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Reference textbooks are used for informational purposes. These books may be used by students for academic purposes or by people looking for very specific knowledge or guidance on a particular subject. If you are looking for reference textbooks for any purpose, make sure that you check the collection available at ValoreBooks.

Collection of reference textbooks
The subjects of different reference textbooks can vary. These are books that give very specialized and focused informative material. The common reference textbooks include encyclopedias, dictionaries, manuals, thesauruses, guide books, trade publications, and medical and legal journals. In addition to this, you can explore reference textbooks about different subjects like psychology, nursing, and writing. There are even speaker's reference books, computer languages reference books, like C++, and different software manuals available.

Purpose of reference textbooks
The purpose of reference textbooks is purely an educational one. These books aim to give reliable facts that can help the reader learn about the subject at hand. Many people have come up with different reference books and have stored valuable data for those readers seeking it. Reference textbooks have made the process of learning more efficient. With these books at hand, self-help has become more convenient (as the information is more accessible).

These books serve as guidance to make the reader understand complex issues and gain knowledge that is based on logic. Some reference guidelines may come with step-by-step directions, such as in software manuals.

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Longman Pocket Idioms Dictionary by Pearson Longman ISBN: 9780582776418 List Price: $5.25
Research Methods A Process of Inquiry by Graziano, Anthony M., Rauli... ISBN: 9780205484751 List Price: $148.60
Glossary of Literary Terms by Abrams, M. H. (M. H. Abrams... ISBN: 9781413002188 List Price: $51.95
Curious Researcher A Guide to Writing Research Papers by Ballenger, Bruce P. ISBN: 9780321175212 List Price: $43.20
Heath Guide to Writing the Research Paper by Mulderig, Gerald P. ISBN: 9780669353778 List Price: $62.95
Leveraging UP! The key to launching your entertainment career by McCluggage, Kerry, Sotomayo... ISBN: 9780615288475 List Price: $19.95
The Bones (Flash Cards) by Flash Anatomy ISBN: 9781878576019 List Price: $21.95
Using Sources Effectively: Strengthening Your Writing and Avoiding Plagiarism by Harris, Robert A. ISBN: 9781884585388 List Price: $17.95
On Course Sucess Strategies by Downing, Skip ISBN: 9780495913313
On Course:strategies F/ by Downing, Skip ISBN: 9780395738788 List Price: $29.16
Guinness Book of Records, 1993 by Unknown ISBN: 9780816026449 List Price: $22.95
Dictionary of Bahamian English by Holm, John A., Shilling, Al... ISBN: 9780936368030 List Price: $42.00
99 Jumpstarts to Research Topic Guides for Finding Information on Current Issues by Whitley, Peggy, Olson, Cath... ISBN: 9781563089152 List Price: $35.00
Connections Nursing Research, Theory and Practice by Young, Anne, Taylor, Susan ... ISBN: 9780323009485 List Price: $52.95
Daisy Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting by Girl Scouts of the USA ISBN: 9780884417750 List Price: $22.50
Writing Research Papers A Complete Guide by Lester, James D. ISBN: 9780321024060 List Price: $19.80
Communicating Nonverbally by Young, Kathryn Sue, Travis,... ISBN: 9781577665380 List Price: $20.95
Newbury House Dictionary Of American English by Heinle Publishers Inc ISBN: 9780838402597 List Price: $27.95
to ZOo Subject Access to Children's Picture Books by Lima, Carolyn W., Lima, Joh... ISBN: 9781591582328 List Price: $80.00
Writing Research Papers across the Curriculum by Hubbuch, Susan M. ISBN: 9780155026551 List Price: $27.95
Flash Cards for Microbiology by Alcamo, I. Edward ISBN: 9781878576101 List Price: $21.95
Word by Word Primary Phonics Picture Dictionary by Molinsky ISBN: 9780130289193
Words to Rhyme with: A Rhyming Dictionary - Willard R. Espy - Hardcover by Espy, Willard R. ISBN: 9780816012374 List Price: $55.00
Thanksgiving by Haugen, Brenda, Ouren, Todd ISBN: 9781404804876 List Price: $6.95
American Heritage Dictionary Office Edition by American Heritage Publishin... ISBN: 9780395699560 List Price: $6.50
Writing Research Papers A Complete Guide With Mycomplab by Lester, James D. ISBN: 9780321323392 List Price: $44.60
Doomsday Calendar 2012 by Varahous, Mike ISBN: 9780615513423
Conducting Research Literature Reviews From The Internet To Paper by Fink, Arlene ISBN: 9781412909044 List Price: $51.95
Family Life in 17th And 18th Century America by Volo, James M., Volo, Dorot... ISBN: 9780313331992 List Price: $65.00
Activities Using State of the World Atlas by Hegelbach, Peter, Haakenson... ISBN: 9780943804590 List Price: $29.95
Microsoft Outlook 2007 by Nickles, David J., Ogawa, M... ISBN: 9780073373508
First Steps in Research by Porter, Stuart, Hunt, Rosie ISBN: 9780443103988 List Price: $50.95
Shakespeare at Stratford upon Avon, Pt. 3, Posters, Programmes, Playbills, Photographs, and ... by Royal Shakespeare Company S... ISBN: 9780816117666 List Price: $2,730.00
Word by Word Primary Picture Dictionary by Prentice-Hall Staff ISBN: 9780130221506 List Price: $17.00
Word Division Manual by Silverthorn, J. E., Perry, ... ISBN: 9780538119818
Badaga-English Dictionary by Hockings, Paul, Pilot-Raich... ISBN: 9783110126778 List Price: $321.00
Boer War Historiography and Annotated Bibliography by Van Hartesveldt, Fred R. ISBN: 9780313306273 List Price: $107.95
Cambridge Factfinder by Crystal, David ISBN: 9780521562539
Consumer's Guide to Free Medical Information by Phone and by Mail - Arthur Winter - Paperback by Winter, Ruth, Winter, Arthur ISBN: 9780133335354 List Price: $14.95
Research Methodology An Introduction for Science & Engineering Students by Melville, S., Goddard, W. ISBN: 9780702135620 List Price: $23.60
Reading Faulkner by Morris, Wesley, Morris, Bar... ISBN: 9780299122201 List Price: $24.95
Research Methods - Francis C. Dane - Hardcover by Dane, Francis C. ISBN: 9780534098643 List Price: $45.95
Money Talks: Quotations on Money and Investing by Maggio, Rosalie ISBN: 9780735200159
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