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Are you studying religion at college? If you require textbooks relating to biblical studies, we can help out with pre-owned text books at discounted prices. Some of the books we have here include Encountering the Old Testament, Introduction to the Bible, and New Testament: A Student's Introduction. Whatever you wish to know, you can buy cheap biblical studies textbooks to find the knowledge you need. You can also opt to rent used biblical studies textbooks if you prefer. This is an ideal option if you know you will only require one book for a short time. However, if you do buy biblical studies textbooks online, you can sell back the books when you don't need them. We buy back biblical studies books from students who wish to sell, so you can see our service offers everything you could want and provides a good way to get the most out of your studies.

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Encountering the Old Testament by Arnold, Bill T., Beyer, Bry... ISBN: 9780801031700 List Price: $49.99
Introduction to the Bible (8th Edition) by Hauer, Christian E., Young,... ISBN: 9780205051656 List Price: $89.20
Understanding The Bible by Harris, Stephen ISBN: 9780073407449 List Price: $89.38
Old Testament Story by Tullock, John, McEntire, Mark ISBN: 9780205097838
Reading the Old Testament by Bandstra, Barry L. ISBN: 9780495391050 List Price: $127.95
Catholic Study Bible by Senior, Donald, Collins, Jo... ISBN: 9780195297768 List Price: $39.99
Old Testament An Introduction to the Hebrew Bible by Platzner, Robert, Harris, S... ISBN: 9780072990515 List Price: $78.13
Introduction to the Old Testament A Liberation Perspective by Ceresko, Anthony R. ISBN: 9781570753480 List Price: $28.00
Encountering the New Testament A Historical and Theological Survey by Elwell, Walter A., Yarbroug... ISBN: 9780801028069 List Price: $44.99
New Testament Story by Barr, David L. ISBN: 9780534627485 List Price: $63.95
Introducing the New Testament: A Short Guide to Its History and Message by Carson, D. A., Moo, Douglas... ISBN: 9780310291497 List Price: $12.99
The Writings of the New Testament by Johnson, Luke Timothy ISBN: 9780800663612 List Price: $46.00
Drama Of Scripture Finding Our Place In The Biblical Story by Bartholomew, Craig G., Gohe... ISBN: 9780801027468 List Price: $21.99
Military History of Ancient Israel by Gabriel, Richard A. ISBN: 9780275977986 List Price: $95.00
Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament by Harris, R. Laird, Archer, G... ISBN: 9780802486318 List Price: $79.99
Beginning Biblical Studies by Frigge, Marielle ISBN: 9781599820026 List Price: $29.95
Understanding the New Testament by Kee, Howard C. ISBN: 9780139482663 List Price: $109.33
Encountering the Old Testament A Christian Survey by Arnold, Bill T., Beyer, Bry... ISBN: 9780801021763 List Price: $49.99
The Hebrew Bible: A Brief Socio-Literary Introduction by Gottwald, Norman K. ISBN: 9780800663087 List Price: $45.00
Exploring the Bible by Harris, Stephen ISBN: 9780073407364 List Price: $60.94
Introduction to the Bible by Hauer, Christian E., Young,... ISBN: 9780136155300 List Price: $86.60
New Testament: A Student's Introduction by Harris, Stephen ISBN: 9780073386539 List Price: $78.13
Catholic Study Bible by Senior, Donald, Collins, Jo... ISBN: 9780195297751 List Price: $49.99
Anatomy of the New Testament A Guide to its Structure and Meaning by Spivey, Robert A., Smith, D... ISBN: 9780131897038 List Price: $73.20
Victory Bible Reading Plan by McKeever, James M. ISBN: 9780866941020 List Price: $1.25
Kingdom of Priests by Merrill, Eugene H. ISBN: 9780801031991 List Price: $39.99
Historical Survey of the Old Testament by Merrill, Eugene H. ISBN: 9780801062834 List Price: $27.99
Luke by Bock, Darrell L. ISBN: 9780801010514 List Price: $99.95
Historical Jesus in Context by Allison, Dale C., Crossan, ... ISBN: 9780691009926 List Price: $28.95
Primer on Biblical Methods by Carvalho, Corrine L. ISBN: 9781599820156 List Price: $15.95
Encountering John The Gospel in Historical, Literary, and Theological Perspective by Köstenberger, Andreas J. ISBN: 9780801026034 List Price: $29.99
Life in Christ by Cabasilas, Nicholas, Decata... ISBN: 9780913836125 List Price: $18.00
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