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Organic chemistry is a growing area of study, and is the largest chemistry discipline in terms of numbers of students in America. It looks at the structure, properties and reactions of compounds that contain carbon. It is a very creative science and organic chemists can create entirely new molecules, often to the benefit of humankind through the development of medicine. Much of this is the basis of the pharmaceutical industry. At the basis of organic chemistry is the aim to overcome challenges and find new solutions. Why not look at buying your organic textbooks as a challenge and one that you can overcome by buying them here as opposed to wasting time waiting in line at your college bookshop. Not only will you save yourself precious time, but you will also save a lot of money as our new and pre-owned books are great value and far cheaper than buying them from your campus bookshop. Problem solved!

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Experiments in Organic Chemistry I Laboratory Chem 201 by Kim, Jaegwon, Farrant, Yau ISBN: 9781932768770
Experiments in Organic Chemistry I Laboratory (CHEM 201), Fifth Ed by Kim, Jaegwon, Farrant, Yau ISBN: 9781932768848
Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry by Bateman, Graham ISBN: 9781936333141
Unconjugated Pterins and Related Biogenic Amines by Curtius, H. C., Blau, N., L... ISBN: 9783110113419 List Price: $161.55
Peptides : Chemistry-Biology-Interactions with Proteins by Penke, Botond, Torok, Angela ISBN: 9783110115468 List Price: $211.55
Peptides, 1986 : Proceedings of the Nineteenth European Peptide Symposium by Theodoropoulos, D. ISBN: 9783110106879 List Price: $246.15
Nitroglycerin 5 by Strauer, Bodo E. ISBN: 9783110108798
Fermentation of Complex Carbohydrates by Buchanan ISBN: 9780412620003 List Price: $89.95
Organic Chemistry by Solomons, T. W. Graham, Fry... ISBN: 9780470401415 List Price: $241.95
Chem-Facts : Styrenics by Chemical Intelligence Servi... ISBN: 9781871798074
Energetics and Kinetic Mechanisms of Enzyme Function by Hillar, M. ISBN: 9781878045638 List Price: $55.00
CTLM Organic Compounds by Cesa, Irene ISBN: 9781877991899 List Price: $13.95
Amine Oxidases - Function and Dysfunction : Proceedings of the 5th International Amine Oxida... by Tipton, K. F., Youdim, M. B... ISBN: 9783211825211 List Price: $164.00
Chemistry of Organic Natural Products by Asselineau, J., Kagan, J., ... ISBN: 9783211821886 List Price: $188.00
Organic Chemistry 321 and 322 Laboratory Manual, 3rd Ed. , Fall 2012 by Brunke, Kathleen, Carney, J... ISBN: 9781600362897
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