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Marine biology is one of those subjects that conjures up images of students spending their time scuba diving, swimming with dolphins and generally enjoying life by the sea in the sun. The reality is unfortunately quite often different. Although you may be on your way to a dream job working with marine life somewhere in the sun, there needs to be textbooks involved on your path to the top. If you are looking for great value and affordable marine biology textbooks you are definitely in the right place. Our textbooks are far cheaper than the same books sold at college bookstores, and are all in good condition whether they are new or pre-owned. You can save yourself a great deal of time by buying or renting your textbooks here online rather than waiting in long lines in your college bookshops. Just place your order here and we will mail the books straight to your door, saving you precious time to spend dreaming about your future career as a marine biologist.

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Microbiology of Marine and Freshwater Environments by Smith, Richard G. ISBN: 9780412385902
Marine Biology : A Port Erin Perspective by Hawkins, Steven, Hartnoll, ... ISBN: 9780907151951
North American Najadicola and Unionicola : Photomicrographs by Vidrine, Malcolm F. ISBN: 9780963730459 List Price: $150.00
Introduction to the Biology of Marine Life by Sumich, James L., Wolniakow... ISBN: 9780071146432
Introduction to the Biology of Marine Life by Sumich, James L. ISBN: 9780072359732 List Price: $57.19
Studies of Sargassum and the Sargassum Community by Butler, James N., Cadwallad... ISBN: 9780917642227 List Price: $12.50
Tropical Marine Life by Eichler, Dieter ISBN: 9783405141165
Midas Cichlid Species Complex in Two Nicaraguan Crater Lakes Vol. 12 : Cuadernos de Investig... by Stauffer, Jay R., Jr., McKa... ISBN: 9780966825565 List Price: $14.95
Asian Marine Biology by Marine Biological Associati... ISBN: 9789622092976 List Price: $27.50
Physiology of Cephalopod Molluscs: Lifestyle and Performance Adaptations by Hans Portner ISBN: 9782884490276 List Price: $127.00
Marine Algae : A Survey of Research and Utilization by Levring, Tore, Hoppe, H. A.... ISBN: 9783110056211 List Price: $112.00
Microbial ecology of a brackish water environment (Ecological studies) by Rheinheimer, G. ISBN: 9780387084923 List Price: $62.00
Blue-Green Algae, IV: Current Research by Hall, John B., Licari, G. R... ISBN: 9780842271905 List Price: $29.50
Guide to Pressing Seaweed : Practical Instructions for Students, Educators, and Enthusiasts by Frost, Alex, Fallon, Molly,... ISBN: 9780974163109 List Price: $8.95
Lab Manual for Karleskint/Turner/Small's Introduction to Marine Biology, 4th by George Karleskint, Richard ... ISBN: 9781133589808 List Price: $36.95
Laboratory & Field Investigations in Marine Life: East Coast Version by James L. Sumich, Gordon Dudley ISBN: 9780697282507 List Price: $54.35
Marine Biology: An Ecological Approach - James Willard Nybakken by Nybakken, James W. ISBN: 9780060448356 List Price: $41.87
Marine Geology Exploring the New Frontiers of the Ocean by Erickson, Jon, Kusky, Timothy ISBN: 9780816048748 List Price: $55.00
Benthic Boundary Layer Transport Processes and Biogeochemistry by Boudreau, Bernard P., Jørge... ISBN: 9780195118810 List Price: $79.99
Antarctic Lakes by Laybourn-Parry, Johanna, Wa... ISBN: 9780199670499 List Price: $125.00
Laboratory & Field Investigations in Marine Life West Coast Version by Sumich, James L., Dudley, G... ISBN: 9780697159991 List Price: $52.90
