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Would you like to choose from more than one hundred text books on this topic? Religious studies can be in depth and fascinating, and in this section you can buy religion and science textbooks to help further your knowledge. There has always been a dramatic connection between these two diverse areas, and these books aim to help you find out more. Buy or rent such titles as Genesis, Evolution and the Search for a Reasoned Faith; Religion and Scientific Naturalism: Overcoming the Conflicts; Religion and Science: The Basics; and God and Evolution: A Reader. With dozens more titles to look through as well, you can also rent cheap religion and science textbooks if you want to read and return them at a later date. We provide semester long and quarterly rental periods on many of our books, so find out more by clicking on each individual title on this page.

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Religion and Science: The Basics by Clayton, Philip ISBN: 9780415598569 List Price: $19.95
Science and Religion Some Historical Perspectives by Brooke, John Hedley, Basall... ISBN: 9780521283748 List Price: $31.99
Faith of Scientists - in Their Own Words by Frankenberry, Nancy K. ISBN: 9780691134871 List Price: $29.95
Science and Religion : Are They Compatible? by Dennett, Daniel Clement, Pl... ISBN: 9780199738427 List Price: $9.95
Stages of Thought The Co-Evolution of Religious Thought and Science by Barnes, Michael Horace ISBN: 9780195133899 List Price: $110.00
Historicity of Nature Essays on Science and Theology by Pannenberg, Wolfhart, Grege... ISBN: 9781599471259 List Price: $24.95
Judaism And Science A Historical Introduction by Efron, Noah J. ISBN: 9780313330537 List Price: $65.00
Ritualizing Nature by Santmire, H. Paul ISBN: 9780800662943 List Price: $25.00
Three Views on Creation and Evolution by Moreland, James Porter, Rey... ISBN: 9780310220176 List Price: $17.99
Spiritual Transformations by Peters, Karl E. ISBN: 9780800663209 List Price: $9.99
God and Evolution A Reader by Cunningham, Mary ISBN: 9780415380140 List Price: $37.95
Science and Islam by Iqbal, Muzaffar ISBN: 9780313335761 List Price: $65.00
Big Questions in Science and Religion by Ward, Keith ISBN: 9781599471358 List Price: $16.95
Power Failure Christianity in the Culture of Technology by Borgmann, Albert ISBN: 9781587430589 List Price: $16.00
Science And Creation The Search for Understanding by Polkinghorne, John C. ISBN: 9781599471006 List Price: $14.95
In the Beginning God Modern Science and the Christian Doctrine of Creation by Weaver, John David ISBN: 9781880837825 List Price: $17.00
Science and Religion Primer, A by Looy, Heather, Looy, Heathe... ISBN: 9780801031502
Truth, Faith and Life: In Understand, Therefore I Worship by Gong, Jeh-Tween, Gong, Gwen... ISBN: 9780916713041 List Price: $44.95
Islam+science by Hoodbhoy, Pervez ISBN: 9781856490252 List Price: $19.95
Nature, Design, and Science The Status of Design in Natural Science by Ratzsch, Del ISBN: 9780791448946 List Price: $29.95
Religion and Scientific Naturalism Overcoming the Conflicts by Griffin, David Ray ISBN: 9780791445648 List Price: $31.95
Book of Nature in Early Modern and Modern History by Berkel, Klaas van, Vanderja... ISBN: 9789042917521 List Price: $50.00
Nuclear Ethics: A Christian Moral Argument by Hollenbach, David ISBN: 9780809125463 List Price: $4.95
Habits of the High-Tech Heart Living Virtuously in the Information Age by Schultze, Quentin J., Elsht... ISBN: 9780801027819 List Price: $22.00
Webs of Reality Social Perspectives on Science and Religion by Stahl, William A., Campbell... ISBN: 9780813531069 List Price: $59.00
Creationist Movement in Modern America - Raymond A. Eve - Hardcover by Eve, Raymond A., Harrold, F... ISBN: 9780805797411 List Price: $25.95
Global Perspectives on Science and Religion by Das, Pranab K. ISBN: 9781599473390 List Price: $29.95
Envisioning Nature, Science, and Religion by Proctor, James D. ISBN: 9781599473147 List Price: $54.95
Science And Religion, 1450-1900 From Copernicus To Darwin by Olson, Richard G. ISBN: 9780313326943 List Price: $67.95
Spiritual Information 100 Perspectives On Science And Religion by Harper, Charles L. ISBN: 9781932031737 List Price: $39.95
Theology for a Scientific Age: Natural and Divine Being and Becoming by Peacocke, Arthur ISBN: 9780631154266 List Price: $39.95
Creation and Reality by Welker, Michael, Hoffmeyer,... ISBN: 9780800626280 List Price: $16.00
Creation Evolution Controversy by Wysong, Randy L. ISBN: 9780918112026 List Price: $14.95
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