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Reference textbooks are used for informational purposes. These books may be used by students for academic purposes or by people looking for very specific knowledge or guidance on a particular subject. If you are looking for reference textbooks for any purpose, make sure that you check the collection available at ValoreBooks.

Collection of reference textbooks
The subjects of different reference textbooks can vary. These are books that give very specialized and focused informative material. The common reference textbooks include encyclopedias, dictionaries, manuals, thesauruses, guide books, trade publications, and medical and legal journals. In addition to this, you can explore reference textbooks about different subjects like psychology, nursing, and writing. There are even speaker's reference books, computer languages reference books, like C++, and different software manuals available.

Purpose of reference textbooks
The purpose of reference textbooks is purely an educational one. These books aim to give reliable facts that can help the reader learn about the subject at hand. Many people have come up with different reference books and have stored valuable data for those readers seeking it. Reference textbooks have made the process of learning more efficient. With these books at hand, self-help has become more convenient (as the information is more accessible).

These books serve as guidance to make the reader understand complex issues and gain knowledge that is based on logic. Some reference guidelines may come with step-by-step directions, such as in software manuals.

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Thorndike Barnhart Intermediate Dictionary by Unknown ISBN: 9780673123756 List Price: $23.59
Microsoft Outlook 2010: Essentials (Illustrated) by Biheller Bunin, Rachel ISBN: 9780538749251 List Price: $17.95
Case Study Research: What, Why and How? by Swanborn, Peter ISBN: 9781849206129 List Price: $43.95
Literature for Today's Young Adults by Donelson, Kenneth L., Nilse... ISBN: 9780205593231 List Price: $136.60
Ready or Not : The Art by Grossman, Justin, Hanvey, D... ISBN: 9780615302843
Economic Education for Consumers by Stafford, Alan D., Miller, ... ISBN: 9780538686860 List Price: $75.95
Instrument Commercial Manual by Unknown ISBN: 9780884872528 List Price: $84.49
Coping With Life Challenges by Kleinke, Chris L. ISBN: 9781577662358 List Price: $35.95
Strengthening Family and Self by Johnson, Leona ISBN: 9781605251080 List Price: $72.00
Research Methods by White, Theresa L., McBurney... ISBN: 9780495092087 List Price: $178.95
Psychology Student Writer's Manual by Koch, Russell, Garrison, St... ISBN: 9780130413826 List Price: $42.00
Proposal Planning and Writing, Fourth Edition by Miner, Jeremy T., Miner, Ly... ISBN: 9780313356582
Practice of Everyday Life by Giard, Luce, Mayol, Pierre,... ISBN: 9780816628773 List Price: $24.00
Introduction To Research Understanding And Applying Multiple Strategies by Gitlin, Laura N., Depoy, El... ISBN: 9780323028530 List Price: $54.95
Research Paper Procedure by Kleppner, Amy M., Skelton, ... ISBN: 9780756011970
Writing With Style Apa Style Made Easy by Szuchman, Lenore T. ISBN: 9780495099727 List Price: $21.95
Oxford Picture Dictionary Monolingual by Shapiro, Norma, Adelson-Gol... ISBN: 9780194700597 List Price: $17.95
English Simplified by Ellsworth, Blanche, Higgins... ISBN: 9780321410696 List Price: $22.80
Essentials Of Health Information Management Principles and Practices by Green, Michelle A., Bowie, ... ISBN: 9780766845022 List Price: $72.95
Guide to Using Technology in Research by Schreiner, Anthony E., Gais... ISBN: 9781412922906 List Price: $42.95
Data Analysis With Excel An Introduction for Physical Scientists by Kirkup, Les ISBN: 9780521797375 List Price: $90.00
Downtown 4 -Workbook by McBride, Edward J. ISBN: 9780838443811
Life Management Skills Taking Charge of Your Future by Driggers, Joann ISBN: 9780766805064 List Price: $86.95
Art of Life An Anthology of Literature About Life and Work by Larocco, McGraw-Hill Staff ISBN: 9780538682978 List Price: $41.32
Skills for Personal and Family Living by Parnell, Frances Baynor, Wo... ISBN: 9781590701003 List Price: $45.96
Plain English for Lawyers by Wydick, Richard C. ISBN: 9780890899946 List Price: $15.00
Understanding Research Methods An Overview of the Essentials by Patten, Mildred L. ISBN: 9781884585227 List Price: $24.95
The Wadsworth Guide to Research by Miller-Cochran, Susan K., R... ISBN: 9781413030327 List Price: $47.95
Writing Papers in Psychology (with Infotrac Printed Access Card) by Rosnow, Mimi, Rosnow, Ralph L. ISBN: 9780495509561 List Price: $40.95
United States Government Information Policies and Sources by Hernon, Peter, Relyea, Haro... ISBN: 9781563089794 List Price: $55.00
Using Narrative in Research by Bold, Christine ISBN: 9781848607194 List Price: $42.95
Word by Word Picture Dictionary by Molinsky, Steven J., Bliss,... ISBN: 9780131916302 List Price: $22.00
MSAR Getting Started 2013-2014 by Association of American Med... ISBN: 9781577541141 List Price: $12.99
Heinle's Newbury House Dictionary of American English by Rideout, Philip M., Newbury... ISBN: 9780883770177 List Price: $37.95
How to Write Term Papers and Reports by Baugh, L Sue ISBN: 9780844258997 List Price: $27.04
Crash Course in Genealogy by Dowell, David R. ISBN: 9781598849394 List Price: $35.00
Practicing Research by Fink, Arlene ISBN: 9781412937696 List Price: $83.95
Quotable Woman : The First 5,000 Years by Partnow, Elaine ISBN: 9780816077250 List Price: $95.00
Subjects and Sources for Research Writing by Short, Raymond W., DeMaria,... ISBN: 9780393096026
Writing Research Papers A Guide to the Process by Weidenborner, Stephen, Caru... ISBN: 9780312414436 List Price: $39.95
POWER Learning by Feldman, Robert S. ISBN: 9780073522432 List Price: $65.31
Dictionary of Symbols by Cirlot, Juan Eduardo C., Sa... ISBN: 9780415036498 List Price: $34.95
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