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Students who are embarking on chemistry courses at college may have a need to buy computational and molecular modeling textbooks online, and in this case we can help. We provide a marketplace containing dozens of text books on this topic, from Computational Quantum Chemistry An Interactive Guide to Basis Set Theory to Molecular Modeling and Simulation An Interdisciplinary Guide. Many of the text books available on this topic have high cover prices, which makes it even more important to ensure you have a good choice of discounted and affordable books to buy instead. That's where we come in - providing you with the chance to buy used computational and molecular modeling textbooks at the cheapest prices you could hope for. Alternatively, you can rent computational and molecular modeling textbooks online, making it easier to borrow books only for the time you need them. What more could you ask for than affordable prices?

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Basic Calculations in Biological Chemistry by Efiok, Bassey J., Philips, ... ISBN: 9780962921407 List Price: $23.95
Chemistry : MicroGuide, Macintosh by Chang, Raymond ISBN: 9780078321139
General Chemistry : IBM Testbank by Balahura, Robert ISBN: 9780716718802 List Price: $79.95
Working with Odyssey (Student's Edition) by Unknown ISBN: 9781890661274
Computer Chemistry (Topics in Current Chemistry) (Volume 166) by Unknown ISBN: 9783662149294 List Price: $99.00
Tracer Kinetics in Biomedical Research: From Data to Model by Claudio Cobelli, David Fost... ISBN: 9781475773286 List Price: $269.00
Practical Aspects of Computational Chemistry III by Leszczynski, Jerzy, Shukla,... ISBN: 9781489974440 List Price: $179.00
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