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Writing Research Papers: A Complete Guide (14th Edition) by Lester, James D. ISBN: 9780205059331 List Price: $48.00
Reasearch Methods Knowledge Base by Trochim, William, Donnelly,... ISBN: 9781592602919 List Price: $134.95
Writing the Research Paper: A Handbook by Winkler, Anthony C., McCuen... ISBN: 9780495799641 List Price: $59.95
Understanding Research by Plano Clark, Vicki L., Cres... ISBN: 9780131583894 List Price: $76.80
Introduction to Educational Research (7th Edition) by Mertler, Craig A., Charles,... ISBN: 9780137013449 List Price: $88.87
Research Methods by McBurney, Donald H., White,... ISBN: 9780495602194 List Price: $185.95
Writing Research Papers : A Complete Guide by Lester, James D. ISBN: 9780205236411 List Price: $64.60
The Wadsworth Guide to Research, 2009 MLA Update Edition by Miller-Cochran, Susan K., R... ISBN: 9780495799665 List Price: $49.95
Understanding Research Methods: An Overview of the Essentials by Patten, Mildred L. ISBN: 9781884585470 List Price: $22.95
Writing Research Papers (Perfect) by Lester, James D., Lester, J... ISBN: 9780205651924 List Price: $48.00
Introduction To Research Understanding And Applying Multiple Strategies by Gitlin, Laura N., Depoy, El... ISBN: 9780323028530 List Price: $54.95
Research Strategies for a Digital Age With Infotrac by Tensen, Bonnie ISBN: 9780155059849 List Price: $21.95
Research Methods: A Process of Inquiry by Graziano, Anthony M., Rauli... ISBN: 9780205634026 List Price: $142.40
Practical Research: Planning and Design (with MyEducationLab) by Leedy, Paul D., Ormrod, Jea... ISBN: 9780136100874 List Price: $80.47
Research Papers (with MLA 2009 Update Card) by Arkin, Marian, Macheski, Ce... ISBN: 9780495898931 List Price: $57.95
Writing Research Papers A Complete Guide by Lester, James D. ISBN: 9780321236463 List Price: $36.67
Doing Research The Complete Research Paper Guide by Seyler, Dorothy U. ISBN: 9780070579798
Practical Research : Planning and Design by Leedy, Paul D., Ormrod, Jea... ISBN: 9780133741322 List Price: $112.60
Wadsworth Guide to Research, Documentation Update Edition by Miller-Cochran, Susan K., R... ISBN: 9781111345488 List Price: $74.95
Research Methods in Psychology by Shaughnessy, John J., Zechm... ISBN: 9780073382692 List Price: $168.75
Research Methods by White, Theresa L., McBurney... ISBN: 9780495092087 List Price: $178.95
Making Sense in Religious Studies : A Student's Guide to Research and Writing by Northey, Margot, Anderson, ... ISBN: 9780195439526 List Price: $19.95
The Essential Guide: Research Writing Across the Disciplines (5th Edition) by Lester, James D., Lester, J... ISBN: 9780205762873 List Price: $30.80
Research Methodology A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners by Kumar, Ranjit ISBN: 9781412911948 List Price: $58.95
Writing Research Papers (Spiral) by Lester, James D., Lester, J... ISBN: 9780205651917 List Price: $49.33
Writing Research Papers with 2009 MLA and 2010 Updates : A Guide to the Process by Weidenborner, Stephen, Caru... ISBN: 9780312675868 List Price: $50.91
Exploring Research by Salkind, Neil J. ISBN: 9780136011378 List Price: $111.20
Handbook for College Research (with 2009 MLA Update Card) by Perrin, Robert ISBN: 9780495899525 List Price: $56.95
Case Studies in Interdisciplinary Research by Newell, William H., Szostak... ISBN: 9781412982481 List Price: $41.95
Research Papers by Coyle, William, Law, Joe ISBN: 9780547190815 List Price: $67.95
Research Paper Process, Form, and Content by Roth, Audrey J. ISBN: 9780155066298 List Price: $78.95
Key Methods in Geography by Valentine, Gill, Clifford, ... ISBN: 9781412935098 List Price: $54.95
Writing in the Works 2e by Blau, Susan, Burak, Kathryn ISBN: 9780547151519 List Price: $104.95
Curious Reader Exploring Personal and Academic Inquiry by Ballenger, Bruce, Payne, Mi... ISBN: 9780205318018 List Price: $49.00
The Wadsworth Guide to Research by Miller-Cochran, Susan K., R... ISBN: 9781413030327 List Price: $47.95
Applying Research Knowledge A Workbook for Social Work Students by Weinbach, Robert W., Grinne... ISBN: 9780205287734 List Price: $55.00
Graduate Research A Guide for Students in the Sciences by Smith, Robert V. ISBN: 9780295977058 List Price: $16.95
Conducting Research by Schloss, Patrick J., Smith,... ISBN: 9780024073709 List Price: $71.80
Ten Tips for Producing a Top Qualitative Research Study by Edmonson, Stacy, Irby, Beverly ISBN: 9780205524334 List Price: $22.80
Writing the Research Paper: A Handbook, 2009 MLA Update Edition by Winkler, Anthony C., McCuen... ISBN: 9780495799658 List Price: $56.95
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