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Mechanics is all about the study of motion. It looks at the behavior of physical bodies when subjected to forces and displacements. When you think about it, that means that mechanics is all about us. When we open a door, close a window, pick up a glass to drink we are experiencing mechanics in action. To help you understand the topic in more detail we have a great range of cheap mechanics textbooks for you to buy or rent. Our new and used textbooks are the same ones that you will find in your campus bookstore but our prices are far lower than theirs. You can also save yourself the hassle of making a journey to the bookstore, searching through the crowded shelves for the books you want, and then waiting in long checkout lines by simply placing your order here online instead. We will deliver your affordable mechanics textbooks straight to your door. Once you've read through the textbook you'll be opening that door with a whole new appreciation of the mechanics behind the movement.

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New Advances in Absolute Relativistic Space and Time by Wilhelm, H. E., Wu, Shuoping ISBN: 9781574850406 List Price: $70.00
Advances in Dynamic Systems and Stability : Lectures Given at the Symposium in Atlanta, Geor... by Beskos, D. E., Ziegler, F. ISBN: 9783211823682 List Price: $189.00
Postion and Motion by Lawson, Jennifer E. ISBN: 9781894110846 List Price: $33.00
Properties of Liquids and Solids by Lawson, Jennifer E. ISBN: 9781894110808 List Price: $33.00
Motion by Lawson, Jennifer E. ISBN: 9781894110877 List Price: $33.00
Temperature Measurement by Sensor Staff ISBN: 9780907634638
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