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Reference textbooks are used for informational purposes. These books may be used by students for academic purposes or by people looking for very specific knowledge or guidance on a particular subject. If you are looking for reference textbooks for any purpose, make sure that you check the collection available at ValoreBooks.

Collection of reference textbooks
The subjects of different reference textbooks can vary. These are books that give very specialized and focused informative material. The common reference textbooks include encyclopedias, dictionaries, manuals, thesauruses, guide books, trade publications, and medical and legal journals. In addition to this, you can explore reference textbooks about different subjects like psychology, nursing, and writing. There are even speaker's reference books, computer languages reference books, like C++, and different software manuals available.

Purpose of reference textbooks
The purpose of reference textbooks is purely an educational one. These books aim to give reliable facts that can help the reader learn about the subject at hand. Many people have come up with different reference books and have stored valuable data for those readers seeking it. Reference textbooks have made the process of learning more efficient. With these books at hand, self-help has become more convenient (as the information is more accessible).

These books serve as guidance to make the reader understand complex issues and gain knowledge that is based on logic. Some reference guidelines may come with step-by-step directions, such as in software manuals.

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Weltatlas by Unknown ISBN: 9783411012770
Prep for Success by Francis, Stacey, Jackson, T... ISBN: 9780983055822 List Price: $34.95
Writing Advice for Teens : Editing Fiction by Kalmbach, Mike ISBN: 9780984654574 List Price: $10.95
Smart Book of Spanish Verbs : An Intuitive Approach That Makes Sense! by Getz, Steven, Getz, Steven,... ISBN: 9780985542504 List Price: $21.95
Skills I Wish I Learned in School : Building a Research Paper by Lusiani, Nicole ISBN: 9780985387303 List Price: $12.95
My Spanish Workbook : A Practical Reference and Note Taking Journal by Hook, Jodi ISBN: 9780985186807 List Price: $19.95
Dit Huis Is Bewoond by Mayo, Virginia ISBN: 9780985126834 List Price: $25.00
Go Publish Yourself! by Salidas, Katie ISBN: 9780985127701 List Price: $12.99
Easy Research Paper : You Can Do It! by Humphreys, Ceil ISBN: 9780985033200 List Price: $14.95
NotesBook by Parker, Laura, Red Oak Educ... ISBN: 9780985064204 List Price: $12.95
Arizona 100 Years Grand by Schnebly Heidinger, Lisa, R... ISBN: 9780985016005 List Price: $24.95
Ilse Content Anthology by Wolf, Alexis ISBN: 9780985013141 List Price: $14.99
Wandering Rose by Anonymous ISBN: 9780985892418 List Price: $9.95
ACT Test by LaMantia, Nicholas, Superio... ISBN: 9780985810405 List Price: $22.95
Man's Reference Index : Fight, Survive, Live and Prosper by Sun Tzu, Department of the ... ISBN: 9780985638511 List Price: $48.00
Man's Reference Index : Fight, Survive, Live and Prosper by Sun Tzu, Department of the ... ISBN: 9780985638504 List Price: $106.00
Hall Apparatus(a Fuelless Motionless Engine) : Build and Use in Minutes by Hall, Paul ISBN: 9780985677527 List Price: $49.99
Set up Guide by Unknown ISBN: 9781574580464
Administrator Guide by Unknown ISBN: 9781574580440
Teacher Guide by Unknown ISBN: 9781574580457
Quick Start Teacher Booklet by Unknown ISBN: 9781574580433
Webster's International Atlas, Third Edition by Encyclopaedia Britannica ISBN: 9781596951372 List Price: $7.99
Intro to Essay Writing and Effective Studies Skills by Eger, Henrik ISBN: 9781600365133
Laboratory Manual FACS 130 by Kitchel, Linda ISBN: 9781600365300
Bloom's How to Write about Literature by Unknown ISBN: 9780791099810 List Price: $1,800.00
Success in Research Proposals by Becker, Lucinda, Denicolo, Pam ISBN: 9780857028655
Innovation 101 : Key to Success in the 21st Century by The Henry Ford ISBN: 9780933728004 List Price: $35.00
SkillsUSA, Skilled Marketing by Unknown ISBN: 9780933263543
Visitors in a Vision Revisited by Langhorn, Fenzy ISBN: 9780971804517 List Price: $150.00
Global 101 : Iit: india's intellectual Treasures by Pant, Ranjan ISBN: 9780974739311
Vacant Properties : Growing Number Increases Communities´┐Ż Costs and Challenges by Scire, Mathew J. ISBN: 9781422393772 List Price: $30.00
Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine (vol. 47, No. 41) : April 2011 by Goodwin, Aaron ISBN: 9781422312520 List Price: $25.00
IS for ARAB Stereotypes in U. S. Popular Culture by Shohat, Ella, Mirsepassi, A... ISBN: 9780615699691 List Price: $22.00
Story of Louisiana 4 Volume Set by Davis, Edward ISBN: 9781579800321 List Price: $170.00
Advanced Softball Scoresheet by Brotherton, Dawn ISBN: 9781939696045 List Price: $12.95
Source, 2ed : A Guide to Academic Journals in Hospitality, Leisure, Tourism and Travel by Cook, Roy A., Tuma, Lorie A. ISBN: 9780615759050 List Price: $79.95
Cabo de Las Mil Visiones by Sexto, Luis ISBN: 9780989412544
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