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Philosophy and the Abrahamic Religions: Scriptural Hermeneutics and Epistemology by Torrance Kirby ISBN: 9781443840439 List Price: $92.99
Hidden but Now Revealed : A Biblical Theology of Mystery by Beale, G. K. ISBN: 9780380827183 List Price: $27.00
Philosophical Bases of Theism by Hicks, George Dawes ISBN: 9780598615305 List Price: $84.40
What i Believe by Russell, Bertrand ISBN: 9780598778093 List Price: $30.00
Religious Philosophy of Simone Weil by McCullough, Lissa ISBN: 9781780767956
Three Essays on Religion by Mill, John Stuart ISBN: 9780598968296 List Price: $97.70
Reflections on Community Building by Spock, Marjorie ISBN: 9780916786670
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