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Optical Physics by Lipson, Stephen G., Lipson,... ISBN: 9780521436311 List Price: $68.00
Beam Shaping and Control With Nonlinear Optics by Kajzar, F., Reinisch, R. ISBN: 9780306459023 List Price: $247.00
Hamiltonian Optics by Buchdahl, H. A. ISBN: 9780521075169 List Price: $47.50
Man Who Loved the Stars: The Autobiography of John A. Brashear - John A. Brashear - Hardcover by Brashear, John A., Maher, J... ISBN: 9780822911517 List Price: $49.95
Newton's Optical Writings A Guided Study by Sepper, Dennis L., Flaumenh... ISBN: 9780813520384 List Price: $19.00
Organic Materials for Non-Linear Optics III by Ashwell, Geoffrey J., Bloor... ISBN: 9780851866253 List Price: $142.00
Millimetre and Submillimetre Wavelength Lasers Handbook of Cw Measurements by Douglas, N. G. ISBN: 9780387508276 List Price: $77.00
Light Scattering in Magnetic Solids by Cottam, Michael G., Lockwoo... ISBN: 9780471817017 List Price: $41.95
Theories of Light from Descartes to Newton - A. I. Sabra - Paperback by Sabra, A. I. ISBN: 9780521284363 List Price: $20.95
Diffraction Limited Imaging With Very Large Telescopes by Alloin, D. M., Mariotti, Je... ISBN: 9780792301929 List Price: $299.00
Optical Interference Coatings by Kaiser, Norbert, Pulker, H. K. ISBN: 9783540003649 List Price: $155.00
Laser-Induced Dynamic Gratings by Eichler, H. J., Gunter, P.,... ISBN: 9780387158754 List Price: $99.00
Invisible : The Dangerous Allure of the Unseen by Ball, Philip ISBN: 9780226238890
Metal Optics Near the Plasma Frequency by Forstmann, F., Gerhardts, R... ISBN: 9780387169521 List Price: $53.00
Introduction to Nonlinear Optics - George C. Baldwin - Hardcover by Baldwin, George C. ISBN: 9780306303883 List Price: $54.00
High Sensitivity Moire: Experimental Analysis for Mechanics and Materials by Post, Daniel, Han, Bongtae,... ISBN: 9780387941493 List Price: $79.95
Ocular Anatomy and Histology by Bennett, Austin ISBN: 9780900099229
Studies in the History of Medieval Optics by Lindberg, David C. ISBN: 9780860781349
Elementary Experiments with Lasers by Wright, G., Foxcroft, G. E. ISBN: 9780844811208 List Price: $6.50
Nonlinear Optics of Free Atoms and Molecules (Topics in Current Physics) by Cotter, David, Hanna, David... ISBN: 9780387096285 List Price: $79.95
All Was Light by Hall, A. Rupert ISBN: 9780198517986 List Price: $35.00
Optics by Tunnacliffe, Alan, Hirst, G... ISBN: 9780900099151
Systems and Transforms With Applications in Optics by Papoulis, Athanasios ISBN: 9780898743586 List Price: $51.50
Optics and Lasers - Matt Young - Paperback - REV by Young, M. ISBN: 9780387161273 List Price: $49.95
Diffraction Methods in Materials Science by Hasek, J. ISBN: 9781560720553 List Price: $195.00
Japanese National Large Telescope and Related Engineering Developments Proceedings of the In... by Kogure, T., Tokunaga, A. T. ISBN: 9780792305613 List Price: $399.00
Photons and Nonlinear Optics by Klyshko, D. N. ISBN: 9782881246692 List Price: $766.00
Problems of Nonlinear Optics by Akhmanov, S. A., Khokhlov, ... ISBN: 9780677304007 List Price: $344.00
Nonlinear Optics of Semiconductor Lasers by Basov, N. G. ISBN: 9780941743013 List Price: $165.00
Nonlinear Optics and Adaptive Laser Systems by Bespalov, V. I., Pasmanik, ... ISBN: 9781560721215 List Price: $165.00
Nonlinear Optical Diagnostics of Laser-Excited Semiconductor Surfaces by Khmanov, S. A., Koroteev, N... ISBN: 9783718648917 List Price: $129.00
Laser Satellite Communications by Katzman, Morris ISBN: 9780135238042 List Price: $74.00
Visual Optics and Refraction: A Clinical Approach by Michaels, David D. ISBN: 9780801635045 List Price: $79.00
Vacuum Design of Synchrotron Light Sources Argonne, Il, 1990 by Amer, Yeldez G., Bader, Sam... ISBN: 9780883188736 List Price: $95.00
Electron Optical Methods on Clay Science by MacKinnon, Ian, MacKinnon, ... ISBN: 9781881208020 List Price: $23.00
Epdic 6 Proceedings of the Sixth European Powder Diffraction Conference by Delhez, R., Mittemeijer, E. J. ISBN: 9780878498475 List Price: $402.00
Astronomical Telescope by Barlow, B. V., Everest, A. S. ISBN: 9780844811581 List Price: $9.95
Lasers and Synergetics by Graham, R., Wundelin, A. ISBN: 9780387179407 List Price: $66.00
Lasers and Quantum Optics Proceedings of the International School on Lasers and Quantum Opti... by Narducci, L. M., Tredice, J... ISBN: 9789971509521 List Price: $138.00
Non Linear Guided Waves and Their Applications by Unknown ISBN: 9781557525383 List Price: $75.00
Vision Science and Its Applications by Unknown ISBN: 9781557525819 List Price: $92.00
Representing Light across Arts and Sciences: Theories and Practices (Interfacing Science, Li... by Agazzi, Elena, Giannetto, E... ISBN: 9783899717358 List Price: $68.00
Scientific Papers of C.V. Raman: Volume III: Optics by Raman, Chandrasekhara V., R... ISBN: 9788185324036 List Price: $55.00
Optics in Biomedical Sciences: Springer Series in Optical Sciences by Bally, G. V., Greguss, P. ISBN: 9780387116662 List Price: $74.95
Optics by Welford, Walter T. ISBN: 9780198518754 List Price: $39.95
Optics: A Short Course for Engineers and Scientists by Williams, Charles S., Beckl... ISBN: 9780898746174 List Price: $41.50
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