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Looking for Psychology textbooks that will best help you understand the unpredictable landscape of the human mind? Psychologists have been mapping the mind for in their attempt to understand perception, emotion, motivation, romance and interpersonal relationships. With roots in ancient China, India, Persia, Greece, and Egypt, the science has enthused scientists like Freud, Jung, Ferenczi have encouraged modern society to evaluate our childhoods, psychoanalyze our parents and keep a dream journal by our beds at night. You may want to write this in your journal…we've got all the college textbooks you'll need and more! Enjoy saving time and money as you purchase cheap textbooks online and have them shipped directly to your door. Whether you are searching for a used textbook for Introduction to Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Social Psychology or Child Psychology, we will most likely have the book you're searching for. All used Psychology textbooks are in great condition!

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Philosophy of Sex and Love A Reader by Trevas, Robert, Zucker, Art... ISBN: 9780023124310 List Price: $127.60
Diversity in Counseling by Brammer, Robyn ISBN: 9780840034533 List Price: $127.95
Psychology by Gray, Peter ISBN: 9781429219471 List Price: $151.25
Early Childhood Development: A Multicultural Perspective by Trawick-Smith, Jeffrey W., ... ISBN: 9780135016466 List Price: $92.00
Healthy Adult, Happy Child : A Schema Therapy Self-Help and Support Book for Breaking Free f... by Jacob, Gitta, Seebauer, Lau... ISBN: 9781118877722 List Price: $90.95
Research Methods : Are You Equipped? by Bonds-Raacke, Jennifer, Raa... ISBN: 9780135022689
Sexuality : A Psychosocial Manifesto by Johnson, Katherine ISBN: 9780745641324
Creative and Mental Growth by Lowenfeld, Viktor, Brittain... ISBN: 9780023721106 List Price: $94.20
Social Psychology Alive by Breckler, Steven J., Olson,... ISBN: 9780534578343 List Price: $130.95
Understanding Art by Fichner-Rathus, Lois ISBN: 9780495905677 List Price: $146.95
Abnormal Psychology in Context Voices and Perspectives by Sattler, David N., Shabatay... ISBN: 9780395874516 List Price: $62.95
Learning Disabilities Foundations, Characteristics and Effective Teaching by Hallahan, Daniel P., Kauffm... ISBN: 9780205388677 List Price: $132.00
Learning And Memory From Brain to Behavior by Gluck, Mark A., Mercado, Ed... ISBN: 9780716786542 List Price: $136.00
Cognition 7E by Matlin, Margaret W. ISBN: 9780470087640 List Price: $169.95
Research Methods: A Tool for Life by Beins, Bernard C., Beins, B... ISBN: 9780205535064 List Price: $144.20
Epilepsy and the Interictal State : Comorbidities and Quality of Life by St Louis, Erik, O'Brien, Te... ISBN: 9780470656235 List Price: $124.95
Case Studies in Abnormal Behavior by Meyer, Robert G., Chapman, ... ISBN: 9780205594160 List Price: $66.80
Personality: Classic Theories and Modern Research by Friedman, Howard S., Schust... ISBN: 9780205579686 List Price: $144.20
Half the Human Experience The Psychology of Women by Hyde, Janet Shibley ISBN: 9780618751471 List Price: $124.95
Psychology by Bernstein, Jared, Bernstein... ISBN: 9780618874071 List Price: $170.95
Psychology by Myers, David G. ISBN: 9780716764281 List Price: $133.95
Cognitive Psychology in and Out of the Laboratory by Galotti, Kathleen M. ISBN: 9780495099635 List Price: $183.95
Abnormal Child and Adolescent Psychology by Wicks-Nelson, Rita, Israel,... ISBN: 9780132359788 List Price: $154.00
Counseling and Diversity by Choudhuri, Devika Dibya, Ga... ISBN: 9780618470365
Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding (2nd Edition) (MyPsychLab Series) by Lilienfeld, Scott O., Lynn,... ISBN: 9780205832064 List Price: $162.67
Introduction to Counseling and Guidance by Gibson, Robert L., Mitchell... ISBN: 9780131738218 List Price: $115.33
Understanding Human Development (2nd Edition) by Grace J. Craig, Wendy L. Dunn ISBN: 9780205753079 List Price: $128.00
Industrial/Organizational Psychology by Levy, Paul ISBN: 9781429223706 List Price: $98.17
Science of Psychology : Modules by King, Santrock ISBN: 9780078035494 List Price: $131.25
Casebook in Abnormal Psychology by Vitkus, John ISBN: 9780072951868 List Price: $71.88
Developmental Psychology: Childhood and Adolescence by Shaffer, David R., Kipp, Ka... ISBN: 9780495601715 List Price: $173.95
Psychology Concepts and Applications by Morris, Charles, Maisto, Al... ISBN: 9780132403245 List Price: $100.00
Conducting Research In Psychology Measuring The Weight Of Smoke by Blanton, Hart, Pelham, Bret... ISBN: 9780534532949 List Price: $127.95
A Guidance Approach for the Encouraging Classroom by Gartrell, Dan ISBN: 9781428360969 List Price: $101.95
Theories of Personality by Berecz, John Michael ISBN: 9780205439164 List Price: $124.00
Understanding Child Development by Charlesworth, Rosalind ISBN: 9780495809302 List Price: $147.95
Cognition: Theory and Applications by Reed, Stephen K. ISBN: 9780495602309 List Price: $185.95
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