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Zoology is the sector of biology that focuses on the study of animals. It is a huge area of study and individuals can specialize in one of the many areas available including; structure, embryology, evolution, classification, habitats and distribution. It is not restricted to living animals and also includes extinct species. Our extensive range of affordable zoology textbooks will help you through the various aspects of the subject. With new and used books on animal diversity, animal care and management, vertebrate anatomy, animal behavior, the principles of zoology, and animal communication to name but a few, we are bound to have a book that will help you with your college studies. Our new and pre-owned textbooks are all in great condition and we sell them for a fraction of the price that the college bookshops charge. We also deliver your books straight to your door so you can avoid the hassle of a visit to the bookstore. Even Darwin would be impressed with that!

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Chimpanzee by Bell, Samantha ISBN: 9781631889745
Anaconda by Bell, Samantha ISBN: 9781633620124
Hornbill by Gray, Susan Heinrichs ISBN: 9781633620148
Field Guide to the Reptiles of Thailand by Parr, John W. K. ISBN: 9780199736492
Poison Dart Frog by Orr, Tamra ISBN: 9781633620162
Chimpanzee by Bell, Samantha ISBN: 9781633620131
Encountering Chupacabra and Other Cryptids : Eyewitness Accounts by Peterson, Megan Cooley, Ste... ISBN: 9781491402429
That Bull Is Seeing Red! : Science's Biggest Mistakes about Animals and Plants by Zuchora-Walske, Christine ISBN: 9781467736602 List Price: $26.60
Migration Ecology of Marine Fishes by Secor, David H. ISBN: 9781421416120
Mountain Gorillas : Powerful Forest Mammals by Hirsch, Rebecca E. ISBN: 9781467755801
Honey Badgers by Roesser, Marie ISBN: 9781482419542
Honey Badgers by Roesser, Marie ISBN: 9781482419535
Harpy Eagle by Gray, Susan Heinrichs ISBN: 9781633620155
Honey Badgers by Roesser, Marie ISBN: 9781482419559
Army Ants by Roesser, Marie ISBN: 9781482419504
Lizards : Thermal Ecology, Genetic Diversity, and Functional Role in Ecosystems by Kiernan, Mindy P. ISBN: 9781633210172 List Price: $82.00
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