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As social psychology is all about the science of how the actual, implied or imagined presence of others can influence people's thoughts, feelings and behaviors, we would like to take this opportunity to attempt to influence your decision making on where you buy your textbooks from. If you buy them here online you will save yourself a great deal of money and time, both precious commodities for students! Our social psychology textbooks are all fantastic value and in great condition. They are the cheapest that you will find. By avoiding the long lines in your college bookshop and the time you will have to spend trawling though the shelves you will have more time left to actually read the textbooks and absorb the information. How is that for a bit of subtle influencing? For the sake of your wallet and precious study time we hope it worked! You can benefit your wallet even further by taking advantage of our buyback service when you have finsihed with the books.

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Political Psychology by Robbins, George ISBN: 9781878045485 List Price: $30.00
Animal Heroes by White, Kathy ISBN: 9781877453465 List Price: $7.50
Amazing Medical MacHines by Eggleton, Nelson ISBN: 9781877453335 List Price: $7.50
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