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Introduction to Counseling Profession by Capuzzi, Dare, Gross, Dougl... ISBN: 9780205265350 List Price: $82.00
Essential Help.process by Doyle, Robert E. ISBN: 9780534173289 List Price: $53.95
Multimodal Approach to Creative Art Therapy by Robbins, Arthur ISBN: 9781853022623 List Price: $49.95
Procedures in Marriage and Family Therapy by Brock, Gregory W., Barnard,... ISBN: 9780205488704 List Price: $99.20
Strategies for Counseling With Children and Their Parents by Orton, Geraldine Leitl ISBN: 9780534232801 List Price: $180.95
Process of Counseling and Therapy by Moursund, Janet, Kenny, Mau... ISBN: 9780130409621 List Price: $91.60
The Professional Counselor by Hackney, Harold L., Cormier... ISBN: 9780205608324 List Price: $109.33
Introduction to Psychotherapy Common Clinical Wisdom by Pipes, Randolph B., Davenpo... ISBN: 9780205292523 List Price: $127.40
Transformative Family Therapy Just Families in a Just Society by Almeida, Rhea V., Parker, L... ISBN: 9780205470082 List Price: $60.60
Working With Involuntary Clients A Guide to Practice by Trotter, Chris ISBN: 9781412918817 List Price: $47.95
New Horizons in Multicultural Counseling by Monk, Gerald, Winslade, Joh... ISBN: 9781412916769 List Price: $64.95
Counseling Gay Men and Lesbians A Practice Primer by Barret, Bob, Logan, Colleen R. ISBN: 9780534550844 List Price: $79.95
Social Justice Counseling : The Next Steps Beyond Multiculturalism by Chung, Rita Chi-Ying, Bemak... ISBN: 9781412999526 List Price: $39.95
Group Counseling by Jacobs, Ed E., Harvill, Ril... ISBN: 9780495554363 List Price: $108.95
Becoming a Group Leader by Brown, Nina ISBN: 9780205503285 List Price: $109.67
Case Approach to Counseling and Psychotherapy by Corey, Gerald ISBN: 9780495553342 List Price: $100.95
Culture and Counseling New Approaches by Harper, Frederick D., Harpe... ISBN: 9780205359011 List Price: $116.00
Casebook in Family Therapy by Lawson, David M., Prevatt, ... ISBN: 9780534344153 List Price: $90.95
Introduction to the Counseling Profession by Brown, Duane, Srebalus, Dav... ISBN: 9780205352203 List Price: $115.33
Approaches to Art Therapy Theory and Technique by Rubin, Judith A. ISBN: 9781583910702 List Price: $49.95
Essentials of Intentional Interviewing Counseling in a Multicultural World by Ivey, Allen E., Ivey, Mary ... ISBN: 9780495097242 List Price: $83.95
Beyond Brief Counseling and Therapy An Integrative Approach by Echterling, Lennis G., McKe... ISBN: 9780132300926 List Price: $42.67
Counseling, Psychology, and Children by Wagner, William G. ISBN: 9780131702776 List Price: $106.67
Family Therapy Basics by Worden, Mark ISBN: 9780534519711 List Price: $72.95
Collaborative, Competency-Based Counseling and Therapy by Bertolino, Bob A., O'Hanlon... ISBN: 9780205326051 List Price: $47.20
Orientation to Counseling by Peterson, J. Vincent, Nisen... ISBN: 9780205275397 List Price: $115.33
Crisis Intervention and Prevention by Jackson-Cherry, Lisa, Erfor... ISBN: 9780132431774 List Price: $35.33
Family Therapy: A Systemic Integration by Becvar, Dorothy Stroh, Becv... ISBN: 9780205609239 List Price: $114.40
Clinical Assessment Workbook Balancing Strengths and Differential Diagnosis by Pomeroy, Elizabeth, Wambach... ISBN: 9780534578435 List Price: $109.95
Portrait And Model Of A School Counselor by Littrell, John M., Peterson... ISBN: 9780618333318 List Price: $54.95
Art of Integrative Counseling by Corey, Gerald ISBN: 9780495102144 List Price: $42.95
Family Therapy Concepts and Methods by Nichols, Michael P., Schwar... ISBN: 9780205543205 List Price: $115.20
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