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Natural Laws in Scientific Practice by Lange, Marc ISBN: 9780195131482 List Price: $145.00
Unified Science The Vienna Circle Monograph Series Originally Edited by Otto Neurath, Now in... by McGuinness, Brian F. ISBN: 9789027724847 List Price: $299.00
Yorick's World Science and the Knowing Subject by Caws, Peter ISBN: 9780520079199 List Price: $60.00
Setting Priorities and Measuring Results at the National Institute of Standards and Technology by Bello, Mark, Baum, Michael A. ISBN: 9780788123269 List Price: $25.00
Cosmos,bios,theos... by Margenau, Henry, Varghese, ... ISBN: 9780812691856 List Price: $38.95
Rational Changes in Science Essays on Scientific Reasoning by Pitt, Joseph C., Pera, Marc... ISBN: 9789027724175 List Price: $210.00
Great Instauration and New Atlantis - Francis Bacon - Paperback by Bacon, Francis, Weinberger,... ISBN: 9780882951133
Science off the Pedestal: Social Perspectives on Science and Technology - Daryl E. Chubin - ... by Chubin, Daryl E., Chu, Elle... ISBN: 9780534098582 List Price: $20.95
Foundations of the Logical Theory of Scientific Knowledge (Complex Logic) by Zinov'ev, A. A., Blakeley, ... ISBN: 9789027703248 List Price: $102.00
From Paracelsus to Van Helmont Studies in Renaissance Medicine and Science by Pagel, Walter, Winder, Mari... ISBN: 9780860781837 List Price: $98.95
Frontiers of Illusion Science, Technology, and the Politics of Progress by Sarewitz, Daniel ISBN: 9781566394154 List Price: $74.50
Governing Science and Technology in a Democracy by Goggin, Malcolm L. ISBN: 9780870495069 List Price: $38.00
Knowledge and Industrial Organization - A. E. Anderson - Hardcover by Anderson, A. E. ISBN: 9780387515298 List Price: $94.00
Opening Pandora's Box: A Sociological Analysis of Scientists' Discourse - G. Nigel Gilbert -... by Gilbert, G. N., Mulkay, Mic... ISBN: 9780521254182 List Price: $42.50
Radical Knowledge - Gonzalo Munevar - Hardcover by Munevar, Gonzalo, Feyeraben... ISBN: 9780915145171 List Price: $32.00
Heredity and Human Affairs - James J. Nagle - Hardcover by Nagle, James J. ISBN: 9780801636219 List Price: $18.95
Modern Science and Human Values - William W. Lowrance - Paperback by Lowrance, William W. ISBN: 9780195042115 List Price: $15.95
Relations between Sciences - J. H. Pantin - Hardcover by Pantin, J. H. ISBN: 9780521059091
The Presidency & Science Advising by Thompson, Kenneth W. ISBN: 9780819183200
Confluent Education in Science by Romey, Bill, Romey, Lucretia ISBN: 9780915492015 List Price: $5.00
Scientist VS. the Humanist by Levine, George, Thomas, Owe... ISBN: 9780393095883
Science, Technology, and Freedom by Truitt, Willis H., Solomons... ISBN: 9780395176856 List Price: $15.50
Scientific Temper : An Empirical Study by Pattnaik, Binay K. ISBN: 9788170331766
Integrating Scientific Disciplines by Bechtel, William ISBN: 9789024733422
Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science Vol. 10 : Scientific Procedures by Tondl, Ladislav, Short, David ISBN: 9789027703231 List Price: $70.50
Italian Studies in the Philosophy of Science by Chiara, M. L., Fawcett, Car... ISBN: 9789027710734 List Price: $112.50
Reader in Scientific Fraud : A Sociology of Science by Higgins, A. C. ISBN: 9781885343093 List Price: $12.95
Problem der Autonomie der Naturwissenschaften Bei Galilei by Dorn, Matthias ISBN: 9783515071277
Wissenschaft Als Kulturelle Praxis, 1750-1900 by Bödeker, Hans Erich, Reill,... ISBN: 9783525354698
Formalisme en Question : Le Tournant des Ann�es Trente by Nef, Fr�d�ric, Vernant, Denis ISBN: 9782711613397
Husserl et Galil�e : Sur la Crise des Sciences Europ�ennes by Gandt, Fran�ois de ISBN: 9782711617289
Sciences et la Philosophie : Quatorze Essais de Rapprochement by Bricmont, J., Franck, Robert ISBN: 9782711682904
Epistimology of Rock Art Science Courting Sophistication by International Federation of... ISBN: 9782503991252
Scientific Methods for the Humanities (Linguistic Approaches to Literature) by Prof. Dr. Willie van Peer, ... ISBN: 9789027233479 List Price: $149.00
Philosophy of Chemistry : Practices, Methodologies, and Concepts by Llored, Jean-Pierre ISBN: 9781443846059
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