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Civilizing Natures: Race, Resources, and Modernity in Colonial South India by Kavita Philip ISBN: 9780813533605 List Price: $65.00
Atlantic Vision Olaus Rudbeck and Baroque Science by Eriksson, Gunnar ISBN: 9780881351583 List Price: $27.95
Raja Serfoji II : Science, Medicine and Enlightenment in Tanjore by Nair, Savithri Preetha ISBN: 9780415535045
Early Greek Science: Thales to Aristotle by Lloyd, G. E. R., Finley, Mo... ISBN: 9780393043402
Scientific Development and Misconceptions Through the Ages A Reference Guide by Krebs, Robert E. ISBN: 9780313302268 List Price: $63.95
Technology and Social Change in America - Edwin T. Layton - Hardcover by Layton, Edwin T., Jr. ISBN: 9780060438814 List Price: $13.43
Grand Contraption The World As Myth, Number and Chance by Park, David ISBN: 9780691130538 List Price: $24.95
Scientific Enterprise by Ullmann-Margalit, Edna ISBN: 9780792319924 List Price: $189.00
Scientific Revolution in National Context by Porter, Roy, Teich, Mikuls,... ISBN: 9780521396998 List Price: $48.00
Science in the Early Twentieth Century an Encyclopedia by Hamblin, Jacob Darwin, Burn... ISBN: 9781851096657 List Price: $85.00
Science+technology in History by Inkster, Ian ISBN: 9780813516806 List Price: $50.00
Rise of Early Modern Science by Huff, Toby E. ISBN: 9780521434966 List Price: $67.99
Philosophy, Science, and Religion in England, 1640-1700 by Kroll, Richard, Ashcraft, R... ISBN: 9780521410953 List Price: $126.00
Romanticism and the Sciences - Andrew Cunningham - Paperback by Cunningham, Andrew, Jardine... ISBN: 9780521356855 List Price: $42.00
New Realities in American Literacy by Nava, Alfonso ISBN: 9780072984095 List Price: $51.50
Earth Sciences, Geography, and Cartography by Laurent, Goulven ISBN: 9782503513607
Medieval Science and Technology by Whitney, Elspeth ISBN: 9780313325199 List Price: $46.95
Science and Technology in 20th-Century American Life by Cumo, Christopher ISBN: 9780313338182
Clerks/Craftsmen China/WST by Needham, Joseph, Ping-Yu, H... ISBN: 9780521072359 List Price: $65.00
Soviet Science on the Edge of Reform by Balzer, Harley D. ISBN: 9780813377414 List Price: $43.00
Making Natural Knowledge Constructivism and the History of Science by Golinski, Jan, Basalla, Geo... ISBN: 9780521444712 List Price: $65.00
Historical and Philosophical Perspectives of Science by Stuewer, Roger H. ISBN: 9782881243509 List Price: $72.95
Development of the Life Sciences in the 20th Century by Hodge, M. J., Olby, Robert C. ISBN: 9780850669510 List Price: $35.00
Action and Reaction Proceedings of a Symposium to Commemorate the Tercentenary of Newton's P... by Theerman, Paul, Seeff, Adel... ISBN: 9780874134469 List Price: $39.50
Alternative Sciences Creativity and Authenticity in Two Indian Scientists by Nandy, Ashis ISBN: 9780195655285 List Price: $15.95
Bright Paradise Victorian Scientific Travellers by Raby, Peter ISBN: 9780691048437 List Price: $29.95
Landmarks of Science: From the Collections of the Library of Congress by Bruno, Leonard C., Boorstin... ISBN: 9780816021376 List Price: $40.00
Multicultural Science in the Ottoman Empire by Ihsanoglu, Ekmeleddin, Chat... ISBN: 9782503514468
Science by Ronan, Colin A. ISBN: 9780816011650 List Price: $16.95
Galileo's Pendulum Science, Sexuality, and the Body-Instrument Link by Bjelic, Dusan I., Lynch, Mi... ISBN: 9780791458815 List Price: $57.50
Women Scientists in America : Forging a New World since 1972 by Rossiter, Margaret W. ISBN: 9781421403632 List Price: $45.00
World Changes: Thomas Kuhn and the Nature of Science by Horwich, Paul ISBN: 9780822960546 List Price: $28.95
Invention of Modern Science by Stengers, Isabelle ISBN: 9780816630561 List Price: $24.00
100 Greatest Science Inventions of All Time by Haven, Kendall ISBN: 9781591582649 List Price: $40.00
Lu Xun and Evolution by Pusey, James Reeve ISBN: 9780791436486 List Price: $29.95
Crystals, Electrons, and Transistors From Scholar's Study to Industrial Research by Eckert, Michael, Schubert, ... ISBN: 9780883186220 List Price: $92.00
Origin of the History of Science in Classical Antiquity by Zhmud, Leonid ISBN: 9783110179668 List Price: $157.00
Scientific Revolution And The Foundations Of Modern Science by Applebaum, Wilbur ISBN: 9780313323140 List Price: $45.00
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