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Psychiatric Halfway House: A Handbook of Theory and Practice by Budson, Richard D. ISBN: 9780822933502 List Price: $30.95
Madness and Society in Eighteenth-Century Scotland by Houston, Rab A. ISBN: 9780198207870 List Price: $199.00
Acute Psychiatry by Castle, Matthew, Jones, Rachel ISBN: 9780443103056 List Price: $54.95
Sociology of Mental Illness by Tausig, Mark, Michello, Jan... ISBN: 9780134596372 List Price: $43.33
Hegel's Theory of Madness by Berthold-Bond, Daniel ISBN: 9780791425060 List Price: $31.95
Hegel's Theory of Madness by Berthold-Bond, Daniel ISBN: 9780791425053 List Price: $30.50
Cost and Effects of Managing Chronic Psychotic Patients by Schwefel, D., Zollner, H., ... ISBN: 9780387188676 List Price: $87.60
Perception of Self in Emotional Disorder and Psychotherapy by Hartman, L. M., Blankstein,... ISBN: 9780306423154 List Price: $90.00
Community Surveys in Psychiatric Disorders by Weissman, Myrna M., Myers, ... ISBN: 9780813510552 List Price: $25.00
Evolution of a Missouri Asylum Fulton State Hospital, 1851-2006 by Lael, Richard L., Brazos, B... ISBN: 9780826216892 List Price: $39.95
Psychiatric Diagnosis - Donald W. Goodwin - Hardcover by Goodwin, Donald W., Guze, S... ISBN: 9780195025125 List Price: $20.95
Living Skills for Mentally Handicapped People - Christine Peck - Paperback by Peck, Christine, Chia Swee ... ISBN: 9780709940579
Father, Have I Kept My Promise? Madness As Seen from Within by Weisskopf-Joelson, Edith, F... ISBN: 9780911198935 List Price: $15.95
Abnormal Psychology by Gallatin, Judith E. ISBN: 9780024755100 List Price: $31.50
Compassion-Focused Therapy by Gilbert, Paul ISBN: 9780415448062
Readings in Psychiatric Rehabilitation by Anthony, William A., Spanio... ISBN: 9781878512024 List Price: $34.95
Family Intervention With Psychiatric Patients by Luber, Raymond F., Anderson... ISBN: 9780898850314 List Price: $33.95
Family Interaction and Psychopathology Theories, Methods and Findings by Jacob, T. ISBN: 9780306423574 List Price: $183.00
Being Mentally Ill by Scheff, Thomas J., Buckley,... ISBN: 9780202303093 List Price: $32.95
Divine Madness by Eiss, Harry ISBN: 9781443832984
MyPsychLab Student Access Code Card for Abnormal Psychology (standalone) by Beidel, Deborah C., Bulik, ... ISBN: 9780205805839 List Price: $33.33
MyPsychLab with Pearson eText Student Access Code Card for Abnormal Psychology (standalone) by Pearson, Beidel, Deborah, B... ISBN: 9780205805822 List Price: $91.00
Altered Mental Status by Unknown ISBN: 9780970815231 List Price: $12.00
Women After Treatment by Angrist, Shirley S., Pasama... ISBN: 9780891974710 List Price: $31.00
Diagnosing Mental Illness: Evaluation in Psychiatry and Psychology - Alfred M. Freedman - Pa... by Freedman, Alfred M., Kaplan... ISBN: 9780689702822 List Price: $4.95
Sqwerl01 Tapes: A True Recounting by Krol, Stephen F. ISBN: 9780971961104 List Price: $16.95
New Directions in Affective Disorders - Bernard Lerer - Hardcover by Lerer, Bernard, Gershon, Sa... ISBN: 9780387967691 List Price: $244.00
Life Events and Psychiatric Disorders: Controversial Issues by Katschnig, Heinz ISBN: 9780521255967 List Price: $59.95
Drug Addiction I: Morphine, Sedative-Hypnotic and Alcohol Dependence by Martin, W. R. ISBN: 9780387081700 List Price: $152.00
Physical Illness in the Psychiatric Patient. Ed by Erwin K. Koranyi by Koranyi, Erwin K. ISBN: 9780398045586 List Price: $28.75
Mental Health Rehabilitation Disputing Irrational Beliefs by Gandy, Gerald L., Ellis, Al... ISBN: 9780398065324 List Price: $24.95
Assessment Of The Impact Of Asylum Policies In Europe 1990-2000 by Zetter, Roger, Ward, Peter ISBN: 9780756740504 List Price: $30.00
136. Care of Mentally Ill by Bailey, David S., Bailey, D... ISBN: 9780803605527 List Price: $23.95
Mental Illness and Substance Abuse by Smith, Wyrnn ISBN: 9780816014576 List Price: $40.00
Sociology of Mental Disorder by Cockerham, William C. ISBN: 9780138204990
Therapeutic Approaches to the Care of the Mentally Ill by Bailey, David S., Cooper, S... ISBN: 9780803605510 List Price: $46.95
Family Care Homes for the Mentally Ill by Unknown ISBN: 9781568067216 List Price: $30.00
Substance Abuse Treatment for Persons with Co-Occurring Disorders by Sacks, Stanley, Ries, Richa... ISBN: 9781422302590 List Price: $50.00
National Expenditures for Mental Health Services and Substance Abuse Treatment by Coffey, Rosanna, Mark, Tami ISBN: 9781422301807 List Price: $20.00
Right to Treatment for Mental Patients by Golann, Stuart, Fremouw, Wi... ISBN: 9780829008630 List Price: $32.95
Report to Congress on the Prevention and Treatment of Co-Occurring Substance Abuse Disorders... by Curie, Charles G., Brown, V... ISBN: 9780756748470 List Price: $30.00
Serious Mental Illness and Its Co-Occurrence with Substance Use Disorders by Epstein, Joan ISBN: 9780756748494 List Price: $35.80
Over Life Events by Van Ree, F. ISBN: 9789051702552 List Price: $33.00
Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Nursing by Stuart, Gail W., Laraia, Mi... ISBN: 9780323012546 List Price: $68.95
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