Experimental Phycology by Lobban, Christopher S., Cha... ISBN: 9780521348348 List Price: $22.95
Modern Trends in the Systematics, Ecology, and Evolution of Hydroids and Hydromedusae by Bouillon, Jean, Boero, Ferd... ISBN: 9780198571902 List Price: $90.00
175. Marine Biology by McConnaughey, Bayard H., Zo... ISBN: 9780881334463 List Price: $38.95
Feeding and Trophic Structure of the Deep-Sea Macrobenthos by M. N. Sokolova ISBN: 9781578080908 List Price: $95.00
Encyclopedia of Aquatic Life by Banister, Keith, Campbell, ... ISBN: 9780816012572 List Price: $45.00
Seaweeds of New Zealand: An Illustrated Guide by Adams, Nancy M. ISBN: 9780908812219
Coral Reef Era: from Discovery to Decline : A History of Scientific Investigation from 1600 ... by Collits, Mavourna, Bowen, J... ISBN: 9783319074788 List Price: $129.00
Laboratory & Field Investigations in Marine Life: Gulf Coast Version by James L. Sumich, Gordon Dudley ISBN: 9780697282491 List Price: $62.50
Marine Biology and Oceanography Experiments and Activities/Student Manual by Matthews, Carol L., Matthew... ISBN: 9780962935718 List Price: $31.95
One Hundred Years Exploring Life 1888-1988, the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole by Jane Maienschein, Maiensch ISBN: 9780867201208 List Price: $28.95
Primary Productivity and Biogeochemical Cycles in the Sea by Falkowski, P. G., Woodhead,... ISBN: 9780306441929 List Price: $419.00
Biology of the Indian Ocean by Zeitzschel, B. ISBN: 9780387060040 List Price: $98.00
Ecology of Marine Protozoa by Capriulo, Gerard M. ISBN: 9780195043167 List Price: $144.50
Antarctic Nutrient Cycles and Food Webs by Siegfried, W. R., Condy, P.... ISBN: 9780387134178 List Price: $115.00
Experimental Phycology by Wiessner, W., Robinson, D. ... ISBN: 9780387524962 List Price: $95.00
Guide To the Seaweeds of South Padre Island, Texas by Sorensen, L. O. ISBN: 9780897871013 List Price: $10.00
Asian Marine Biology by Marine Biological Associati... ISBN: 9789622091269 List Price: $27.50
Marine Biology: Biodiversity, Ecology, 2nd Ed. (with CD-ROM); and Exploring Marine Biology: ... by Jeffrey S. Levinton, Paul H... ISBN: 9780195219029 List Price: $134.95
Chemistry and Fertility of Sea Waters - Hildebrande W. Harvey - Hardcover by Harvey, Hildebrande W. ISBN: 9780521052252 List Price: $49.50
Fourth Eurpn Mrne Blgy Sympm by Crisp, D. J. ISBN: 9780521081016 List Price: $97.50
Subtidal Marine Biology of California; With Emphasis on the South - Robert Galbraith - Hardc... by Galbraith, Robert, Boehler,... ISBN: 9780879610272 List Price: $16.95
Marine Biology: An Introduction to Its Problems and Results by Friedrich, Hermann ISBN: 9780295950112 List Price: $20.00
An Introduction to the Biology of Marine Life by James L. Sumich ISBN: 9780697279774 List Price: $31.60
Ostracoda Applications in Quaternary Research by Holmes, Johnathan A., Chira... ISBN: 9780875909905 List Price: $78.00
Marine Biology and Oceanography Experiments & Activities/Teacher's Pack by Matthews, Carol L., Matthew... ISBN: 9780962935725 List Price: $179.50
Marine Biology An Ecological Approach by Nybakken, James W. ISBN: 9780065008227 List Price: $74.00
Cladocera Proceedings of the Cladocera Symposium, Budapest 1985 by Forro, L., Frey, D. G. ISBN: 9789061936176 List Price: $329.00
1991 International Centre for Aquatic Research Annual by Troup, John P., Graves, Brooke ISBN: 9781879160026 List Price: $6.00
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