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Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion by Abraham, William J. ISBN: 9780134918877 List Price: $39.00
Religion in Personal Development An Analysis and a Prescription by Buetow, Harold A. ISBN: 9780820415802 List Price: $65.95
Religion and the Hermeneutics of Contemplation by Phillips, D. Z., Rhees, Rush ISBN: 9780521008464 List Price: $46.99
Religious Explanation and Scientific Ideology by Hobbs, Jesse ISBN: 9780820421971 List Price: $45.95
God+reason by Miller, Ed. L. ISBN: 9780023812705 List Price: $34.80
Principles Of Moral And Christian Philosophy The Principles of Moral Philosophy Philosophica... by Turnbull, George, Broadie, ... ISBN: 9780865974586 List Price: $10.01
Martin Buber and the Eternal - Maurice S. Friedman - Hardcover by Friedman, Maurice ISBN: 9780898852844 List Price: $29.95
Star of Redemption by Rosenzweig, Franz, Hallo, W... ISBN: 9780268017170 List Price: $30.00
Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion by Davies, Brian ISBN: 9780192891457 List Price: $14.95
Derrida on Religion: Thinker of Difference by McCance, Dawne ISBN: 9781845532765
Ulster's Men : Protestant Unionist Masculinities and Militarization in the North of Ireland,... by McGaughey, Jane G. V. ISBN: 9780773539723 List Price: $95.00
The Evolution of Evil (Religion Theologie und Naturwissenschaft / Religion Theology and Natu... by Bennett, Gaymon, Hewlett, M... ISBN: 9783525569795 List Price: $101.00
The Boundaries of Knowledge in Buddhism, Christianity, and Science (Religion Theologie und N... by Numrich, Paul D., Numrich, ... ISBN: 9783525569870 List Price: $87.00
God Mind and Knowledge by Moore, Andrew ISBN: 9781409462088 List Price: $104.95
Discourse and Practice by Reynolds, Frank E., Tracy, ... ISBN: 9780791410233 List Price: $64.50
Religious Transformation in Western Society The End of Happiness by Ferguson, Harvie ISBN: 9780415025744 List Price: $59.95
Faith (The Art of Living) by Hobson, Theo ISBN: 9781844652020 List Price: $18.95
Derrida on Religion: Thinker of Differance by McCance, Dawne ISBN: 9781845532758
Principles Of Moral And Christian Philosophy The Principles of Moral Philosophy Philosophica... by Turnbull, George, Broadie, ... ISBN: 9780865974555 List Price: $20.00
Christian Perspectives on Religious Knowledge by Evans, C. Stephen, Westphal... ISBN: 9780802806796 List Price: $17.00
Christian Metaphysics and Neoplatonism by Camus, Albert, Srigley, Ron... ISBN: 9780826217530
The Christian View of Man - H. D. McDonald - Paperback by McDonald, H. D. ISBN: 9780891072171 List Price: $9.95
On Religion by Schleiermacher, Friedrich D... ISBN: 9780521357890 List Price: $20.95
The Body and Society: Explorations in Social Theory by Turner, Bryan S. ISBN: 9781412929868
Anthroposophie in Deutschland. 2 Bnde by Zander, Helmut ISBN: 9783525554524
Paradigms and Perspectives on Value and Reality by Chakrabarti, Chandana, Vuli... ISBN: 9781443860109
Conflict and Community New Studies in Thomistic Thought by Lukens, Michael B. ISBN: 9780820412047 List Price: $39.95
Contemporary Perspectives on Religious Epistemology by Geivett, R. Douglas, Sweetm... ISBN: 9780195073232 List Price: $89.00
All Under Heaven Transforming Paradigms in Confucian-Christian Dialogue by Berthrong, John H. ISBN: 9780791418581 List Price: $29.95
Religion After Religion Gershom Scholem, Mircea Eliade, and Henry Corbin at Eranos by Wasserstrom, Steven M. ISBN: 9780691005393 List Price: $80.00
On the Basis of Morality by Schopenhauer, Arthur, Payne... ISBN: 9780872203990 List Price: $39.95
Explaining and Interpreting Religion Essays on the Issue by Segal, Robert A. ISBN: 9780820419145 List Price: $35.95
Angels, Elect and Evil by Dickason, C. Fred ISBN: 9780802402226 List Price: $9.99
Dharmakirti's Pramanavarttika: An annotated Translation of the fourth chapter (parathanumana... by Dharmakirti, Tillemans, Tom... ISBN: 9783700128854 List Price: $74.00
Philosophy of Religion: A Contemporary Introduction, 2nd edition by Yandell, Keith E. ISBN: 9780415963695 List Price: $105.00
Introducing Religion: Essays in Honor of Jonathan Z. Smith by Braun, Willi, McCutcheon, R... ISBN: 9781845536527 List Price: $29.95
Greek and Roman Military Writers by Smith, Andrew ISBN: 9780415225113 List Price: $29.95
Philosophy Of Religion by Unknown ISBN: 9780415295345 List Price: $1,160.00
Wittgenstein and Philosophy of Religion by Arrington, Robert L., Addis... ISBN: 9780415335553 List Price: $38.95
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