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Studying Earth Science? Fasten your seat belts. You're about to soar into the heavens, dive into the deepest blue seas and delve into the stony depths beneath your feet. Best of all, you'll learn how our atmosphere, terra firma and oceans interact to form that delicate equation known as our environment. Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that there has been a disturbance in the force in terms of our world's natural resources. Sharpen your mental light saber, and become a master of geology, meteorology, astronomy and oceanography with Earth Science textbooks. Save the planet while you're at it. Whether you are buying new or used textbooks, you'll be flying high and digging deep into the study of our precious global home. Speaking of digging, you don't have to plumb the depths of your wallet to buy college text books. Cheap textbooks are right here, and you need not search above, below and beyond the boundaries of the globe to find them. With your Earth Science textbooks, you'll encounter a world that you've never truly seen before. You'll appreciate that world forever. There's a good chance that it will love you in return.

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Visualizing Geology by Barbara W. Murck ISBN: 9781118129869
California Geology by Harden, Deborah Reid ISBN: 9780131002180 List Price: $125.60
Introduction to Mineralogy by Nesse, William ISBN: 9780199827381 List Price: $129.00
Earth Science by Tarbuck, Edward J., Lutgens... ISBN: 9780321767271
Loose Leaf Version for Physical Geology by Charles (Carlos) Plummer, D... ISBN: 9780077491123
Earth Science and the Environment by Thompson, Graham R., Turk, Jon ISBN: 9780495112877 List Price: $176.95
Introduction to Geography: People, Places, and Environment (5th Edition) by Dahlman, Carl, Bergman, Edw... ISBN: 9780321695314 List Price: $139.20
Essentials of Physical Geology by Reed Wicander, James S. Monroe ISBN: 9780538797900 List Price: $218.95
Environmental Hydrology by Ward, Andrew D., Trimble, S... ISBN: 9781566706162 List Price: $109.95
Physical Geology Exploring Earth-basic Select by Monroe, James S., Wicander,... ISBN: 9780495110019 List Price: $169.95
Fundamentals of Geomorphology by Huggett, Richard ISBN: 9780415567756 List Price: $74.95
Atmospheric Science An Introductory Survey by Wallace, John M., Hobbs, Pe... ISBN: 9780127329512 List Price: $72.95
Mineralogy (3rd Edition) by Perkins, Dexter ISBN: 9780321663061 List Price: $138.00
Geology An Introduction To Physical Geology by Chernicoff, Stanley, Whitne... ISBN: 9780131474642 List Price: $144.20
Groundwater by Freeze, Alan R., Cherry, Jo... ISBN: 9780133653120 List Price: $148.20
Structural Geology by Fossen, Haakon ISBN: 9780521516648 List Price: $70.00
Hydrologic Analysis and Design by McCuen, Richard H. ISBN: 9780131424241 List Price: $130.00
Physical Hydrology, Second Edition by S. Lawrence Dingman ISBN: 9781577665618 List Price: $91.95
Essentials of Physical Geology by Wicander, Reed, Monroe, Jam... ISBN: 9780495555070 List Price: $145.95
Principles of Environmental Geochemistry by Eby, G. Nelson ISBN: 9780122290619 List Price: $191.95
Introduction to the Worlds Oceans by Sverdrup, Keith, Armbrust, ... ISBN: 9780073376707 List Price: $158.23
Petrology Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic by Blatt, Harvey, Tracy, Rober... ISBN: 9780716737438 List Price: $162.95
Fundamentals of Physical Geography by Petersen, James, Sack, Doro... ISBN: 9780538734639 List Price: $112.95
Basic Methods of Structural Geology by Marshak, Stephen, Mitra, Ga... ISBN: 9780130651785 List Price: $85.20
Foundations of Earth Science (6th Edition) by Lutgens, Frederick K., Tarb... ISBN: 9780321663023 List Price: $132.80
Climatology: An Atmospheric Science by Oliver, John E., Hidore, Jo... ISBN: 9780321602053 List Price: $104.20
Global Physical Climatology by Hartmann, Dennis L. ISBN: 9780123285300 List Price: $118.00
Meteorology Today by Ahrens, C. Donald ISBN: 9780495555735 List Price: $154.95
Fundamentals of Ground Water by Domenico, Schwartz, Frankli... ISBN: 9780471137856 List Price: $179.95
Essentials of World Regional Geography by Bradshaw, Michael, Chacko, ... ISBN: 9780073369334 List Price: $113.13
Applied Geostatistics by Isaaks, Edward H., Srivasta... ISBN: 9780195050134 List Price: $79.95
Earth History by Babcock, Loren E. ISBN: 9780471724902 List Price: $125.95
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