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As the study of mental disorders, psychopathology is an extremely diverse and fascinating subject. The attitudes of society towards people with mental disorders has changed dramatically over the course of the past century. This is in part due to a much better understanding of mental disorders due to advances in psychopathology. It is an area which is still going through a period of progression at the moment. To help you fully understand the topic we have an extensive range of cheap psychopathology textbooks to buy or rent. These are exactly the same textbooks that you will find in your college bookstore but we sell them at much lower prices. We know that students have limited funds so we keep our textbook prices as low as possible. As the literature available on psychopathology is constantly changing as further developments are made in the field of study, we commit to ensuring that we add the latest textbooks available to our collection. Our prices are the cheapest around.

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Wadsworth's Quick Guide to Test Anxiety by Wadsworth, Thomson ISBN: 9781413022575 List Price: $3.95
Abnormal Psychology Comp by Hansell, James, Damour, Lisa ISBN: 9780471698609 List Price: $164.95
Taking Sides Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in Abnormal Psychology by Halgin, Richard P. ISBN: 9780072480429 List Price: $28.05
Attention Deficits, Learning Disabilities, and Ritalin: A Practical Guide by Johnston, Robert B. ISBN: 9781879105126 List Price: $32.95
Morita Therapy and the True Nature of Anxiety-Based Disorders (Shinkeishitsu) by Morita, Shoma, LeVine, Peg,... ISBN: 9780791437667 List Price: $29.95
Schizophrenia A Scientific Delusion? by Boyle, Mary ISBN: 9780415227179 List Price: $87.95
Men and Depression Clinical and Empirical Perspectives by Cochran, Sam V., Rabinowitz... ISBN: 9780121775407 List Price: $70.95
Depression in Adults The Latest Assessment and Treatment Strategies by Tolman, Anton O. ISBN: 9781887537162 List Price: $14.95
Depression Sourcebook by Judd, Sandra J. ISBN: 9780780810037 List Price: $87.00
Anxiety in Eden A Kierkegaardian Reading of Paradise Lost by Tanner, John S. ISBN: 9780195072044 List Price: $125.00
Modern Psychoanalysis of the Schizophrenic Patient (Master Work Series) by Hyman Spotnitz ISBN: 9780765701572 List Price: $52.50
Alcohol by Youngerman, Barry, Dingwell... ISBN: 9780816076390 List Price: $35.00
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Legal Issues - C. B. Scrignar - Pa... by Scrignar, C. B., Hamwey, Jo... ISBN: 9780945032014 List Price: $32.95
Rethinking Depression Why Current Treatments Fail by Downing-Orr, Kristina ISBN: 9780306459405 List Price: $67.95
Linking Thyroid and Depression by Ford, Gillian ISBN: 9781883619114 List Price: $4.95
Making Sense of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder by Carol Lensch ISBN: 9780897897006 List Price: $110.95
Environment of Schizophrenia Innovations in Practice, Policy and Communications by Warner, Richard ISBN: 9780415223065 List Price: $78.95
Depression and Other Mental Health Issues: the Filipino American Experience by Tompar-Tiu, Aurora, Sustent... ISBN: 9780787900410 List Price: $48.00
Practical Handbook for the Treatment of Depression by Kelly, D. ISBN: 9780940813120 List Price: $45.00
Asperger Syndrome in Young Children A Developmental Approach for Parents and Professionals by Leventhal-Belfer, Laurie, C... ISBN: 9781843107484 List Price: $19.95
Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life by James C. Coleman, James N. ... ISBN: 9780673158864
National Survey Of Substance Abuse Treatment Services 2002 Data On Substance Abuse Treatment... by Hurley, Peter, Mooney, Gera... ISBN: 9780756739881 List Price: $30.00
Delayed Posttraumatic Stress Disorder from Infancy The Two Trauma Mechanism by McKenzie, Clancy D., Wright... ISBN: 9789057025006 List Price: $61.95
Depression The Disorder and Its Associations by Mahendra, B. ISBN: 9780852009833 List Price: $239.00
Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life by Robert C. Carson, James C. ... ISBN: 9780673189325
Dual Disorders Essentials for Assessment and Treatment by O'Connell, David F. ISBN: 9780789004017 List Price: $36.95
Treating Complex Trauma in Adolescents and Young Adults by Lanktree, Cheryl, Briere, J... ISBN: 9781412981446 List Price: $42.95
Substance Use and Abuse: Exploring Alcohol and Drug Issues by Mignon, Sylvia I., Faiia, M... ISBN: 9781588266453 List Price: $32.50
Annual Editions: Drugs, Society, and Behavior 10/11 by Wilson, Hugh T. ISBN: 9780078050664 List Price: $31.88
Reinventing Justice The American Drug Court Movement by Nolan, James L., Jr. ISBN: 9780691114750 List Price: $27.95
The Neurobiology of Cocaine Addiction: From Bench to Bedside (Journal of Addictive Diseases) by Herman Joseph, Regina Quatt... ISBN: 9780789000316 List Price: $130.00
Abnormal Psychology by Davison, Gerald C., Johnson... ISBN: 9780471742975 List Price: $53.95
Counselling for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder by Scott, Michael J., Stradlin... ISBN: 9781412921008 List Price: $32.95
Our Journey Through High Functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome A Roadmap by Andron, Linda Anne, Attwood... ISBN: 9781853029479 List Price: $18.95
Autism: Educational and Therapeutic Approaches by Kalyva, Efrosini ISBN: 9780857024893 List Price: $43.95
Psychology of Alcohol and Other Drugs A Research Perspective by Jung, John ISBN: 9780761921004 List Price: $101.00
ADHD And Education Foundations, Characteristics, Methods, And Collaboration by Zentall, Sydney S. ISBN: 9780130981738 List Price: $44.00
Handbook of Anxiety and the Anxiety Disorders by Antony, Martin M., Stein, M... ISBN: 9780195307030 List Price: $110.00
Draw-A-Story Screening for Depression and Age or Gender Differences by Silver, Rawley A. ISBN: 9780962142949 List Price: $25.00
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