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The technically minded look at the world with a unique set of eyes. As children, they are unusually fascinated by gadgets and widgets, and to the dismay of their parents enjoy taking home appliances apart and putting them back together. And then lucky for us, as they turn into adults, they help innovate technologies that make our lives easier and more exciting. The non-technical mind looks at a car and sees a car, while the technician sees it as an intricate universe. Whether you are looking for Technical textbooks on computers, machinery, engineering principles, electrical engineering or hydraulics, we have used textbooks that will save you lots of dough. All you have to do is search our extensive catalog of Technical textbooks by title, author and/or ISBN and you are on your way to receiving cheap college textbooks delivered to your door. Before checking out, make sure that you match up the ISBN for your assigned books with the ISBNs in our college textbook database. Don't get caught in the trap of buying expensive books at your college bookstore or waiting in never-ending lines. Technically, you'll be doing you and your pocket book a favor by purchases college textbooks online. Our Technical textbooks are in great condition and customer service is top-quality!

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Time Dependent Mechanical Response of Engineering Ceramics: From Pico-second to Million Year... by Yasuda, E., Wakai, F., Mano... ISBN: 9780878498321 List Price: $121.00
High Performance Ceramics by Subba Rao, R. V. ISBN: 9780317895353
Process Management for Chemical Engineers and Plant Managers by Lindsey, Jerry V. ISBN: 9780317912296 List Price: $77.00
Process Management for Chemical Engineers and Plant Managers by Lindsey, Jerry V. ISBN: 9780317912289 List Price: $79.00
Textbook of Chemical Technology by Shukla, S. D., Pandey, G. N. ISBN: 9780706907551
Pots for the Living, Pots for the Dead by Nielsen, Marjatta, Rasmusse... ISBN: 9788772897127
Better Ceramics Through Processing by Unknown ISBN: 9781861250339 List Price: $150.00
Elische Keramik Des 5. Und 4. Jahrhunderts by Schilbach, Jueregen, Deutsc... ISBN: 9783110141016 List Price: $126.90
Electrosynthesis From Laboratory to Pilot to Production by Genders, J. David, Pletcher... ISBN: 9780962970801 List Price: $50.00
Electrochemical Methods in Corrosion Research and Application by Elsener, Bernhard ISBN: 9780878497607 List Price: $92.00
Encyclopaedia of International Corrosion Standards by Unknown ISBN: 9781902653716 List Price: $160.00
Industrial Uses of Tin Chemicals by Blunden, S. J., Cusack, P. ... ISBN: 9780851869278 List Price: $66.95
Supercritical Fluid Engineering Science Fundamentals and Applications by Kiran, Erdogan, Brennecke, ... ISBN: 9780841225138 List Price: $45.00
Tailoring of Mechanical Properties of Si3N4 Ceramics by Hoffmann, Michael J., Petzo... ISBN: 9780792331193 List Price: $379.00
Unsaturated Polyester Technology by Bruins, Paul F. ISBN: 9780677211602 List Price: $358.00
Fracture Mechanics of Ceramics Fatigue, Composites, and High-Temperature Behavior by Bradt, R. C., Hasselman, D.... ISBN: 9780306453793 List Price: $272.00
Fundamental Aspects of Corrosion Films in Corrosion Science by Craig, B. D. ISBN: 9780306436239 List Price: $143.00
Corrosion of High-Performance Ceramics - Yu Gogotsi - Hardcover by Gogotsi, Yu, Lavrenko, V. A... ISBN: 9780387553160 List Price: $129.00
Food Lipids Chemistry, Flavor, and Texture by Shahidi, Fereidoon, Weenan,... ISBN: 9780841238961 List Price: $232.00
Innovative Uv Technologies to Oxidize Organic and Organoleptic Chemicals Awwarf Report 91033f by Linden, K, Sharpless, C. ISBN: 9781843399193 List Price: $216.00
Physical Geography: As A Synthesis by Silverman ISBN: 9780471325222
Chemistry of Solid Wood by Rowell, Roger M. ISBN: 9788170890409
Solid Phase Extraction Applications Guide and Bibliography : A Resource for Sample Preparati... by McDonald, Patrick D., Bouvi... ISBN: 9781879732063 List Price: $75.00
Sol-Gel Processing of Advanced Ceramics by Gnanam, F. D. ISBN: 9781886106871 List Price: $69.00
Chemistry for Power Plant Technicians by Center for Occupational Res... ISBN: 9781555021856
Precautions for Explosive Materials by Center for Occupational Res... ISBN: 9781555020989 List Price: $2.50
Approaching Ceramics by Vincenzini, P. ISBN: 9789971508548 List Price: $78.00
Wood : Chemistry, Ultrastructure, Reactions by Fengel, Dietrich, Wegener, ... ISBN: 9783110120592 List Price: $113.85
Mariners and Merchants : A Study of the Ceramics from Sanjan (Gujarat) by Nanji, Rukshana J, Gupta, S... ISBN: 9781407307930
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