27.95
Science, Technology and Society by Andrews, David ISBN: 9780747812937
Manifold Mirrors: The Crossing Paths of the Arts and Mathematics by Felipe Cucker ISBN: 9780521429634 List Price: $90.00
Female-friendly Science by Rosser, Sue V. ISBN: 9780807762417 List Price: $13.95
Is Science Progressive by Niiniluoto, I. ISBN: 9789027718358 List Price: $222.00
Tests of Time Readings in the Development of Physical Theory by Dolling, Lisa M., Gianelli,... ISBN: 9780691090849 List Price: $115.00
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