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Explorers and Scientists in China's Borderlands, 1880-1950 by Glover, Denise M., Harrell,... ISBN: 9780295991177 List Price: $75.00
Dappled World A Study of the Boundaries of Science by Cartwright, Nancy ISBN: 9780521644112 List Price: $37.99
Beyond the Mechanical Universe: From Electricity to Modern Physics by Richard P. Olenick, Tom M. ... ISBN: 9780521304306 List Price: $39.95
Free Enquiry into the Vulgarly Received Notion of Nature by Boyle, Robert, Davis, Edwar... ISBN: 9780521561006 List Price: $105.00
A Short History of Scientific Thought by John Henry ISBN: 9780230019430 List Price: $31.00
Closer to Truth Science, Meaning, and the Future by Kuhn, Robert Lawrence ISBN: 9780275993894 List Price: $49.95
Cambridge Companion to Newton by Cohen, I. Bernard, Smith, G... ISBN: 9780521656962 List Price: $34.99
Exploring the Physics of the Universe An Adventurers Guide by Wolff, Milo, Wolff, Jennife... ISBN: 9780962778711 List Price: $15.00
Science In The Ancient World An Encyclopedia by Lawson, Russell, Burns, Wil... ISBN: 9781851095346 List Price: $85.00
Historiography of Contemporary Science and Technology by Soderqvist, Thomas ISBN: 9783718659067 List Price: $125.00
Methods and Problems in Greek Science: Selected Papers - G. E. R. Lloyd - Hardcover by Lloyd, G. E. ISBN: 9780521374194 List Price: $74.95
Children of Prometheus: A History of Science and Technology by MacLachlan, James ISBN: 9780921332510 List Price: $29.50
Science and Society, 1600-1900 by Mathias, Peter ISBN: 9780521083751 List Price: $32.50
Nature, Histoire, Soci�t� : Essais en Hommage � Jacques Roger by Blanckaert, Claude, Fischer... ISBN: 9782252029367
Greek Science of the Hellenistic Era A Sourcebook by Irby-Massie, Georgia L., Ke... ISBN: 9780415238489 List Price: $42.95
Economy and Nature in the Fourteenth Century Money, Market Exchange, and the Emergence of Sc... by Kaye, Joel, Carpenter, Chri... ISBN: 9780521793865 List Price: $39.00
Natural Science in Western History Volume 1 by Gregory, Frederick ISBN: 9780618224111 List Price: $79.95
Henry Oldenburg Shaping the Royal Society by Boas Hall, Marie ISBN: 9780198510536 List Price: $199.00
Science and Technology in Focus by Unknown ISBN: 9780816052844 List Price: $140.00
Revolution in Science 1500-1750 by Hall, A. Rupert ISBN: 9780582491335 List Price: $62.40
Science, Technology And Political Change Proceedings of the Xxth International Congress of H... by Hoffmann, Dieter, Severyns,... ISBN: 9782503508900 List Price: $52.00
Victorian Science and Victorian Values: Literary Perspectives - Thomas Postlewait - Paperback by Postlewait, Thomas, Paradis... ISBN: 9780813511078 List Price: $15.00
Science And Technology In The Industrial Revolution (Classics in the History and Philosophy ... by Albert Edward Musson, Eric ... ISBN: 9782881243820 List Price: $92.95
THEORY OF SCIENCE by Gale, George ISBN: 9780070226807 List Price: $58.00
Science and the Enlightenment - Thomas L. Hankins - Hardcover by Hankins, Thomas L. ISBN: 9780521243490 List Price: $34.50
Making Science Social The Conferences of Theophraste Renaudot, 1633-1642 by Wellman, Kathleen Anne ISBN: 9780806135021 List Price: $24.95
Invisible World Early Modern Philosophy and the Invention of the Microscope by Wilson, Catherine ISBN: 9780691017099 List Price: $26.95
Science and Technology in the Islamic World by Ansari, S. M. Razaullah ISBN: 9782503514154
History of Science by Steele, Philip ISBN: 9780836880861 List Price: $27.00
Science for the Citizen - Lancelot Hogben - Hardcover by Hogben, Lancelot ISBN: 9780393063240
Einstein Dictionary by Kantha, Sachi S. ISBN: 9780313283505 List Price: $93.95
Essays in History and Philosophy of Science by Duhem, Pierre, Ariew, Roger... ISBN: 9780872203099 List Price: $49.00
Essays in History and Philosophy of Science by Duhem, Pierre, Ariew, Roger... ISBN: 9780872203082 List Price: $19.95
Chronology of Science From Stonehenge to the Human Genome Project by Rosner, Lisa, Helicon Publi... ISBN: 9781576079546 List Price: $85.00
Science and Society by Crawford, Shirley A. ISBN: 9780536589903 List Price: $45.00
History and Historians: A Historiographical Introduction by Gilderhus, Mark T. ISBN: 9780133900972 List Price: $18.60
Christian Philosopher by Mather, Cotton, Solberg, Wi... ISBN: 9780252019524 List Price: $29.95
Logic of Discovery The Interrogative Approach to Scientific Inquiry by Jung, Sangmo ISBN: 9780820426532 List Price: $48.95
Books and the Sciences in History by Frasca-Spada, Marina, Jardi... ISBN: 9780521650632 List Price: $99.99
Rise of Early Modern Science Islam, China, and the West by Huff, Toby E. ISBN: 9780521529945 List Price: $37.99
Knowledge and Power : Science in World History by Burns, William E. ISBN: 9780136155614
Facts On File Chronology Of Science by Rezende, Lisa ISBN: 9780816053421 List Price: $75.00
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