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As the study of mental disorders, psychopathology is an extremely diverse and fascinating subject. The attitudes of society towards people with mental disorders has changed dramatically over the course of the past century. This is in part due to a much better understanding of mental disorders due to advances in psychopathology. It is an area which is still going through a period of progression at the moment. To help you fully understand the topic we have an extensive range of cheap psychopathology textbooks to buy or rent. These are exactly the same textbooks that you will find in your college bookstore but we sell them at much lower prices. We know that students have limited funds so we keep our textbook prices as low as possible. As the literature available on psychopathology is constantly changing as further developments are made in the field of study, we commit to ensuring that we add the latest textbooks available to our collection. Our prices are the cheapest around.

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Abnormal Psychology: An Integrated Approach by Barlow, David H., Durand, V... ISBN: 9781111343651 List Price: $182.95
Abnormal Psychology, 12th Edition by Ann M. Kring, Sheri L. John... ISBN: 9781118018491 List Price: $115.63
Abnormal Psychology : An Integrative Approach by Barlow, David H., Durand, V... ISBN: 9781111343620
Chemical Dependency : A Systems Approach by McNeece, C. Aaron, DiNitto,... ISBN: 9780205787272
Abnormal Psychology by Nolen-Hoeksema, Susan ISBN: 9780073382784 List Price: $159.06
Case Studies in Abnormal Psychology by Comer, Ronald J. ISBN: 9780716772736 List Price: $36.95
Drug Use and Abuse by Maisto, Stephen A., Galizio... ISBN: 9780495814412 List Price: $134.95
Case Studies in Abnormal Psychology by Thomas F. Oltmanns, Michele... ISBN: 9781118086193
Abnormal Psychology by Oltmanns, Thomas F., Emery,... ISBN: 9780205037438 List Price: $154.00
Abnormal Psychology The Problem Of Maladaptive Behavior by Sarason, Barbara R., Saraso... ISBN: 9780131181113 List Price: $159.40
The American Drug Scene: An Anthology by Inciardi, James A., McElrat... ISBN: 9780199739295 List Price: $59.95
Abnormal Psychology, Books a la Carte Edition (15th Edition) by James N. Butcher, Susan M M... ISBN: 9780205178681 List Price: $122.67
Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology by Comer, Ronald J. ISBN: 9781429216333 List Price: $132.35
Abnormal Psychology in a Changing World by Nevid, Jeffrey S., Rathus, ... ISBN: 9780205773404 List Price: $162.67
Abnormal Psychology: Integrative Approach by Barlow, David H., Durand, V... ISBN: 9780495095569 List Price: $182.95
Eating Disorders by Keel, Pamela ISBN: 9780131839199 List Price: $103.80
Abnormal Psychology by Mineka, Susan, Hooley, Jill... ISBN: 9780205459421 List Price: $148.60
Abnormal Psychology by Ronald J. Comer ISBN: 9781429216319
Case Studies in Abnormal Psychology by Comer, Ronald J., Gorenstei... ISBN: 9780716738541 List Price: $40.95
Practical Approach to Trauma Empowering Interventions by Dass-Brailsford, Priscilla ... ISBN: 9781412916387 List Price: $45.95
Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology by Comer, Ronald J. ISBN: 9780716773764 List Price: $100.85
Autism Teaching Does Make a Difference by Scheuermann, Brenda, Webber... ISBN: 9781565938946 List Price: $121.95
Craving for Ecstasy and Natural Highs: A Positive Approach to Mood Alteration by Milkman, Harvey, Sunderwirt... ISBN: 9781412956734 List Price: $38.95
Essentials of Abnormal Psychology (with CD-ROM) by Durand, V. Mark, Barlow, Da... ISBN: 9780495599821 List Price: $169.95
Intellectual Disablities Across The Lifespan by Drew, Clifford J., Hardman,... ISBN: 9780131707344 List Price: $137.33
Concepts of Chemical Dependency by Harold E. Doweiko ISBN: 9780534632847 List Price: $108.95
Abnormal Psychology by Oltmanns, Thomas F., Emery,... ISBN: 9780205689538 List Price: $154.00
Abnormal Psychology by Hansell, James, Damour, Lisa ISBN: 9780470073872 List Price: $164.95
Asperger's Syndrome A Guide for Parents and Professionals by Attwood, Tony, Attwood, Ton... ISBN: 9781853025778 List Price: $18.95
Substance Use & Abuse Cultural and Historical Perspectives by Durrant, Russil, Thakker, Jo ISBN: 9780761923428 List Price: $57.95
Essentials of Understanding Abnormal Behavior by Sue, David, Sue, Derald Win... ISBN: 9780618376339 List Price: $147.95
Abnormal Psychology (8th Edition) by Thomas F. Oltmanns, Robert ... ISBN: 9780205970742 List Price: $220.20
Drug Use and Abuse: A Comprehensive Introduction by Abadinsky, Howard ISBN: 9780495809913 List Price: $144.95
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