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From Critical Theory to Communicative Political Theology Universal Solidarity by Siebert, Rudolf ISBN: 9780820408088 List Price: $40.75
From East to West Odyssey of a Soul by Bhaskar, Roy ISBN: 9780415233255 List Price: $39.95
God's World and the Great Awakening Limits and Renewals 3 by Clark, Stephen R. ISBN: 9780198242840 List Price: $100.00
God Who Commands by Mouw, Richard J. ISBN: 9780268010218 List Price: $20.00
Philosophy of Religion - Elton Trueblood - Paperback by Trueblood, Elton ISBN: 9780801088131 List Price: $14.95
Belief in God An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion by Mawson, T. J. ISBN: 9780199276318 List Price: $115.00
Philosophical Thlgy Vol 1 - Tennant - Hardcover by Tennant, F. R. ISBN: 9780521074315 List Price: $64.50
The Christian View of Man - H. D. McDonald - Paperback by McDonald, H. D. ISBN: 9780891072171 List Price: $9.95
Principles of Epistemology in Islamic Philosophy: Knowledge by Presence by Yazdi, Mehdi Ha'iri, Nasr, ... ISBN: 9780791409480 List Price: $31.95
Christian View of Men and Things: An Introduction to Philosophy by Clark, Gordon H., Robbins, ... ISBN: 9781891777004 List Price: $29.95
Collected Philosophical Papers: Ethics, Religion and Politics, Vol. 3 by Anscombe, G. E. ISBN: 9780816610839 List Price: $10.95
Religious Reason: The Rational and Moral Basis of Religious Belief by Green, Ronald M. ISBN: 9780195023893 List Price: $10.95
Religions and the Truth: Philosophical Reflections and Perspectives by Vroom, Hendrik M. ISBN: 9780802805027 List Price: $28.00
Thomas Aquinas's Earliest Treatment of the Divine Essence: Scriptum Super Libros Sententiarum by Aquinas, Thomas, Macierowsk... ISBN: 9781883058227 List Price: $17.00
Kierkegaard's Philosophy of Becoming Movements And Positions by Carlisle, Clare ISBN: 9780791465479 List Price: $55.00
Into the Fire by Cook, Jim ISBN: 9781881592471 List Price: $25.00
Physics of the Origin of Life by Unknown ISBN: 9781889545189
Philosophy of Religion by Unknown ISBN: 9781586663186
Philosophy of Religion by Unknown ISBN: 9781592473816
Mitteliranische Handschriften by Reck, Christiane ISBN: 9783515024419
Holy : Theoretical Perspectives by Dahl, Espen, Heimbrock, Han... ISBN: 9783525604410
Dictionary of Manichaean Texts by Clackson, S., Hunter, Erica... ISBN: 9782503518626
Foi et Savoir : Autour de L'�toile de la R�demption by Rosenzweig, Franz ISBN: 9782711615223
Th�ologie Comme Science Pratique : Prologue de la Lectura by Duns Scotus, John, Sondag, ... ISBN: 9782711612895
Religionsphilosophie by Trillhaas, Wolfgang ISBN: 9783110038682 List Price: $36.95
Against the Spiritual Turn by Creaven, Sean ISBN: 9780415524049
Philosophy and the Abrahamic Religions: Scriptural Hermeneutics and Epistemology by Torrance Kirby ISBN: 9781443840439 List Price: $92.99
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