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Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius A Translation and Commentary by Ganss, George E. ISBN: 9780912422848 List Price: $22.95
Church, Our Story by Driedger, Patricia Morrison... ISBN: 9781594710575 List Price: $24.95
Experience of No-Self A Contemplative Journey by Roberts, Bernadette ISBN: 9780791416945 List Price: $29.95
Biblical Blues Growing Through Setups and Letdowns by Papineau, Andre, Cauley, Ka... ISBN: 9780893901578 List Price: $7.95
Christianity and the Religions From Confrontation to Dialogue by Dupuis, Jacques, Berryman, ... ISBN: 9781570754401 List Price: $30.00
This Tight Embrace Luisa De Carvajal Y Mendoza (1566-1614) by Rhodes, Elizabeth, Rhodes, ... ISBN: 9780874627046 List Price: $35.00
Madeleva by Mandell, Gail Porter ISBN: 9780791434406 List Price: $31.95
Future Is Mestizo Life Where Cultures Meet by Elizondo, Virgilio, Cisnero... ISBN: 9780870815768 List Price: $21.95
Total Surrender by Devananda, Angelo, Mother T... ISBN: 9780892836512 List Price: $6.99
Towards a Society That Serves Its People The Intellectual Contribution of El Salvador's Murd... by Ellacuria, Ignacio, Martes,... ISBN: 9780878405237 List Price: $34.95
Local Religion in Colonial Mexico by Nesvig, Martin Austin, John... ISBN: 9780826334022 List Price: $29.95
Memory Offended The Auschwitz Convent Controversy by Rittner, Carol A., Roth, Jo... ISBN: 9780275938482 List Price: $31.95
Faith and the Intellectual Life Marianist Award Lectures by Heft, James L. ISBN: 9780268009946 List Price: $10.00
Mexican Revolution and the Catholic Church, 1910-1929 by Quirk, Robert E. ISBN: 9780313251214 List Price: $82.95
Debating God's Economy by Prentiss, Craig R., Prentis... ISBN: 9780271033419 List Price: $55.00
Untold Sisters: Hispanic Nuns in Their Own Works by Arenal, Electa, Schlau, Sta... ISBN: 9780826347381 List Price: $35.00
Frontiers of Catholicism: The Politics of Ideology in a Liberal World by Burns, Gene ISBN: 9780520077171 List Price: $40.00
Many Religions, One Covenant Israel, the Church, and the World by Cardinal, Ratzinger ISBN: 9780898707533 List Price: $11.95
Is the Reformation Over? by Noll, Mark A., Nystrom, Car... ISBN: 9780801035753
Church in America: Ecclesia in America by John Paul II ISBN: 9781574553215 List Price: $7.95
Why the Church? by Giussani, Luigi ISBN: 9780773517073 List Price: $22.95
Introduction to Catholic Social Thought by Hornsby-Smith, Michael P. ISBN: 9780521863391 List Price: $99.00
Is The Reformation Over? An Evangelical Assessment Of Contemporary Roman Catholicism by Noll, Mark A., Nystrom, Car... ISBN: 9780801027970 List Price: $24.99
Future of Christian Learning by Noll, Mark A., Turner, Jame... ISBN: 9781587432132
Why the Church? by Giussani, Luigi ISBN: 9780773516540 List Price: $95.00
Catholicism & Orthodox Christianity Catholicism And Orthodox Christianity by Brown, Stephen F., Anatolio... ISBN: 9780816066100 List Price: $35.00
Via Media of the Anglican Church by Newman, John Henry, Weidner... ISBN: 9780198266938 List Price: $110.00
Catholic Tradition by Langan, Thomas ISBN: 9780826211835 List Price: $49.95
Catholicism & Orthodox Christianity by Brown, Stephen F., Khaled, ... ISBN: 9780816046133 List Price: $30.00
Roman Catholics in America by Carey, Patrick W. ISBN: 9780275958022 List Price: $19.95
En Remission Des Peches Recherches Sur Les Systemes Penitentiels Dans L'Eglise Latine by Vogel, Cyrille, Faivre, Ale... ISBN: 9780860784395 List Price: $144.95
Die Kirche in ihrer Geschichte, Bd.2 : Humanismus by Augustijn, C. ISBN: 9783525523308
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