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Students on psychology courses will have to learn all manner of different areas of this topic. One area that is not often thought of is the history of psychology. That's why we're proud to offer pre-owned history textbooks on this very topic. You can buy cheap history textbooks to help with your psychology course today, by choosing from a range of dozens of books. These include the History of Modern Psychology, Theories of Personality and Psychology: The Science of Mental Life. Simply pick the titles you need and make sure you opt to either buy or rent cheap history textbooks to suit your needs. Learn about consciousness research and discover how in depth studies have led to a greater understanding of the topic over time. Don't miss your chance to learn from some of the best books on the topic by picking affordable, discounted and outstanding textbooks from us today.

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History of Psychology by Benjafield, John G. ISBN: 9780205194292
Origins of Indian Psychology by Reat, N. Ross, Smart, Ninian ISBN: 9780895819239 List Price: $30.00
History and Psychology : Main Current Psychological Thought by Prentice-Hall Staff ISBN: 9780130402363
History of Modern Psychology by Schultz ISBN: 9780155374683
Psychology Historical Timeline by Myers, David ISBN: 9780716788539
History of Psychology Casebook by Unknown ISBN: 9780495009979
Historiography of Modern Psychology by Brozek, Josef, Pongratz, Lu... ISBN: 9780889370029 List Price: $28.00
History of Psychology by Benjamin, Ludy T., Jr. ISBN: 9781118360071 List Price: $65.95
Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology : Volume III by Kimble, Gregory A., Werthei... ISBN: 9781138002791
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