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Genetics and genomics is a growing area of study and one that is never far from the headlines. Genetics enables us to understand how our bodies work, and this knowledge in increasingly used to diagnose, treat, prevent and cure illnesses. As scientific knowledge increases this area of study is constantly evolving. It is a complex subject, but don't let that put you off, as we have a huge range of affordable genetics and genomics textbooks to help you with your studies. Our new and used textbooks are all in great condition and are offered to buy or rent at fantastic prices. There are so many advantages to buying your textbooks here online as opposed to from your campus bookshop. Don't waste time stood in the long lines at the bookshop checkout, simply order your genetics and genomics textbooks here and we will mail them straight to your door. It doesn't get any easier than that! When you are done with your books at the end of your course make the most of our buyback service.

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Genomes of Plants and Animals : 21st Stadler Genetics Symposium by Gustafson, J. Perry, Flavel... ISBN: 9781489902825 List Price: $229.00
Human Genome : Biology and Medicine by Rosenthal, A., Vakalopoulou... ISBN: 9783662046692 List Price: $99.00
Selected Genetic Papers of J. B. S. Haldane (Routledge Revivals) by Dronamraju, Krishna R. ISBN: 9781138783379
From Mating to Mentality : Evaluating Evolutionary Psychology by Sterelny, Kim, Fitness, Julie ISBN: 9781138006034
Epigenetics by Pandey, Subhash C. ISBN: 9780128013113 List Price: $210.00
Genetics : Analysis and Principles by Brooker, Robert ISBN: 9780073525341
Advances in Genetics Research : Volume 11 by Urbano, Kevin V. ISBN: 9781629487441 List Price: $150.00
Molecular Biology by Craig, Nancy, Green, Rachel... ISBN: 9780198705970 List Price: $114.95
Gene : Its Structure, Function, and Evolution by Dillon, Lawrence S. ISBN: 9781489920096 List Price: $409.00
Handbook of Immune Response Genes by Mak, Tak W., Simard, John J... ISBN: 9781475785944 List Price: $199.00
Chemical Mutagenesis in Mammals and Man by Vogel, F., R�hrborn, G. ISBN: 9783642858765 List Price: $99.00
Development : Genetics, Epigenetics and Environmental Regulation by Russo, V. E. A., Cove, D. J... ISBN: 9783642641411 List Price: $99.00
Molecular Biotechnology by Dehlinger, Carolyn ISBN: 9781284057836
Ctsg-Going by the Book : Exploring Ethics and the Bible by Neil Messer Staff ISBN: 9781853117664
Progress in Human Behavior Genetics : Recent Reports on Genetic Syndromes, Twin Studies, and... by Invitational Conference on ... ISBN: 9780598246905 List Price: $114.10
Personalizing Biomedicine from Care to Capital by Tutton, Richard ISBN: 9781472422583 List Price: $109.95
Personalizing Biomedicine from Care to Capital by Tutton, Richard ISBN: 9781472422576 List Price: $109.95
Who Owns You? Science, Innovation, and the Gene Patent Wars by Koepsell, David ISBN: 9781118948507 List Price: $37.95
General Genetics Laboratory Manual by Kimble, Mary, Schirmer, Aar... ISBN: 9781465269096 List Price: $57.75
Hitler's Forgotten Children : My Life Inside the Lebensborn by Oelhafen, Ingrid von, Tate,... ISBN: 9781783961207
Comparative Gene Finding : Models, Algorithms and Implementation by Axelson-Fisk, Marina ISBN: 9781447166924 List Price: $129.00
Plant Epigenetics by Meyer, Peter ISBN: 9780470988626 List Price: $289.95
Automation in Proteomics and Genomics : An Engineering Case-Based Approach by Alterovitz, Gil, Benson, Ro... ISBN: 9780470741191 List Price: $162.00
Dictionary of DNA and Genome Technology by Singleton, Paul ISBN: 9780470696217 List Price: $158.00
Mathematical Genetics by Volobuev, Nikolaevich Andrey ISBN: 9781634632546
Regulation of Transcription in Plants by Grasser, Klaus D. ISBN: 9780470988886 List Price: $259.95
Human Gene Mapping Tech by Donis-Keller, H. ISBN: 9780716770121
Essays in Eugenics by Galton, Francis ISBN: 9780598975997 List Price: $36.00
Transgenic Animals As Model Systems for Human Diseases by Wagner, E., Theuring, F. ISBN: 9783540562818 List Price: $99.00
Human Genetics by Vogel, Friedrich, Motulsky,... ISBN: 9783540171423 List Price: $99.00
DNA Replication : The Regulatory Mechanisms by Hughes, P., Fanning, E., Ko... ISBN: 9783540546337 List Price: $99.00
Evolutionary Dynamics : The Mathematics of Genes and Traits by Berg, Hugo van den ISBN: 9780750310956
Advances in Genetics Research by Urbano, Kevin V. ISBN: 9781634827393 List Price: $190.00
Landscape Genetics : Concepts, Methods, Applications by Balkenhol, Niko, Cushman, S... ISBN: 9781118525258 List Price: $150.00
Structural DNA Nanotechnology by Seeman, Nadrian C. ISBN: 9780521764483 List Price: $65.99
Epigenetics for Drug Discovery by Nightingale, Karl, Turner, ... ISBN: 9781849738828
Genetics and Cell Biology on File by Diagram Group Staff ISBN: 9780816054046 List Price: $149.95
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