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The attitudes of society towards people with mental issues has changed dramatically over the course of the past century. It was not that long ago that people suffering from mental problems were locked up and thought to be insane. Nowadays our understanding of the causes and effects of mental illnesses has vastly improved, as has our care for the patients. Our great range of affordable mental health textbooks explore the full range of conditions. They also focus on some of the areas which have only just recently been accepted under the categories of mental health such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), formerly known as shell shock. When you buy or rent cheap mental health textbooks from us online we will mail them straight to your door so you don't have to put yourself through the stress of fighting through the crowds at your college bookstore. Our textbooks are also much cheaper than theirs. W

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Ethical Practices in Children's Mental Health by & MORRIS, MORRIS ISBN: 9780205289264 List Price: $64.00
Mental Health Administration : Principles and Practice by Barton, Walter E., Barton, ... ISBN: 9780318534800 List Price: $56.95
G. Mental Health by Unknown ISBN: 9780415443852
Clinical Social Work Practice by Sands, Roberta G. ISBN: 9780024059017 List Price: $5.77
Salud Mental : Un Enfoque Cristiano by Cosgrove, Mark, Mallory, Ja... ISBN: 9780899221953 List Price: $3.75
Models for Mental Health Fieldwork by Wiener, McNeil, Frum ISBN: 9780910317498 List Price: $19.00
Mental Health Procedural Tables by Shaw and Sons Ltd. Staff ISBN: 9780721901961
Primer of Clinical Psychiatry by Castle, David, Bassett, Darryl ISBN: 9780729539036 List Price: $64.95
Recovering Your Mental Health : A Self-Help Guide by Copeland, Mary Ellen ISBN: 9780756734763 List Price: $30.00
Clinical Mental Health Counselor Crossword Puzzle by Ptito, Maurice, AMHCA Staff ISBN: 9780787253011 List Price: $18.00
Stories in Mental Health : Reflection, Inquiry, Action by Nizette, Debra, McAllister,... ISBN: 9780729540971 List Price: $71.95
Evaluating Family Mental Health: History, Epidemiology, and Treatment Issues (Critical Issue... by John J. Schwab, Judith J. S... ISBN: 9781489912619 List Price: $149.00
Heartlift by Jill Morikone ISBN: 9780816346776 List Price: $13.99
Child Care Work with Emotionally Disturbed Children by Foster, Genevieve W., Vande... ISBN: 9780608220581 List Price: $95.20
Principles of Industrial Therapy for the Mentally Ill by Black, Bertram J. ISBN: 9780808900627 List Price: $60.00
Suicide from a Public Health Perspective (Health and Human Development) by Unknown ISBN: 9781629485362 List Price: $150.00
Train Your Brain: Mental Toughness Training For Winning In Life Now! by Jason Scotts ISBN: 9781630221256 List Price: $12.99
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