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Human Genetics and Society by Yashon, Ronnee (Ronnee Yash... ISBN: 9780538733212
What Is This Thing Called Science? by A. F. Chalmers, Alan F. Cha... ISBN: 9780872204522 List Price: $18.95
Understanding Scientific Reasoning by Bickle, John, Mauldin, Robe... ISBN: 9780155063266 List Price: $97.95
Biology Scientific Process and Social Issues by Allen, Garland E., Baker, J... ISBN: 9781891786099 List Price: $34.95
Science, Technology, and Society by McGinn, Robert E. ISBN: 9780137947362 List Price: $78.60
Philosophy of Science The Central Issues by Curd, Martin, Cover, Jan A. ISBN: 9780393971750 List Price: $55.75
Introduction to the Philosophy of Science Cutting Nature at Its Seams by Klee, Robert ISBN: 9780195106114 List Price: $55.95
Human Genetics and Society by Yashon, Ronnee, Cummings, M... ISBN: 9780495114253 List Price: $188.95
Fundamentals of Ethics for Scientists and Engineers by Edmund G. Seebauer, Robert ... ISBN: 9780195134889 List Price: $69.95
Philosophy of Science A Contemporary Introduction by Rosenberg, Alex ISBN: 9780415343176 List Price: $35.95
Science and Society by Grinnell, Richard W. ISBN: 9780321318114 List Price: $21.80
Science And Ethics by Rollin, Bernard ISBN: 9780521674188 List Price: $29.99
Scientific Knowledge Basic Issues in the Philosophy of Science by Kourany, Janet A. ISBN: 9780534064440 List Price: $33.75
Introduction to the Philosophy of Science by Zucker, Arthur ISBN: 9780024321046 List Price: $107.80
Philosophy of Science Contemporary Readings by Balashov, Yuri, Rosenberg, ... ISBN: 9780415257824 List Price: $36.95
Science, Technology and Society An Introduction by Bridgstock, Martin, Burch, ... ISBN: 9780521587358 List Price: $42.00
How Things Work The Physics of Everyday Life by Bloomfield, Louis A. ISBN: 9780471468868 List Price: $92.95
Science and Philosophy in the West by Leon, Jeffrey C. ISBN: 9780136474395 List Price: $61.60
Understanding Scientific Reasoning by Giere, Ronald N. ISBN: 9780155016255 List Price: $51.95
Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Science, Technology and Society 9/E by Easton, Thomas, Easton, Tho... ISBN: 9780078139406 List Price: $35.31
Study Guide for Yashon/Cummings' Human Genetics and Society, 2nd by Yashon, Ronnee, Cummings, M... ISBN: 9780538733694
Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Science, Technology, and Society, Expanded by Easton, Thomas ISBN: 9780077381974 List Price: $37.75
Social Studies of Science and Technology Looking Back, Ahead by Joerges, Bernward, Nowotny, H. ISBN: 9781402014826 List Price: $69.95
Reading the Book of Nature An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science by Kosso, Peter ISBN: 9780521426824 List Price: $48.00
Introduction to the Philosophy of Science by Earman, John, Glymour, Clar... ISBN: 9780872204508 List Price: $34.95
Science and Technology Policy in Interdependent Economies by Mowery, David C. ISBN: 9780792394228 List Price: $249.00
Language in Focus Foundations, Methods and Systems by Kasher, A. ISBN: 9789027706447 List Price: $349.00
Introduction to the Philosophy of Science by O'Hear, Anthony ISBN: 9780198248132 List Price: $55.00
Science, Truth, and Democracy by Kitcher, Philip ISBN: 9780195145830 List Price: $48.00
Intellectual and Social Organization of the Sciences by Whitley, Richard ISBN: 9780199240456 List Price: $74.00
Biology and the Social Sciences An Emerging Revolution by Wiegele, Thomas C. ISBN: 9780865312012 List Price: $45.00
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