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On Human Conduct by Oakeshott, Michael ISBN: 9780198277583 List Price: $65.00
Human Groups and Social Categories: Studies in Social Psychology by Tafjel, Henri, Bruner, Jero... ISBN: 9780521280730 List Price: $33.99
Social Psychology by Lindesmith, Alfred R., Stra... ISBN: 9780761907459 List Price: $113.00
Levels of Explanation in Social Psychology by Doise, Willem, Mapstone, El... ISBN: 9780521307482 List Price: $47.95
Advanced Social Psychology by Tesser, Abraham ISBN: 9780070633926
Social Psychology by Taylor, Shelley E., Peplau,... ISBN: 9780130990068 List Price: $104.00
Readings in Social Psychology: The Art and Science of Research by Kassin, Saul, Fein, Steven,... ISBN: 9780840033000 List Price: $14.95
Sociological Perspectives on Social Psychology by Cook, Karen, Fine, Gary A.,... ISBN: 9780205137169 List Price: $139.00
Applying Social Psychology by Buunk, Abraham P., Van Vugt... ISBN: 9781412902823
Human Aggression (Mapping Social Psychology) by Russell G. Geen ISBN: 9780335204717 List Price: $53.98
Theories of Intergroup Relations International Social Psychological Perspectives by Taylor, Donald M., Moghadda... ISBN: 9780275946357 List Price: $43.95
Social Psychology by Myers, David G. ISBN: 9780070443778 List Price: $70.50
Social Psychology by Franzoi, Stephen L. ISBN: 9780073191836 List Price: $152.75
Current Directions in Social Psychology by Ruscher, Janet B., Hammer, ... ISBN: 9780136062806 List Price: $44.40
Collective Behavior And Social Movements: Process and Structure by Gary T. Marx, Douglas McAdam ISBN: 9780131421004 List Price: $73.40
Experiences in Social Psychology Active Learning Adventures by Brannigan, Gary G. ISBN: 9780205336524 List Price: $51.20
Your Career in Psychology Industrial/Organizational Psychology by Kuther, Tara L. ISBN: 9780534617783 List Price: $20.95
Discourse and Social Psychology Beyond Attitudes and Behavior by Potter, Jonathan, Wetherell... ISBN: 9780803980563 List Price: $40.95
Belief in a Just World A Fundamental Delusion by Lerner, M. J., Callan, Mitc... ISBN: 9780306404955 List Price: $189.00
Human Behavior And the Social Environment Theory and Practice by Lesser, Joan Granucci, Pope... ISBN: 9780205420193 List Price: $94.60
Historical Social Psychology by Gergen, Kenneth J., Gergen,... ISBN: 9780898593495 List Price: $79.95
Expert Political Judgment How Good Is It? How Can We Know? by Tetlock, Philip E. ISBN: 9780691123028 List Price: $45.00
Community Psychology by Duffy, Karen, Wong, Frank Y. ISBN: 9780205350261 List Price: $126.40
Social Psychology-text by Kenrick, Douglas T., Neuber... ISBN: 9780205165216 List Price: $69.75
Social Psychology, Books a la Carte Plus MyPsychLab (7th Edition) by Aronson, Elliot, Wilson, Ti... ISBN: 9780205791712 List Price: $98.00
Current Directions in Social Psychology (2nd Edition) (Association for Psychological Science... by Association for Psychologic... ISBN: 9780205591541 List Price: $38.00
Social Influence by Turner, John C. ISBN: 9780534169503 List Price: $59.95
Narrative History of Experimental Social Psychology by Patnoe, S. ISBN: 9780387968506 List Price: $32.00
The Rebel's Dilemma (Economics, Cognition, and Society) by Mark Irving Lichbach ISBN: 9780472105328 List Price: $60.00
Introduction to Critical Social Psychology by Hepburn, Alexa ISBN: 9780761962106 List Price: $39.95
Social Psychology - George Cvetkovich - Hardcover by Cvetkovich, George, Baumgar... ISBN: 9780030634116
Social Psychology by Gergen, Kenneth J., Gergen,... ISBN: 9780155815629
Art of Play: An Adult's Guide to Reclaiming Imagination and Spontaneity by Blatner, Adam, Blatner, Allee ISBN: 9780898853599 List Price: $20.95
Research Companion for Kassin/Fein/Markus' Social Psychology, 7th by Kassin, Saul, Fein, Steven,... ISBN: 9780618875696
MyPsychLab Student Access Code card for Social Psychology (standalone) (5th Edition) by Kenrick, Douglas T., Neuber... ISBN: 9780205795178 List Price: $33.33
MyPsychLab with Pearson eText -- Standalone Access Card -- for Social Psychology (5th Edition) by Douglas Kenrick, Steven L. ... ISBN: 9780205795154 List Price: $90.93
Social Psychology and Human Nature by Baumeister, Roy F., Bushman... ISBN: 9780534638320 List Price: $168.95
Social Psychology (Hodder Arnold Publication) by Richard Gross, Rob McIlveen ISBN: 9780340548462 List Price: $65.95
Making Sense Small-Group Comprehension Lessons For English Language Learners by Kendall, Juli, Khuon, Outey ISBN: 9781571104090 List Price: $19.00
Social Psychology of Leisure by Roger Mannell ISBN: 9780910251884 List Price: $52.95
Healthcare Ethics in a Diverse Society by Michael C. Brannigan, Judit... ISBN: 9781559349765
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