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From Christology to ethics and anthropology to angelology and demonology, our collection of affordable text books on the subject of Christian theology is extensive indeed. You can buy cheap Christian theology textbooks from us today and save a fortune on the normal list prices for many of these books. College students across America have already invested in the opportunity to rent used Christian theology textbooks to help with their religious studies. We specialize in affordable and pre-owned books for college students, and we have hundreds of text books on this topic for you to look at. Examples include Thought of Thomas Aquinas, Introducing Moral Theology: True Happiness and the Virtues and Across the Spectrum: Understanding Issues in Evangelical Theology. However, there are many other text books available and you can buy used Christian theology textbooks here now for the cheapest prices. Don't pay more elsewhere - get the discounted titles you want now.

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St. Thomas Aquinas on Politics and Ethics by Aquinas, Thomas, Sigmund, P... ISBN: 9780393952438 List Price: $174.95
God and Reason An Invitation to Philosophical Theology by Miller, Ed. L. ISBN: 9780023812613 List Price: $98.20
Short History of Christian Thought by Urban, Linwood P. ISBN: 9780195093483 List Price: $55.95
The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism with Other Writings on the Rise of the West by Weber, Max, Kalberg, Stephen ISBN: 9780195332537 List Price: $39.95
Magnifying God in Christ: A Summary of New Testament Theology by Schreiner, Thomas R. ISBN: 9780801038266 List Price: $24.99
Moral Issues and Christian Responses by Jung, Patricia Beattie, Jun... ISBN: 9780155058958 List Price: $119.95
Five Views on Apologetics by Cowan, Steven B., Clark, Ke... ISBN: 9780310224761 List Price: $19.99
I See Satan Falling Like Lightning by Girard, René ISBN: 9781570753190 List Price: $24.00
Four Views on Salvation in a Pluralistic World by Hick, John, Okholm, Dennis ... ISBN: 9780310212768 List Price: $17.99
Treatise on Human Nature Summa Theologiae LA 75-89 by Aquinas, Thomas, Pasnau, Ro... ISBN: 9780872206137 List Price: $16.95
Religion and Rational Theology by Kant, Immanuel, Wood, Allen... ISBN: 9780521799980 List Price: $51.00
Aquinas's Summa Background, Structure, & Reception by Torrell, Jean-Pierre, Guevi... ISBN: 9780813213989 List Price: $19.95
Treatise on Human Nature : Summa Theologiae 1a, QQ 75-89 by Aquinas, Thomas, Freddoso, ... ISBN: 9781587318818
Cambridge Companion To Reformation Theology by Bagchi, David V., Steinmetz... ISBN: 9780521776622 List Price: $32.99
Summary of Philosophy by Aquinas, Thomas, Regan, Ric... ISBN: 9780872206571 List Price: $13.95
Christian Theology by Erickson, Millard J. ISBN: 9780801021824 List Price: $49.99
Systematic Theology: Roman Catholic Perspectives by Fiorenza, Francis Schussler... ISBN: 9780800662912 List Price: $49.00
Christology A Global Introduction by Kärkkäinen, Veli-Matti ISBN: 9780801026218 List Price: $28.00
Reformation Debate by Calvin, John, Sadoleto, Jac... ISBN: 9780801023903 List Price: $15.00
Readings in Christian Ethics Theory and Method by Clark, David K., Rakestraw,... ISBN: 9780801025815 List Price: $30.00
Aquinas's Theory of Natural Law An Analytical Reconstruction by Lisska, Anthony J. ISBN: 9780198269670 List Price: $55.00
New Testament Theology by Caird, G. B., Hurst, L. D. ISBN: 9780198263883 List Price: $85.00
Improvisation The Drama of Christian Ethics by Wells, Samuel ISBN: 9781587430718 List Price: $22.99
Four Views on Hell by Crockett, William, Crockett... ISBN: 9780310212683 List Price: $16.99
Ethic for Enemies Forgiveness in Politics by Shriver, Donald W., Jr. ISBN: 9780195119169 List Price: $50.00
Good and Evil by Buber, Martin ISBN: 9780023162800 List Price: $16.60
Divine Power in Process Theism A Philosophical Critique by Basinger, David ISBN: 9780887067099 List Price: $29.95
God and Religion in the Postmodern World Essays in Postmodern Theology by Griffin, David Ray ISBN: 9780887069307 List Price: $29.95
Story Tracking Texts, Stories, and Histories in Central Australia by Gill, Sam D. ISBN: 9780195115888 List Price: $60.00
Freedom of a Christian Grace, Vocation, And the Meaning of Our Humanity by Meilaender, Gilbert ISBN: 9781587431937 List Price: $22.99
City of God Against the Pagans by Dyson, Robert, Dyson, Rober... ISBN: 9780521468435 List Price: $34.99
History of Christian Theology An Introduction by Placher, William C. ISBN: 9780664244965 List Price: $25.00
Catholic Ethics in Today's World, Revised Edition by Zalot, Jozef D., Guevin, OS... ISBN: 9781599821023 List Price: $30.95
An Introduction to Catholicism by Cunningham, Lawrence S. ISBN: 9780521608558 List Price: $28.99
Medical Ethics: Sources of Catholic Teachings by O'Rourke, Kevin D., Boyle, ... ISBN: 9781589017429 List Price: $39.95
Theology of the Book of Revelation by Bauckham, Richard J., Dunn,... ISBN: 9780521356916 List Price: $27.99
Dogmas And Dreams A Reader In Modern Political Ideologies by Love, Nancy S. ISBN: 9781568029986 List Price: $69.95
Basic Writings of Saint Thomas Aquinas God and the Order of Creation by Aquinas, Thomas, Pegis, Ant... ISBN: 9780872203808 List Price: $39.95
Practice of Prophetic Imagination : Preaching an Emancipating Word by Brueggemann, Walter ISBN: 9780800698973 List Price: $25.00
Basic Writings by Anselm, Williams, Thomas, W... ISBN: 9780872208957 List Price: $14.95
Historical Jesus A Comprehensive Guide by Theissen, Gerd, Merz, Annette ISBN: 9780800631222 List Price: $39.00
Pensees by Pascal, Blaise, Ariew, Roge... ISBN: 9780872207172 List Price: $11.95
Reinventing Christianity African Theology Today by Parratt, John ISBN: 9780802841131 List Price: $15.00
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