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Genetics and genomics is a growing area of study and one that is never far from the headlines. Genetics enables us to understand how our bodies work, and this knowledge in increasingly used to diagnose, treat, prevent and cure illnesses. As scientific knowledge increases this area of study is constantly evolving. It is a complex subject, but don't let that put you off, as we have a huge range of affordable genetics and genomics textbooks to help you with your studies. Our new and used textbooks are all in great condition and are offered to buy or rent at fantastic prices. There are so many advantages to buying your textbooks here online as opposed to from your campus bookshop. Don't waste time stood in the long lines at the bookshop checkout, simply order your genetics and genomics textbooks here and we will mail them straight to your door. It doesn't get any easier than that! When you are done with your books at the end of your course make the most of our buyback service.

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Concepts of Genetics (10th Edition) by William S. Klug, Michael R.... ISBN: 9780321724120 List Price: $209.00
Genetics: From Genes to Genomes by Hartwell, Leland, Goldberg,... ISBN: 9780073525266 List Price: $227.65
Introduction to Genetic Analysis by Griffiths, Anthony J. F., W... ISBN: 9781429229432
Human Genetics by Ricki Lewis ISBN: 9780073525303 List Price: $183.11
Genetics by Pierce, Benjamin ISBN: 9781429232500 List Price: $158.95
Genetic Analysis: An Integrated Approach by Mark F. Sanders, John L. Bo... ISBN: 9780321732507 List Price: $209.00
Genetics Laboratory Investigations by Hammersmith, Robert L., Mer... ISBN: 9780131742529 List Price: $77.00
Principles of Genetics by Snustad, D. Peter, Simmons,... ISBN: 9780470903599 List Price: $160.95
Genetic Analysis : An Integrated Approach by Sanders, Mark F., Bowman, J... ISBN: 9780321690869
Applied Behavior Analysis by Cooper, John O., Heron, Tim... ISBN: 9780131421134 List Price: $116.00
Introduction to Genetic Analysis Megamanual by Griffiths, Griffiths, Antho... ISBN: 9781429232555 List Price: $87.50
Genetics by Brooker, Robert J. ISBN: 9780077229726 List Price: $168.44
Evolution an introduction by Stearns, Stephen C., Hoekst... ISBN: 9780199255634 List Price: $79.95
Genetics (Paper) by Pierce, Benjamin ISBN: 9781429232524
Concepts of Genetics by Brooker, Robert J. ISBN: 9780073525334
Human Molecular Genetics by Strachan, Tom, Read, Andrew ISBN: 9780815341499 List Price: $140.00
Evolutionary Psychology by Gaulin, Steven J. C., McBur... ISBN: 9780131115293 List Price: $114.20
Recombinant DNA Genes and Genomes - a Short Course by Watson, James D., Caudy, Am... ISBN: 9780716728665 List Price: $136.75
Introduction to Quantitative Genetics by Falconer, Douglas S., Macka... ISBN: 9780582243026 List Price: $123.20
Human Genetics by Lewis, Ricki ISBN: 9780077221270 List Price: $147.50
G Factor The Science of Mental Ability by Jensen, Arthur R. ISBN: 9780275961039 List Price: $97.95
Gene Control by Latchman, David S. ISBN: 9780815365136 List Price: $141.00
Double Helix A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA by Watson, James D., Stent, Gu... ISBN: 9780393950755 List Price: $74.06
Major Transitions in Evolution by Maynard Smith, John, Szathm... ISBN: 9780198502944 List Price: $74.00
Introduction to Genetic Analysis by Griffiths, Anthony J. F., W... ISBN: 9780716768876 List Price: $165.75
Origins of Genome Architecture by Lynch, Michael, Walsh, Bruce ISBN: 9780878934843 List Price: $67.95
DNA Science A First Course by Micklos, David, Freyer, Greg ISBN: 9780879696368 List Price: $45.00
Primer of Genetic Analysis A Problems Approach by Thompson, James N., Hellack... ISBN: 9780521603652 List Price: $50.99
Principles of Behavioral Genetics by Anholt, Robert R. H., Macka... ISBN: 9780123725752 List Price: $69.95
Genomes 3 by Brown, T. A. ISBN: 9780815341383 List Price: $131.00
Igenetics A Mendelian Approach by Russell, Peter J. ISBN: 9780805346664 List Price: $177.80
Introduction to Conservation Genetics by Frankham, Richard, Ballou, ... ISBN: 9780521702713 List Price: $75.00
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