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Organic chemistry is a growing area of study, and is the largest chemistry discipline in terms of numbers of students in America. It looks at the structure, properties and reactions of compounds that contain carbon. It is a very creative science and organic chemists can create entirely new molecules, often to the benefit of humankind through the development of medicine. Much of this is the basis of the pharmaceutical industry. At the basis of organic chemistry is the aim to overcome challenges and find new solutions. Why not look at buying your organic textbooks as a challenge and one that you can overcome by buying them here as opposed to wasting time waiting in line at your college bookshop. Not only will you save yourself precious time, but you will also save a lot of money as our new and pre-owned books are great value and far cheaper than buying them from your campus bookshop. Problem solved!

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Organic Chemistry by Raber, Douglas, Raber, Nancy ISBN: 9780314285089 List Price: $69.50
Introduction to Organic Laboratory Techniques A Contemporary Approach by Pavia, Donald L., Lampman, ... ISBN: 9780030148132 List Price: $73.00
Handbook of Organic Chemistry by Beyer, Hans, Walter, Wolfga... ISBN: 9780130103567 List Price: $110.00
Flourine-Containing Synthons by Soloshonok, Vadim A. ISBN: 9780841239111 List Price: $174.50
3000 Solved Problems in Organic Chemistry by Meislich, Herbert, Sharefki... ISBN: 9780070564244 List Price: $27.95
Organic Molecular Model by Darling, Steve ISBN: 9780132334716 List Price: $20.00
Essentials of General, Organic and Biological Chemistry by Stoker, H. Stephen, Stoffel... ISBN: 9780618192823 List Price: $109.95
Standard for Acetylene Generators, Stationary, Low-Pressure, UL 409 by Unknown ISBN: 9781559894272 List Price: $95.00
Systematic Identification of Organic Compounds by Shriner, Ralph L., Curtin, ... ISBN: 9780471466901 List Price: $73.95
Chemical Biophysics : Quantitative Analysis of Cellular Systems by Beard, Daniel A., Qian, Hong ISBN: 9780521158244 List Price: $45.00
Microscale Organic Laboratory With Multistep and Multiscale Syntheses by Mayo, Dana W., Pike, Ronald... ISBN: 9780471321859 List Price: $195.95
Molecular Struc.model C Set F/org.chem. by Maruzen, Benjamin ISBN: 9780716719724 List Price: $42.60
Introduction to General, Organic And Biochemistry Basic Select by Bettelheim, Frederick A., B... ISBN: 9780495110699 List Price: $140.95
Student Solutions Manual for General Organic And Biochemistry Sec by Dadmun, Mark D., Blei, Ira,... ISBN: 9780716773733 List Price: $51.75
Organic Chemistry by Loudon, G. Marc, Stowell, J... ISBN: 9780195120004 List Price: $40.00
Molecular Diagnostics Fundamentals, Methods, & Clinical Applications by Buckingham, Lela, Flaws, Ma... ISBN: 9780803616592 List Price: $64.95
Fundamentals of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry by Holum, John R. ISBN: 9780471242840 List Price: $87.95
Biodiversity and Natural Product Diversity by Pietra, Francesco, Baldwin,... ISBN: 9780080437064 List Price: $69.95
224. Organic by Pavia, Donald L., Lampman, ... ISBN: 9780030254185 List Price: $86.00
Problems in Organic Synthesis by Palandoken, Hasan, Nantex, ... ISBN: 9781429255929
Lifetime of Synergy With Theory and Experiment by Streitwieser, Andrew, Jr. ISBN: 9780841218369 List Price: $59.95
Beginning Organic Chemistry 2 by Patrick, Graham L. ISBN: 9780198559368 List Price: $55.00
A Guide To Organic Chemistry Mechanisms by Wepplo, Peter ISBN: 9780977931309 List Price: $49.95
Nomenclature of Organic Compounds Principles and Practice by Fox, Robert B., Powell, War... ISBN: 9780841236486 List Price: $214.50
Advanced Organic Chemistry Structure and Mechanisms by Carey, Francis A., Sundberg... ISBN: 9780306462436 List Price: $49.50
Introduction to Organic Chemistry Student by Brown, William H., Poon, Th... ISBN: 9780471682639 List Price: $74.95
Perspectives on Structure and Mechanism in Organic Chemistry by Carroll, Felix A. ISBN: 9780534249489 List Price: $264.95
Organic Chemistry by Patrick, G L ISBN: 9781859962640 List Price: $35.95
Organic Chemistry-text Only by Jones, Maitland ISBN: 9780393970791 List Price: $83.00
Organic Chemistry by Bruice, Paula Yurkanis ISBN: 9780132415132 List Price: $213.00
General, Organic, and Biochemistry by Denniston, Katherine J., To... ISBN: 9780073301686 List Price: $144.40
Organic Chemistry Study Guide And Solutions Manual by Loudon, G. Marc, Stowell, J... ISBN: 9780195159127 List Price: $139.00
Organic Chemistry A Brief Introduction by Ouellette, Robert J. ISBN: 9780138419332 List Price: $163.00
Microscale and Miniscale Organic Chemistry Laboratory Experiments by Schoffstall, Allen M., Gadd... ISBN: 9780072375497 List Price: $109.70
Laboratory Exercises in Organic and Biological Chemistry by Baum, Stuart J., Bowen, Wil... ISBN: 9780023066511 List Price: $53.00
Organic Chemistry A Brief Course by Atkins, Robert Charles, Car... ISBN: 9780072319446 List Price: $116.25
Organic Reaction Mechanisms 40 Solved Cases by Gallego, Gomez M., Sierra, ... ISBN: 9783540003526 List Price: $79.95
Organic Chem:short by Hart, Harold ISBN: 9780395923443 List Price: $50.36
Transition Metals in the Synthesis of Complex Organic Molecules by Hegedus, Louis ISBN: 9781891389047 List Price: $64.00
Carbohydrate Chemistry and Biochemistry Structure and Mechanism by Sinnott, M. L., Royal Socie... ISBN: 9780854042562 List Price: $199.00
Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry Structure Visualization Workbook by Luceigh, B. A. ISBN: 9780763733124 List Price: $57.95
250. by Roberts, Royston M., Gilber... ISBN: 9780030630187 List Price: $55.00
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