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Specialty Competencies in Clinical Health Psychology by Larkin, Kevin T., Klonoff, ... ISBN: 9780199779130 List Price: $55.00
Ethnopoetics of Shamanism by de Lima, Marcel ISBN: 9781137443687
Friend Grief and 9/11: The Forgotten Mourners by Victoria Noe ISBN: 9780988463264 List Price: $3.99
100 Years of Happiness: Insights and Findings from the Experts (Psychology, Religion, and Sp... by Nathan S. Carlin, Donald Er... ISBN: 9781440803628 List Price: $37.00
Working with Affect in Feminist Readings by Liljestr�m, Marianne, Paaso... ISBN: 9780415528900
Evolution and Human Behaviour by Alland, Alex ISBN: 9780415612005
Compelling Form : Architecture as Visual Persuasion by Ragsdale, J. Donald ISBN: 9781443832861
Product Of My Environment: The Autobiography of Nicole Newman by Nicole Newman ISBN: 9780989173100 List Price: $16.95
Workplace Psychology (First Edition) by Strickland, Oriel, Strickla... ISBN: 9781621313540
Self Confidence: Formulas, Stories, and Insights by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin ISBN: 9781422613191
Influencer : The New Science of Leading Change by Grenny, Joseph ISBN: 9780071808873
Strong at the Heart: How It Feels to Heal from Sexual Abuse by Carolyn Lehman ISBN: 9780989463607 List Price: $14.95
Right Recovery for You by Marilyn M. Bradford ISBN: 9781939261472 List Price: $35.00
Shhh... Please Listen to Me : True Stories of Personal Perseverence and Resiliency by Lane, Kim, Lane, Kim ISBN: 9781940244068 List Price: $15.95
Way Out: A True Account of Schizophrenia by Arthur Thomas Morton ISBN: 9781940222196 List Price: $13.97
Identity and Art Therapy : Personal and Professional Perspectives by Junge, Maxine Borowsky ISBN: 9780398087968
Trauma Recovery Handbook: A Recovery Guide For Yourself, Your Colleagues & Those You Love by Charlene Slover, Debra Tasci ISBN: 9780991355402 List Price: $12.99
Being Human, Being Migrant: Senses of Self and Well-Being (Easa) by Anne Sigfrid Grnseth ISBN: 9781782380450 List Price: $85.00
From Normativity to Responsibility by Joseph Raz ISBN: 9780199687619 List Price: $29.95
Resistance: Psychodynamic and Behavioral Approaches by Unknown ISBN: 9781489921659 List Price: $129.00
The Professional Psychologist's Handbook by Bruce D. Sales ISBN: 9781489910271 List Price: $199.00
The Sociogenesis of Language and Human Conduct by Unknown ISBN: 9781489915276 List Price: $349.00
The Teenage World: Adolescents' Self-Image in Ten Countries by Daniel Offer, Eric Ostrov, ... ISBN: 9781489907677 List Price: $139.00
Origins of Intelligence: Infancy and Early Childhood by Michael Lewis ISBN: 9781489903242 List Price: $109.00
Psychology: A Behavioral Overview (Nato Science Series B:) by Alan Poling, Henry Schlinge... ISBN: 9781461576969 List Price: $99.00
Neuropsychology of the Amnesic Syndrome (PLE: Memory) by Parkin, Alan J., Leng, Nich... ISBN: 9781848724037
Alcohol and Human Memory (PLE: Memory) by Birnbaum, Isabel M., Parker... ISBN: 9781848723665
Representation of Meaning in Memory (PLE: Memory) by Kintsch, Walter ISBN: 9781848723757
Memory Trace (PLE: Memory) : Its Formation and Its Fate by Goldmeier, Erich ISBN: 9781848724075
Person Memory (PLE: Memory) : The Cognitive Basis of Social Perception by Hastie, Reid, Ostrom, Thoma... ISBN: 9781848724099
Levels of Processing in Human Memory (PLE: Memory) by Cermak, Laird S., Craik, Fe... ISBN: 9781848723528
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