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Students searching for the chance to buy used magnetism textbooks are in luck - we have more than a hundred of the best titles around today in our science section. Choose from Electricity and Magnetism, Matter and Interactions II, Lecture Notes on Electron Correlation and Magnetism and the Secret World of Magnets, to name just a few of the books we have in store for you. You will soon see why other students trust us to supply the cheapest pre-owned books on the internet today - providing a great way to spend less and get more textbooks for college at the same time. You can even sell back your magnetism books if you like, so we can add to our titles and pay you for selling back to us. With so many perks to buying or renting titles at Valore Books, you can see why others choose to get their used magnetism textbooks from us.

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Dynamo Theory of Planetary Magnetism by Busse, F. H., Soward, A. M. ISBN: 9780677257907 List Price: $191.00
Physics in High Magnetic Fields: Proceedings by Miura, N., Chikazumi, Soshin ISBN: 9780387105871 List Price: $47.00
Physical Principles of Magnetism by Morrish, Allan H. ISBN: 9780470546581 List Price: $171.00
Power Law of Order 1/4 for Critical Mean Field Swendsen-Wang Dynamics by Long, Yun, Nachmias, Asaf Y... ISBN: 9781470409104 List Price: $65.00
High Magnetic Fields : Applications in Condensed Matter Physics and Spectroscopy by Berthier, Claude, Levy, Lau... ISBN: 9783662143148 List Price: $209.00
Magnetism and Magnetic Materials by Coey, Michael ISBN: 9780521016766
Physics : Electricity Magnetism Optics and Applied Nuclear Physics by Carney, George, P., Tillman ISBN: 9781465222831 List Price: $79.99
Magma Transport and Storage by Ryan, Michael P., Ryan, Mic... ISBN: 9780608220116 List Price: $135.80
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