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Classical Dynamical Systems a Course in Mathematical Physics by Thirring, Walter E. ISBN: 9780387814964 List Price: $54.95
Mathematical Methods for Physicists A Concise Introduction by Chow, Tai L. ISBN: 9780521652278 List Price: $193.00
Lect.on Phase Trans.+renormal. by Goldenfeld, Nigel ISBN: 9780201554083 List Price: $54.95
Methods of Theoretical Physics by Morse, Philip M., Feshbach,... ISBN: 9780976202127
Supermanifolds by DeWitt, Bryce Seligman ISBN: 9780521311762 List Price: $37.95
From Newton to Mandelbrot: A Primer in Theoretical Physics - Dietrich Stauffer - Paperback -... by Stauffer, Dietrich, Stanley... ISBN: 9780387526614 List Price: $19.95
Applications of Percolation Theory by Sahimi, Muhammad ISBN: 9780748400751 List Price: $105.00
Statistics by Spiegel, Murray R. ISBN: 9780070602274 List Price: $10.95
Localization, Interaction and Transport Phenomena by Kramer, B., Bergmann, G., B... ISBN: 9780387154510 List Price: $70.00
Fundamentals of Transport Phenomena - Ray W. Fahien - Hardcover by Fahien, Ray ISBN: 9780070198913 List Price: $50.95
Buoyancy Induced Flows and Transport by Gebhart, Benjamin, Jaluria,... ISBN: 9780891164029 List Price: $205.00
Status and Future Developments in the Study of Transport Properties Proceedings of the NATO ... by Wakeham, W. A., Dickinson, ... ISBN: 9780792316121 List Price: $229.00
Mathcad for Introductory Physics by Addison-Wesley Publishing S... ISBN: 9780201547368 List Price: $86.80
Generalized Coherent States and Their Applications by Perelomov, A. ISBN: 9780387159126 List Price: $169.00
Introductory Computational Physics by Klein, Andi, Godunov, Alexa... ISBN: 9780521535625 List Price: $26.99
Integrable Models by Das, Ashok ISBN: 9789971509118 List Price: $47.00
The Boltzmann Equation: Theory and Applications (Library of Exact Philosophy,) by Boltzmann Equation Symposiu... ISBN: 9780387811376 List Price: $87.40
Iutam Symposium on Scaling Laws in Ice Mechanics and Ice Dynamics Proceedings of the Iutam S... by Dempsey, J. P., Shen, Hayle... ISBN: 9781402001710 List Price: $244.00
Physics of Phase Transitions Concepts and Applications by Papon, Pierre, Leblond, Jac... ISBN: 9783540432364 List Price: $119.00
Spreadsheet Modeling F/physics-w/3disk by Serway, Raymond A. ISBN: 9780030084447 List Price: $25.00
Methods of Mathematical Physics by Jeffreys, Harold, Jeffreys,... ISBN: 9780521097239 List Price: $55.99
Relativity, Elementary Particles and Black Holes by Thorne, Kip S., t' Hooft, G... ISBN: 9780521661133
Hamiltonian Methods in the Theory of Solitons by Fadeev, L. D., Takhtajan, L... ISBN: 9780387155791 List Price: $195.00
Collected Papers: Volume 1 - 4 (Contemporary Mathematicians) (Vols 1-4) by MacPherson, Robert D. ISBN: 9780817637019 List Price: $472.00
Mathematical Methods for Physicists Solutions Manual by Chow, Tai L. ISBN: 9780521786645 List Price: $2.95
Semiclassical Dynamics And Relaxation by Crothers, D. S. F. ISBN: 9780387743127 List Price: $189.00
Transport Mediated by Electrified Interfaces Studies in the Linear, Non-Linear and Far from ... by Srivastava, R. C., Rastogi,... ISBN: 9780444514530 List Price: $216.00
Modelling Macroscopic Phenomena at Liquid Boundaries - W. Kosinski - Paperback by Kosinski, W., Murdoch, A. I. ISBN: 9780387823270 List Price: $77.95
Student Access Kit for Mastering Physics for Algebra-based Physics by Pritchard, David ISBN: 9780805382112 List Price: $44.53
Applied Mathematical Physics with Programmable Pocket Calculators by Eisberg, Robert M. ISBN: 9780070191099 List Price: $24.15
From Microphysics to Macrophysics II: Methods and Applications of Statistical Physics, Vol. 2 by Balian, R. M., Beiglbock, W... ISBN: 9780387535999 List Price: $89.95
Communications and Transport - Mark Lambert - Hardcover by Lambert, Mark, Insley, Jane ISBN: 9780816010738 List Price: $15.95
Nonlinear Coherent Structures in Physics and Biology: Proceedings of the 7th Interdisciplina... by Remoissenet, M., Peyrard, M. ISBN: 9780387548906 List Price: $79.95
Mathematical Physics for Engineers by Beera, R K, Bandyopadhyay, ... ISBN: 9781906574024 List Price: $60.00
Prospects in Mathematical Physics by Mourão, José C., Nunes, Joa... ISBN: 9780821842706 List Price: $69.00
Transport Phenomena in Rotating Machinery by Kim, Jaegwon, Yang ISBN: 9781560320579
Essential Mathematics for College Physics with Calculus: A Self Study Guide by Ram, Michael ISBN: 9780471808763 List Price: $19.95
Dynamical Systems and Bifurcations by Braaksma, B. L., Broer, H. ... ISBN: 9780387152332 List Price: $29.95
Flow and Transport in the Natural Environment by Steffen, W. L., Denmead, O. T. ISBN: 9780387194523 List Price: $115.00
Computer-Aided Statistical Physics Taipei, Taiwan, 1991 by Hu, Chin-Kun ISBN: 9780883189429 List Price: $90.00
Course in Mathematical Physics I Classical Dynamical Systems by Thirring, Walter E. ISBN: 9780387536125 List Price: $49.50
Defects and Structural Phase Transitions by Levanyuk, A. P., Sigov, A. S. ISBN: 9782881240676 List Price: $379.00
Asymptotics Beyond All Orders by Segur, H., Tanveer, S., Lev... ISBN: 9780306441127 List Price: $291.00
Geometric Integration Theory on Supermanifolds by Voronov, T. ISBN: 9783718651993 List Price: $176.00
Gibbs Measures and Phase Transitions by Georgii, Hans-Otto ISBN: 9780899254623 List Price: $99.95
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