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As one branch of physical science chemistry is the study of matter and energy and the interactions between them, with a focus on the properties of substances and different types of matter, especially reactions and changes that involve electrons. Buy our cheap chemistry textbooks to gain an understanding of the details involved in the subject. Understanding the interactions between matter and energy helps us understand the world around us and our everyday lives. Everything you taste or smell is a chemical, cooking is chemistry. By understanding the subject you will have a greater appreciation of how the world around us works. So many professions require an understanding of chemistry, including; doctors, nurses, vets, dentists, hairdressers, firefighters, chefs and engineers to name but a few. You don't need to be a mad scientist to appreciate that these new and pre-owned textbooks are fantastic value and will help you on your way to achieving your goals, whatever they may be.

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Chemistry by Chang, Raymond ISBN: 9780073221038 List Price: $176.80
Experimental Methods in Inorganic Chemistry by Suib, Steven L., Tanaka, John ISBN: 9780138419097 List Price: $84.20
Principles of Colloid and Surface Chemistry by Hiemenez, Paul C., Rajagopa... ISBN: 9780824793975 List Price: $84.95
Laboratory Experiments to Accompany General, Organic and Biological Chemistry: An Integrated... by Macaulay, David B., Bauer, ... ISBN: 9780470561713 List Price: $84.95
Chemistry by Chang, Raymond ISBN: 9780077274313 List Price: $198.75
Physical Chemistry Volume 1: Thermodynamics and Kinetics by Atkins, Atkins, Peter, dePa... ISBN: 9781429231275 List Price: $90.95
Basic Chemistry Laboratory Experiments by Daub, G. William, Seese, Wi... ISBN: 9780133785067 List Price: $80.20
World of Chemistry Essentials by Joesten, Melvin D., Hogg, J... ISBN: 9780495012139 List Price: $176.95
Study Guide and Full Solutions Manual for Fundamentals of General, Organic, and Biological C... by McMurry, John, McMurry, Sus... ISBN: 9780321612380 List Price: $67.60
Principles of Physical Chemistry by Raff, Lionel M. ISBN: 9780130278050 List Price: $172.40
Introduction to General, Organic And Biochemistry by Bettelheim, Frederick A., B... ISBN: 9780495011972 List Price: $221.95
Inorganic Chemistry by Wulfsberg, Gary ISBN: 9781891389016 List Price: $98.00
Chemistry by Timberlake, Karen C. ISBN: 9780136019701 List Price: $176.00
Basic Chemistry with MasteringChemistry (3rd Edition) by Timberlake, Karen C. ISBN: 9780321706164 List Price: $152.07
Pushing Electrons A Guide for Students of Organic Chemistry by Weeks, Daniel P. ISBN: 9780030206931 List Price: $104.95
Organometallic Chemistry by Spessard, Gary O., Miessler... ISBN: 9780195330991 List Price: $99.00
Chemistry: Principles and Reactions by Masterton, William L., Hurl... ISBN: 9780495126713 List Price: $193.95
An Atoms First Approach to General Chemistry Laboratory Manual by Gregg Dieckmann, John Sibert ISBN: 9780077439682
Drug-like Properties by Di, Li, Kerns, Edward H. ISBN: 9780123695208 List Price: $99.95
Chemistry by Silberberg, Martin S. ISBN: 9780077216504 List Price: $198.75
Analytical Chemistry An Introduction by Skoog, Douglas A., West, Do... ISBN: 9780030202933 List Price: $256.95
Chemistry in the Laboratory by Postma, James M., Robert, J... ISBN: 9781429219549
Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics by Steinfeld, Jeffrey I., Fran... ISBN: 9780137371235 List Price: $147.80
Techniques in Organic Chemsitry Miniscale, Standard Taper Microscale, And Williamson Microscale by Mohrig, Jerry R., Hammond, ... ISBN: 9780716769354 List Price: $61.71
Chemistry for Changing Times by Hill, John W., Kolb, Doris ... ISBN: 9780136054498 List Price: $149.33
Process Technology Systems by Speegle, Michael ISBN: 9781418039998 List Price: $88.95
Cooperative Chemistry Lab Manual by Cooper, Cooper, Melanie M. ISBN: 9780073402727
Organic Chemistry With Infotrac by McMurry, John ISBN: 9780534389994 List Price: $219.95
Free Radicals in Biology And Medicine by Halliwell, Barry, Gutteridg... ISBN: 9780198568698 List Price: $90.00
Organic Chemistry Structure And Function by Vollhardt, Peter, Schore, N... ISBN: 9780716799498 List Price: $143.37
Elecrochemical Methods fundamentals and applications by Bard, Allen J., Faulkner, L... ISBN: 9780471405214 List Price: $65.95
Chemistry The Molecular Science by Moore, John W., Stanitski, ... ISBN: 9780495119609 List Price: $87.95
Ssm-Principles of Modern Chemistry by Oxtoby, David W., Gillis, H... ISBN: 9780495112266 List Price: $83.95
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